Ringy Dingy

Hello, rather than “box” tracks this week I thought I’d do a “playlist” so all these great songs are easily available to everyone !
How neat is that !
Anyway, the playlist contains the following

800 Cherries- Telephone Song

Samingad- Telephone

The Ho’opi’i Brothers- Telephone to glory

Kimura Kaela- Phone

Unemployed Drifter – Telephone number of Tsu Lynn lingling love !

Astro Babys- Telephone love.

Link-Ring me up

8 thoughts on “Ringy Dingy

  1. Cherries was groovy. Almost really loved Unemployed Drifter, but the vocals were just a bit too irritating for me. Ace though. Astro Babys was pretty good, and so was Link. Thanks!

    • It’s very odd. I dreamed that The Ho’opi’i Brothers made the A List. Obviously it was a dream because I went back and checked. 800 Cherries is just lovely and I loved the last three, especially Link. Probably my dream was nudging me that I forgot to come back and comment.

      • In an alternate universe somewhere all my noms make the A list !
        Thanks for taking the time to comment, glad you enjoyed them.

  2. Forgot to say that I enjoyed this. 800 Cherries could be a long lost Sarah Records band and my other faves were Kimura Kaela and Link. Very enjoyable.

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