mixtape for a mixed up teen

This has been one illuminating topic – I’m not in the camp of: “this has nothing to do with the songs” – this has everything to do with the songs. Any choice and any dond this week illustrates a unique glitch or shinning diamond in people’s character.
Doesn’t everyone look at a music collection and analyse the owners ability to live day to day? – you really can judge (you might not judge correctly) – but it’s good enough for me.
The ability to take on new and interesting tunes must be great – if our teenage selves could understand what we are doing here – they’d be shell shocked to see aged replicas of themselves loving and conversing and inspiring … this thread totally nails why RR is an important release for those with a strange disposition in creating playlists – they say SO much.

If you read the song titles here – the overwhelming idea would be ‘run for the hills and take any sharp object‘ but, it is a playlist using black humour to cope – all I did when I was young, was cope .. I don’t now. I relish what I do – but music has an important part to play in how I survived, and how I grasped a way forward – these songs are not depressing; listen to the words in Teenage Suicide, the important part is the repeat of “don’t do it” – I like that turning on the head of snap judgement. It’s a dumb pop song with little depth – but it works for me… other songs here have a greater depth – serious drugs for instance – go on – listen.
That is why I delve deeply into songs and their words, it’s the feelings they give me… and the nodding in agreement to a life similarly experienced – and a need to express that artistically. (or it’s a great bit of fiction – shhh – don’t tell – the mystery intensifies)

My teenage self would sink his teeth into this list and ponder… he’d also find all the double bluffing bloody hilarious.

To those more blank than Frank and more dark than shark – enjoy:

1 Get Better Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip
2 Why Tell The Truth (When It’s Easier To Lie) Brakes
3 Weak Become Heroes The Streets
4 Sweet Words for the Sour Whitey
5 I Never Said I Was Deep Jarvis Cocker
6 My Struggle Withered Hand
7 Teenage Suicide (The Glass remix) Clubfeet

1 The Truth Hurts So This Should Be Painless Her Space Holiday
2 Write Record Release Blues Jesus & Mary Chain
3 Serious Drugs BMX Bandits
4 Extra Medication The Manhattan Love Suicides
5 Medication Karaocake
6 Anything For Destruction Her Space Holiday

4 thoughts on “mixtape for a mixed up teen

  1. Glad you did one: Get Better for the A & some serious drugs – will be interesting to see how far TFD strays from her roots, or not.

    Look forward to a listen after some further self-medication. Surprised there isn’t any Casiotone (or Advance Base – the name change does little for me, but at least the tunes & stories are as ace as ever).

  2. I hope this means that you’re feeling better –

    I’m to bed early tonight due to an early call at the grind – hope to be back before the next TIFF –

  3. Ah, I knew there was something – I have ‘a strange disposition for creating playlists’! I’ve done a new one already since the A and B were finished.

  4. – Hi, I am a new photographer/1st grade techaer in Cumming, Ga. I am having the hardest time figuring out how to make these storyboards. I absolutely love them and want to offer them to my upcoming clients Could you help me out?? Amy mcCOy

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