Earworms 1 October 2012

1: Shirley Horn – Travelling Light – Zalamanda

Back in the ‘90s, I found this on a covermount CD, and the idea of it – if not the tune – had stayed with me since then. Revisiting it now, I still think it’s lovely.

2: Alvin Lee – Motel Blues (Loudon Wainwright III cover) ~ Tincanman

Like a comic’s airplane travel jokes, songs about songwriting are usually a sign the well has run dry. Not so with Motel Blues, which Mr Lee enlivens ten* years after Loudon’s somewhat sleepy original. (*ish)

3: Chris Wood – One In A Million ~ Zalamanda

Wood’s apearances with The Imagined Village got me interested enough to buy his anthology, and this song stood out for the quality of its story-telling (and the intriguing location of a fish and chip shop). Wood himself doesn’t rate it; I can’t understand why.

4: Jumpin’ The Gunn – Turtle Blues ~ DarceysDad

I’ve been gorging myself recently on the musical equivalent of comfort food. Bluesy female singer, blinding guitar solo, gospel-style backing singers/vocal, crescendo/climax format. Yummy. Now, time for a nap … [You can’t have one. Put your black leather jacket on, comb back you’re pomaded hair and start smouldering instead. Ed.]

5: Johnny Kidd & The Pirates – Restless ~ RockingMitch

This was Johnny’s follow-up to “Shakin’ All Over”. Not as successful sales-wise as “Shakin'”, it still made the top 20. Lead guitar on this is the late Joe Moretti and the rest of the Pirates became The Tornadoes (of “Telstar” fame) minus Joe.

6: Luke & The Apostles – You Make Me High ~ SweetHomeAlabama

An amazing gospel-styled stoner soul blues rocker from straight outta Yorkville.  I can’t get enough of this song and the Robert Plant-style vocals.

A big Thank You to everyone who contributed worms to this playlist or has sent them in to the wormbank. Please send your juiciest worms plus a line or two per song on how you got hooked to either earworm@tincanland.com or a wormhole near you. Thank you.

26 thoughts on “Earworms 1 October 2012

  1. [You can’t have one. Put your black leather jacket on, comb back you’re pomaded hair and start smouldering instead. Ed.]

    Will you settle for “putting on my hi-viz fleece, jam the hard hat on and start spouting [Health&Safety Law]” instead?
    SHA’s blurb has got me drooling over that song already. Never heard of it/them, but now REALLY want to!

  2. I like this week’s set and not just because one of mine has “wormed” its way in (see what I did there?).
    Shirley Horn – Lovely. Her voice reminded me a little of Cleo Laine at first. Glad it isn’t the “Travellin’ Light” that Stiff Knickers recorded. Great late evening listening.
    Alvin Lee – Yes. Liked it a lot.
    Chris Wood – Not bad, but songs about chip shops (Kirsty MacColl, apart) don’t really float my boat.
    Jumpin’ The Gunn – Nothing wrong with this. Good ‘un
    Luke & The Apostles – Again, nothing to complain about. Liked it.
    Shirley Horn is my “Pick Of The Week”
    Cheers Ms SR

  3. Shirley Horn: Lovely classy number. Bit late night for me just now, but lovely all the same.

    Alvin Lee: Still post-dusk. Feel like I’ve stumbled across some late-night, lonesome-listener radio station. Should be introduced by some worldweary, gravel-voiced DJ. Nice.

    Chris Wood: Definitely my fave this week. I too thought of Kirsty MacColl. In fact, it brought to mind a meeting of Ewan MacColl’s folkiness and Kirsty’s storytelling (and chipshop subject matter). Beautiful, clever storytelling. Didn’t see the denouement coming despite – in retrospect – it feeling inevitable. I wonder if you could really woo someone by telling them their eyes were “as bright as herrings flashing in the net”…

    Jumpin’ The Gunn: Yeah, like this too. Bit ‘genre’ perhaps but a well-crafted tune.

    Johnny Kidd and the Pirates: Love the spooky, echoey twanginess. Leaves you wanting more too, which is always a clever move. Can just about hear the progression to Telstar. Is this a Joe Meek production too?

    Luke and the Apostles: Yeah, I imagine DsD will love this one when he gets to it. It’s great.

    Thanks all – enjoyed that list a lot!

    • No, Bish. Joe Meek never produced Johnny Kidd. The Pirates of that era left Johnny to become The Blue Flames, who backed Billy Fury. Georgie Fame was their keyboard player at that time. Georgie left and the band then joined up with Joe Meek, who renamed them The Tornadoes. Georgie retained the name Blue Flames.
      The first band named Blue Flames backed Little Junior Parker on Sun on, amongst others, his original of “Mystery Train”, later revived by Elvin Pretzel.

  4. I must say that I liked them all this week – but even so, they all paled beside the Chris Wood, which hit my iTunes before Jumpin’ The Gun had finished their first verse. What a wonderful song (for heavens sake, Mitch, it’s not ‘a song about a chip shop’!) with its echoes of the well-known folk/fairy tale about…no, I won’t say. I know Chris Wood’s work with Andy Cutting but haven’t heard him solo before, so I’ll certainly be looking him up. Thanks, Zalamanda!

    Shirley Horn: what a gorgeous voice!

    Alvin Lee: yes, definitely a candidate for late-night radio. I didn’t know the song, so now I’ll have to go and find the LWIII version.

    Jumpin’ The Gunn: very pleasant, loved the guitar!

    Johnny Kidd et al: I always like Johnny Kidd

    Luke and the Apostles: not at all what I expected from the blurb somehow – really liked it though. Yes, great vocals.

