Epic Blowout Stones ‘Spillover

3 ‘Spillers (Amy, Fuel, and Shane) – 3 Stones Playlists. Enjoy.


I was born in 1960. I knew the early Stones tunes from the radio mostly. Caught the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, even at 3 years old, i somehow knew this was an important thing to see. Amazing, actually. But never knew a peep about the Stones on there. First Stones album i bought was Hot Rocks, followed by More Hot Rocks which i figured had all the oldies i ever needed. Never saw any reason to get the older albums – they all had pretty much the same songs on them anyway! So there are still plenty of oldies i’ve never heard. Wanted to get a sampler of some of them on the list, but Shanes’ covers list made my job a lot easier – there would have been a lot of duplicates – and most of those songs probably aren’t new to folks on here anyway. Shane’s Empty Heart was newtome and great, i hear echoes of that one, and Heart of Stone and Time is on My Side in the snotnose garage bands i’m liking now. Under My Thumb and Play With Fire would have probably made my list – i think they foreshadow some of the darker tunes yet to come. Some other standouts for me – Ruby Tuesday, As Tears Go By, Lady Jane, Sitting on a Fence, Spider and the Fly, Not Fade Away, The Last Time, I’m Free – although biggies like Get Off of My Cloud (sorry, Fintan), Satisfaction, Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, and Mothers’ Little Helper still don’t do much for me.

So i cut right to the meat. After Hot Rocks and More Hot Rocks, i bought Exile and Sticky Fingers, which were basically in real time, and worked backwards to Satanic Majesties from there. I would have been 11 for most of ’72, not even Stray Cat fodder yet! This was the Stones at their peak – Exile came out in ’72, they did some blowout tours, and it was all rather downhill after that.

Satanic Majesties was a weird little transition album – an attempted psychedelic stew to counter Sgt. Pepper’s. She’s a Rainbow is just flat out pretty though, thanks mostly to Nicky Hopkins’ piano work. I’m pretty sure it’s Pairubu‘s, (and maybe Shiv‘s) favorite Stones album, i think mostly because of the weird noises that weave through the album. Should be gratified to know in that downloading the tune from iTunes, it cam bundled with noises intact. (Could have sworn that We Love You and Dandelion were on this album too, but old age is a bitch, they were singles.)

Beggars’ Banquet followed, and unleashed Sympathy for the Devil and Street Fighting Man on an unsuspecting public. Neither are personal faves – I’m with Tinny (who will henceforth be my go to guy on all things BB) and i’ll take Jigsaw Puzzle over both of them. (See his brilliant comments on the previous Spillover Stones thread). Didn’t know Stray Cat Blues was about Brian either. But as IvorEngine says, complete, utter, glorious filth. And most definitely in my top 10. Salt of the Earth (on Shane’s list) is another beauty, and never performed live since Rock n Roll Circus until Axl Rose and Izzy chose it to do live with the Stones, who had forgotten the song in the meantime.

I think i did have Through the Past Darkly, this is where we got Jumpin Jack Flash (and it’s b-side, Child of the Moon, on Shane’s list and would have otherwise been on mine, it’s a beauty), Dandelion, We Love You, Let’s Spend the Night Together, and Honky Tonk Women on an album finally. Not a bad compiliation to pick up.

Monkey Man is an overlooked gem on Let it Bleed (understandably, maybe given the company it keeps on there). I was kind of bummed it didn’t get listed for the Riffs topic (nope, didn’t envy Jon D on that one), it’s one of their smoothest, tightest, and best ever. They do play it live, but i suspect there are a few secrets tucked away on that one too.

So we can all agree of course that Gimme Shelter is probably the greatest rock song ever recorded. (just humor me and nod yes). As Carole said, the canonical version would be the studio version with its ominous intro and Merry Clayton’s chilling vocals. Don’t forget the near perfect lead break in there too. But if Merry ever joined them on a live version, i’m unaware of it (and if you’re not, please point me to it). By ’72, Brian was gone, Altamont had happened, they were full on junkies and cokeheads, and as a saving grace they had Mick Taylor (could Mick Taylor have played like that if he wasn’t a cokehead?). If the studio version foreshadowed coming horror, it had happened and was happening in the live versions now, the storm had come, and they were standing in the full hail of bombs and bullets.

