Words Of Advice For Young People

Chameleons – Don’t Fall
Wedding Present – You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends
Built To Spill – The Wait
Broken Family Band – Stay Friendly

Fog – A Word Of Advice
Mark Stewart & The Maffia – High Ideals And Crazy Dreams
Andy Fairley – You Look At Life
William S. Burroughs & Material – Words Of Advice For Young People
Silver Jews – Advice To The Graduate
Jegsy Dodd & The Original Sinners – Grumpy Old Men
Bike For Three! – All There Is To Say About Love

Withered Hand – Hard On
Mountain Goats – Cotton
Tindersticks – Mistakes
Nina Nastasia – That’s All There Is

15 thoughts on “Words Of Advice For Young People

  1. Withered Hand for the A-list. A fine selection. I’ve been listening to these lists for too long now. they suddenly seem so mainstream. Am I being subliminally brainwashed?

    • He also did a version with Michael Franti & Hiphopricy – also good, but prefer this one. One version is zedded from waaay back, but it’s unclear which one. The advice is the same either way.

  2. It’s late Tuesday night and I’m glue-eyed with tiredness and can’t listen properly but I like the sentiments from the song titles and I’m getting familiar with the bands too. I am not brain-washed yet… oh wait, Mountain Goats..

      • 1st four 4AD albums (see they’ve now been dropped, incidently), would be the peak for me. Liked the early Lo-Fi stuff much better live & the newer material is a bit dull in places – too much piano (sorry, John).

    • Get some sleep, woman! Tunes will be up for a few days yet. & if you miss a week, we’ll miss you, but you can’t let the RR/’Spill stuff take over too much.

  3. Chameleons then Wedding Present – that takes me back to teenagerdoom straight away … (5 weeks and counting until me and my friends – that I met at art collage when 19 – re-live our youth and watch the Wedding present play Seamonsters in full .. hooray for beer monsters)

    I need more Built To Spill and Broken Family Band in my life –
    love that Fog track…
    Wasn’t you nominated Hiphopricy’s ‘words of advice’ and me questioning wether it wasn’t by Material – the first time we had an RR conversation? I say conversation – I think we hit keypads a few times and called it a night.

    Ohh Silver Jews – I’m really rather enjoying this ..

    grumpy? – You’ll turn out like that Bez… have a plot – lose it.

    what a trio:
    B43 aka Buck65
    Withered Hand
    Mountain Goats …
    (Mr withered hand isn’t very well at at moment so I had to buy his new EP – even though I have all the songs – just to make him feel better – – the artwork looks great – Blimpy was buying it too – I know this because the internet is amazing).
    This track is so perfect.

    such a great playlist Mr.Gazer – do hope your teenage self listened carefully – dissed you on his newly acquired iphone – but secretly thanked you because all those apples kept the doctor away at least.

    Withered Hand – Hard On and Broken Family Band – Stay Friendly
    Donds of the week – (and not repeats from advice songs!)

    • You can’t pogo on one leg – so heal up.

      Been hobbling on a turned ankle for a few weeks. Just got back to playing volleyball & acquired a rare dose of sniffles – so have benched myself again.

  4. Wonderful list, Shoey. Gorgeous first set. Hilarious and true second set! (Only song i really didn’t like in the list was Fog. Still an adolescent aversion to being lectured to / preached at i guess). Thanks.

    Hope you and Shane get better soon. I’d ask if maybe sniffles were allergies but down where you live they probably don’t have those sort of things. It’s brutal up here right now.

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