    Thanks to SR and all you wormsenders!

  5. Shirley‘s not really my bag, so this list doesn’t really start for me until …

    Alvin: ooh yeah! Echoes of Peter Green, amongst others, and absolutely gorgeous.

    Chris‘ voice is just a tad too trad folk for me to completely connect with it, but the song’s ace. And as a mood piece in the company of the tunes either side, it works a treat.

    Somewhere, a second n has fallen off the end of my selection’s bandname. That apart, I know the song construct is a little formulaic, but let me say again for the record, singer Vikki Kitson was a mere SIXTEEN years old when she sang on this album. Whilst I respect her for subsequently walking away from the music business because of not liking what she saw of it, I can’t help feeling that was a real loss to the British blues scene, and music in general.

    Johnny: WHOAH! Just FEEL that echo. Wow. Love that, but yet again, ashamed to say I don’t think I’ve knowingly heard it before.

    Luke: Eeps!! Confused now. When was this recorded? Sounds very late-sixties, but as TFD just said, not what I expected after I decided the write-up was describing something from the 90s. Yep, I do hear Percy in the vocals, but also Steve Marriott. Must text Gordon: he’ll love this too.

    Cheers all.

      • I should say that the reason they were called Jumpin’ The Gunn was that guitarist / band leader Andy’s surname is Gunn. He still records, but on a more low-key, lo-fi, acoustic cottage industry basis.

        Thanks for rounding up the errant little’n. he was probably just trying to get to Rio a couple of years ahead of me. I got out of my Olympic experience exactly the networking I needed to try to get involved in future Games on a proper professional basis. The travelling band of same faces that get the same jobs at successive Olympics, World Cups, Pan-Americans, Commonwealths, is a group I want to join. I didn’t get the paid job of training those London 2012 GamesMakers, but I’m on the job circulation list now for Glasgow 2014. The plum jobs are being aimed at in Brazil: there is the football World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016. I know of plenty of people who are planning a 3-yr residency in Rio to work on both, with a nice extended holiday between the two!

  6. I loved them all this week ! ! !

    But Travelling Light was the one that really made me sit up and say WOW ! ! ! what a way to start a great playlist.

    Well done SR and everyone who sent a track they are all really great ! ! !

    They are all now on my iPod ! ! !

  7. I have to confess it took me a while to put these songs up. I’ve had some of them for a good long while, but didn’t know how best to showcase them, particularly Chris Wood – and no, I wasn’t tempted to slip Kirsty McColl in the playlist. It was Johnny Kidd who gave me the solution in the end. Thanks, Johnny.

    I first heard Shirley’s song in the earworm bucket and she had me at “I’m”. I had never heard this one before and I kept dipping into the earworms for a listen, frustrated that I hadn’t found a home. Her voice is warm honey and even the world-weariness of the song gets just the right amount of lift.

    The soft Chicago bluesy guitar and organ on this is just lovely. I agree, definitely Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac with a dash of early Billy Gibbons.

    Chris Wood’s tale of chip shop love – it’s not just the cod that takes a battering and he rubs salt in the wound of the vinegary side of life. (Sorry.) but gently and with compassion. A marvel of storytelling.

    Jumpin’ The Gunn – this is fish and chips for the soul. Or sole. Great gospel blues. Yum. I can feel the carb coma approaching too, DsD.

    …but Johnny Kidd ups the tempo just enough and in the nick of time with that moody stuff and the catch in the voice. Dead classy and the sound of that guitar. Ooh.

    Luke & The Apostles was amazingly good – definitely got the Robert Plant in there. I thought it was terrific. I would have thought it was fairly recent if I didn’t know different.

    I feel sanctified.

    • I think that is the great thing about having a “Wormwragler”

      We send in the worms but it is your responsibility – SR – to find them a home and it must be really difficult ! ! !

      Well done and really thank you for the work you do.

      Earworms for me is like precious gifts from our community, there is no competition and and no prizes and so they are really pure recommendations and I really love that.

      Even though because of commitments from my stupid job or something, sometimes I do not comment as much as I would like to, I always treasure the Earworms as really unique gifts between us ! ! !

      Love you forever SR ! ! !

  8. What a nice start to the selection this week, lovely and warming on this cold, rainy afternoon. The Alvin Lee song is nice too, guitar style reminds me of David Gilmour which is a big compliment from me.

    One in a Million is right up my street, really like it. A good week, I enjoyed listening to them all.

  9. Jeez, what a great set, eh?

    Shirley Horn is not normally my sort of thing, but i really liked this one a lot. Definite stay. (oops, wrong thread). Always have time for Alvin. (See, Chris and GF, he does do slow.) Nice organ touch in there too – wonder what made Alv pass on a chance for some axe wank? Nice call by Beth on the Gilmour guitar, it does sound like him not that you mention it.

    Chris Wood is probably my pick for the week in a tight contest. Gorgeous voice, and wasn’t i darn near crying by the end of it. Loved Turtle Blues. Don’t care if it’s genre, that genre is right up my alley. Johnny Kidd was great. Loved the guitar. Had my doubts about the apostles going by the blurb – gospel creeps me out but the stoner blues got me curious. Ended up liking it a lot!

    Thanks to all and to SpottedRich, well done!

  10. It is a fabulous set, and not just because two of my picks are in there. I don’t think I would have put those two in the same list in a million years – but that’s why, as Sakura says, we need a worm wrangler – and SR’s doing a fab job.

    I love the way that this list touches upon so many different genres – jazz, folk, rock’n’roll, gospel… Do I have a favourite? I think it’s the one I’m listening to. All the way though the list…

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