The studio recording of Midnight Rambler is a kind of eerie, disembodied, and coldly dispassionate accounting by a serial rapist and killer of his methods. But live it’s a blowout, from the sleazy harmonica (Pairubu, if that’s actually Mick you have to give some respect), guitar rhythms mimicing the sex act, to the stalking, boo and gotcha part before the climax. (especially filthy version boxed from the Leeds show) Some live versions are a bit disjointed and the parts don’t quite hang togehter, but when they do, rock and roll doesn’t get much better. Hands down top 10.

Sticky Fingers is i believe Beth‘s favorite Stones album, and damn near perfect album it is, with nary a clunker on it. I think my personal fave by a hair is Bitch
with it’s killer riff and relentless sexual urgency underscored by the “tightest rhythm section in rock” (paraprhased from Fintan at some earlier point in time). Brown Sugar probably wouldn’t make my top 10, but it’s still a stonking tune, and so filthy even Jagger had the later grace to be embarassed by the lyrics. Plenty of full on live versions out there, but i like the way they went the other way on the alternate studio version and prettied up the riff, with (presumably) Mick Taylor weaving a melody line around it. Seems to be some sort of castinet type rhythm thing showing up in there as well. Sway is another fave, as Ivor said, Mick Taylor’s finest moment. Maybe, but if you’ve listened through the live tunes on the list, you’d know by now that we aren’t exactly running short of fine Mick Taylor moments.

Wild Horses my be one of the greatest rock ballads ever written (just nod yes), but you hear a song a bazillion times, it’s nice to hear another version. Jagger’s vocals are a bit affected on the unplugged version on Stripped, but it’s maybe a bit less cloying then the original can seem on SF, and a bit more cynical too – the “after we die” bit has been changed to “after love dies”. But don’t stop here – the whole Sticky Fingers album needs a listen so you don’t miss beauties like Sister Morphine and Moonlight Mile.

But along with the Llama, I’d take Let it Loose from Exile as my single choice desert island Stones ballad. Unutterably gorgeous. Yet another one night stand doesn’t work out, and the gospelly end chorus hints at the faith needed to either try yet again in the future, or just accept what may or will be. What else to pick from Exile? They outyanked the yanks on this one to glorious effect – there are blues, country, gospel, calypso, at Dr. Johnish attempt, and much more. Torn and Frayed is a humble countryish tune made sublime by Al Kooper’s pedal steel guitar. There are a few full blown corkers, i’ve probably rammed Rip This Joint down your throats for too long by now. Blowout live versions too, but it’s almost too much adrenaline, the studio versions will be just fine. So All Down The Line will do nicely instead, with Mick Taylor’s insane slide guitar the star.

And it’s basically on the decline from there. Goat’s Head Soup and It’s Only Rock and Roll have a few decent tunes on them, but well down on the food chain. Esentially meh in the grand scheme of things, so i’ll take a pass. I’m not even sure that i even had those albums.

So what happened? Conventional wisdom blames the departure of Mick Taylor, but i’m blaming the declining songwriting skills of the Glimmers. Take a fun but sub-par rocker like If You Can’t Rock Me, there’s only so much Mick Taylor could do with it. I’m not dissing Ronnie Wood either, he’s a damn good guitarist. It obviously takes a lot of skill (and coke) to pull off Taylor’s unearthly guitarwork, but it takes a different kind to strip a lead break down to exactly the right notes. Wood can.

Black and Blue has some ok tunes and some crap, but i’m again with the Llama here, i think Memory Motel is kind of lovely, especially Wayne Perkins’ guitarwork. But there’s a monster tune tucked into the grooves here. Ignore the lyrics of Hey Negrita, most likely racist garbage about either Bianca of black prostitutes, depending on your sources. But if Billy Preston was ok enough with them to take on piano duties, then i’m cool enough with it to post the song. There’s a sleeper tune on here too – Hot Stuff is a kind of bloodless diss of probably Bianca and he Studia 54 twats. But they took it out on the road (with Billy) and morphed it into a killer slice of funk.

