New Posts – advice please

Hi, Ali M here. It has been a long time since I posted anything so I thought I would get into practice for the “1 from 1” challenge in a couple of weeks.

I printed off Maki’s instructions but (a)there is no html option / tab at the top of the interface (WordPress) and (b) when I upload a photo it won’t let me insert any text.

All very odd but now it seems to be working although the photo is showing as an html code in the draft. Then … when I go to ‘add media’ and select an .mp3 file to upload, nothing happens. Is it a space issue? I have 2GB left. Do I need to delete earlier posts? Or am I just missing something?

I know Amy has very kindly offered advice / help but I would like to learn how to do it so I don’t have to bother others …

14 thoughts on “New Posts – advice please

    • Ali –

      It seems that the “html” tab has been changed to “Text”. You want to make sure that this one is selected, and not the “Visual” tab. Try that first, and you should be able to upload too. I’m parked in from of the computer for awhile yet tonight (but it’s probably) and i will be for a good chunk of tomorrow so i can walk you through any problems you’re having.

  1. As amy mentioned, quite a lot of Maki’s instructions are out of date.

    By ‘insert any text’ do you mean a caption to the photo? In the Add Media window, a little way down on the left, you’ll see ‘Caption’ and a box to write in – though it’s hard to see.

    I just had a try and my mp3s are uploading just fine. Try scrolling down in the window a bit. Don’t forget that once the mp3 does get there, you don’t need to click any buttons, just copy and paste the Link URL into your post after the [audio

    It’s normal for the html code for the photo to show in Add New Post. If you want to see the picture, just click on Visual (instead of Text) top right in the box.

    Amy will have gone to bed now but I’m here all morning. Nice rose – which one is it?

    • To be honest, I don’t know. It may have been one I was given when I left Bristol. My cat is buried under it (not my live cat, obvs.)

      Thanks for advice, both, will have another go.

  2. OK. I get how to insert the player and to put a song in it. I use “URL None” to open the player.

    When I try to put in another song, I put a comma after the first link and then insert the file URL.

    Then I put a ] after the second song to close the player.

    But still only one song appears in the player. The other shows as text underneath.

    I have a minimum of 18 screens open at any one time at work, so I think I am reasonably IT literate, but this has me stumped?

    • Not sure what “URL none” means, tray


      Then a space

      Then paste your URL

      Then a comma

      Paste your 2nd URL (no more spaces)

      Continue pasting URL’s until done – each separated with a comma & no spaces

      Close square bracket after last URL

  3. I’ve tried as Shoey suggests – this is what I’ve been doing – but it isn’t working.

    I go into “Add media files from your computer” – then browse – upload – I’ve tried typing [audio with a space and then inserting the link url but the player won’t open unless I use one of the presets (“None”) which opens the playlist automatically.

    Then I put a comma and add link urls separated by commas but to no avail.

    I can do 11 separate playlists but not one long one.

    I think I’m going to give up,very shortly.

  4. Ali – just to check – are all your files in .mp3 format? If they’re others – .wma, .m4a, whatever, you’ll have to convert to mp3.

    • I’ve spent quite a long time trying and I’m not seeing what’s being described at all, there is no text option or add media. I must be doing it wrong, I’ll enlist Amy to post for me instead.

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