I’m with the readers recommend guru.

Wearing Influences On Our Sleeve-Less T-shirts – Electric President

I’ll be at Chatsworth Road Market, Hackney – I believe that’s in London (in the Rushmore Primary School playground) on Sunday between 11 and 4 o’clock if anyone wants to come along and say Hi – I’ll be the one with bright orange t-shirts and Brainasaurus books to sell.

Hopefully, Sunday night I’ll be back to add some phone songs – until then, have fun everyone.

Okay – so I did this one off t-shirt for TfD to see how it worked and what it looked like – and to see if it was an interesting idea for me to continue with.
I enjoyed the process – I have to, because it took about 14hrs design work and then the printing was manipulated until I felt happy.

Adam has told me it is up to us if we want to create books t-shirts etc – because they don’t have time/energy to go down legal logo side of things – so I got on with it.

The final design and wording ended up like this:

Now this is unique to TfD – there will never be another.
If you have been a Guru or will be a Guru – I can design you your own special t-shirt.
Tell me the colour you want and wether it is short sleeve, long sleeve, men’s slim fit or female cut.
If I can source the T-shirt – that is what you will get.

The images are 7″ record sleeve size.
The printed images are designed then printed onto flock – this gives them a peach skin or rough velvet feel. (This is usually used for simple cut out images or lettering) It make the square graphic feel nicer than a normal heat transfer image.
I have no-idea how long they will last – I’ve done my best experiments with washing and stuff and they seem okay – but they are one offs, I don’t give guarantees.

So, I like experimenting and I like unique – if you want a guru T-shirt – you have to except it will NOT be the same as TfD’s – it will be similar..

First off it has your name*/ guru name*/ blog identity* (*your choice) on the label and it has your Guru kick off date.

Plus I have hundreds of single sleeves the image ideas will start from. (if you really detest a colour TELL ME I will avoid that) but don’t order if you are the type to complain. Because I will not even making an hours minimum wage out of the time I take to produce these.
It’s my fault – I need to be kept occupied – I could easily just re-type name and date for each one and it would be unique enough – but I wouldn’t be happy.

This is the start of another with the record outside the sleeve – it is just a working – but it gives an idea how much the artwork could be different.

Price for the T-shirts including postage:
UK £16.70
Europe £18.50
World £20.00
(I’ve taken a bit more of a hit on the Europe and world postage prices so the jump isn’t too great and people like Fuel and Sakura are not left out – because this isn’t an excluding blog – so it shouldn’t be an excluding idea to get individually designed T-shirt)

So – if you want one – and please don’t feel obliged – I only want to work for someone who really wants this – what I need is:

Guru name to go on t-shirt.
Date of Guru start.
T- shirt colour and style (long sleeve would be priced little more)
Any colours you detest.

send that to my design e-mail address:

I’m thinking of creating an idea for those that don’t want to be guru’s – the RR players shirt, again unique to each individual.. we’ll see what happens there – tell me if it’s a goer.

Last of all I’ll be at a market in London on Sunday – I’ll put an address in the comments later – if anyone wants to come and say hello.

12 thoughts on “I’m with the readers recommend guru.

  1. I was going to ask about a players shirt. I can’t guru at present and I want one. NOW! I’m not fussy about design. Would prefer a women’s style if available and I don’t like blue. Blue is for Smurfs.

    (You could sell repeats if you did slogany versions such as I Just Got My 10th A Lister/ I Got Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Listed, I Got A Song About Toilets Listed etc….)

  2. Guru-ing is way beyond my league, but I’d love a R T-shirt, or better still a ‘Spill t-shirt as I rarely visit the mothership any more.



    • I will also do a ‘spill one too… this RR one was based on an original design created for this blog a long time ago, but I didn’t finish the idea ….

      Tempusfugit – if you could send me an e-mail with T- shirt colour and style – I will incorporate your ‘spill name into a renewed ‘spill design – this can be unique too with added blog name.

      So now I can do Guru/ ‘spill/ or Player variations – take your pick. (or collect all three)


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