No Surprises – A little Radiohead on a Sunday evening

I did it! Ha! Thank you Amy, Shoey and particularly TFD. And I still have some hair left! Wahaha! (Runs gibbering and dribbling round the kitchen) Bibble!

23 thoughts on “No Surprises – A little Radiohead on a Sunday evening

  1. Well done, Ali!

    Lovely little sunday evening playlist too. I’m touch and go with Radiohead, but you picked 3 of the best.

    I love that squirrel picture. But then i love squirrels too.

  2. It’s now Monday morning – hope that’s OK…well done with the techie stuff, and I’m looking forward to hearing your 11!

    Hmm, I think we have the same Radiohead album.

  3. Congrats. Good to hear some OK Comp again (almost not able to say that, because that album almost reached Beatle levels of saturation).

    Did notice that there are quite a lot of extra copies of these in the ‘Spill media library. Any chance of a tidy up, as we’re getting a bit short on space, and we could run out any time now? Don’t delete the ones you linked to though, or you’ll hose the tunes on this post (easier said than done, I suspect).

    If any one else would like to join in a spot of housekeeping (Shane? Earwormers? Bueller?) that should keep the old girl creaking along a while longer.

  4. That pic is just genius. My fave “OK Computer” track has always been “Let Down”, but those three are pretty undeniable too.

    • Don’t worry, Ali – there are folks on here who put up enormous lists regularly. A three-track playlist isn’t going to make a ripple.

      Go squirrels!

      • 3 tracks + 10 repeats actually. However, thanks to Shane & Bish we have 40% of our space allocation ready to fill up. Cheers chaps.

      • What do you mean by ‘repeats’, Shoey? Do you just mean the tracks have been posted before, or do you mean I’ve done something wrong when I was posting them?

        Cheers, AliM

      • Ali – it seems the tracks uploaded each time you tried

        A couple of comments down from here, I try to explain how to see what each person has uploaded – click on that path, and find yourself (you can click next to date they are just under shoes mp3’s – and you’ll see your 3 tracks repeated rather a lot. (just delete the one\s with no title written next to them) Still not huge in the greater scale of things .. first timers mishaps – took me ages to work this system out.

        hope that helps –

    • No, no need to remove them! There are long playlists backed up weeks, if not months in the ‘Spill vaults. (Or there were last time I looked.) One ickle trio of tunes ain’t gonna make a blind bit of difference, as tfd says.

    • no need Ali – I took out loads of mine last night giving some more space…

      Mr. Bish – there’s earworm from your time at the helm going back to December 2011 in there still..

      anyone being kind enough to remove their own tracks, you can check to see what is in there under your own name by:

      Top Left where it says ‘spill – hover over that and get:
      Dashboard (click on that) down the left column is:
      Media (click that) and library pops up to the side of it.

      it’ll say FILE and AUTHOR and ATTACHED TO etc

      click the arrow next to author and search for yourself – you can do a page of 20 removals at once… no one else can remove them unless they have the key so ..
      … stick to removing the music not images or else the blog will look a bit blank.

      cheers everyone.

      • cheers bish,

        I presumed I’d cleared more of mine out too, until I looked last night – but realised I’d tried to do bulk action over various pages – which meant I’d missed a few pages and still hadn’t created any more space… easily done – there’s plenty of other peoples files in there too – but as you are here, I thought I’d mention it.

  5. Sorry I’m late to admire your post. It’s such a rush doing that first one. Well done, Ali. That squirrel.Ha ha. Am I the only person in the world who is not familiar with Radiohead? Very nice it is too,

    • It’s very mellow Radiohead, from OK Computer. Most Radiohead is a bit more of an acquired taste. My friend’s first reaction when I played her some of their other work was “I’d like to ask them all home and make them a nice, soothing cup of tea.”

      • Ab and Julian often see him in the Rose and Crown, but when they took me there to look for him he didn’t show up…we went round the corner for a curry and he came into the restaurant to pick up his takeway.

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