Some Girls was a decent enough album where the Stones jumped on the disco bandwagon and fared better than most (Hi Rod). A few folks mentioned Miss You which is a fine tune, and Shattered is a great song about NYC. Beast of Burden is the real keeper for me though – according to Keith it’s his thank you to Mick for keeping the band afloat while the 70’s went through his veins. Guess it’s kind of their Two of Us – (except that they kept going), but it always cheers me up and has me smiling and dancing. Some great blues and country stuff on the Some Girls outtakes, but apparently they decided on a different direction. For better or worse, who knows. This tour was the first time i finally saw them live. They were good and it was great fun, but it was a long, long way from ’72.

I have no idea where this version of Cocksucker Blues is from. Or what year even. I knew the short version and thought it basically, erm, sucked. First heard this when Tipatina posted it on the mothership, and am still none the wiser. Supposedly a kiss off, or fuck you more accurately, to their record company, it’s the kind of filthy, sleazy blues they do best.

And that was about it for me and the Stones. I had a few more albums, could pick a few more half decent tunes (ballads, mostly – Fuel is right and Keith can still do those very well), but it was obviously time to part ways. Fuel, unbidden, took one for the team here and will attempt to convince us of the merits of later work. I only know a very few tunes on his list, so i’m open to being convinced. Given the few i do know though, he has his work cut out for him 😉 Big thanks to Fuel and to Shane, and to Shoey for sending me off on possible my most fun assignment ever. And of course to all of the folks who posted tunes in the earlier thread.

Hmm, i did go on a bit, sorry. Digested version – just listen to the albums – Satanic Majesties through Exile.

1. She’s a Rainbow (Satanic Majesties)
2. Jigsaw Puzzle (Beggars’ Banquet)
3. Stray Cat Blues (Leeds 13/03/71)
4. Monkey Man (Let it Bleed)
5. Gimme Shelter (Philly 20/07/72)
6. Midnight Rambler (Fort Worth 24/06/72)
7. Bitch (Sydney 26/02/73)
8. Brown Sugar (Sticky Fingers – Alternate Version)
9. Sway (Sticky Fingers)

10. Wild Horses (Stripped)
11. Let it Loose (Exile)
12. Torn and Frayed (Exile)
13. All Down the Line (Exile)
14. Hey Negrita (Black and Blue)
15. Hot Stuff (Love You Live – Paris 07/06/76)
16. Beast of Burden (Some Girls)
17. Cocksucker Blues (Long Version) (?)

Bonus Country Stones Mini-List –

1. Dear Doctor
2. Country Honk
3. Dead Flowers
4. Sweet Virginia
5. Far Away Eyes
6. We Had It All


The Rolling Stones glimmering:

Continental Drift wanders where Brian Jones would have taken them. Oh for a left-field influence in the band.

Might as Well Get Juiced is The Rolling Stones doing the Alabama 3 doing The Rolling Stones. It’s a fat Mona rhythm. It’s leery, debauched and sleazy and so is Too Rude. It’s the Stones doing the Clash doing reggae. Are you disoriented? Where is the rock’n’roll?

Break the Spell, flits like Just Can’t Be Satisfied and Hip Shake. Moon Is Up harks back to the sound of the 68 to 72 period. Actually, it could be the odd rhythms you’d find on Aftermath and Between the Buttons but it’s slinkier. You Don’t Have to Mean It is an oddity: Texicalireggae. I like Keith’s attempt to suspend the reality of being an old man.

Undercover: if they had pursued this guitar-driven dance-rock groove, they’d not have become irrelevant. Pretty Beat Up’s insistent drive also hints at what might’ve been. It’s made more interesting by Jagger receiving the pain his macho posturing usually dishes out to females. Sleep Tonight is a classic Keith Richards’ ballad, something that has improved during the decline. He sounds like he cares, although the 1980’s drum sound makes him sound like he’s hammering someone to sleep by the end. (A Nick Cave version is required.)

“Take this pain, it’s all yours anyway”. The Stones do country well and The Worst is Lucinda Williams good – helped by Keith’s honesty. It has a yearning quality that Mick rarely matches nowadays. However, in New Faces Jagger is bitter, twisted, vengeful and jealous. A young rival, “a devil” with “an indolent air and insolent stare,” screws Jagger’s girl and mind, leaving him vulnerable – the song taps into a Lady Jane/As Tears Go By atmosphere.

That rival was a mirror of his younger self. But Saint of Me reveals the devil. It has the build of a Let it Bleed classic, not to mention the space and imagination that inhabited the grooves on that counter culture favourite. Jagger sees an angel cry but you feel he couldn’t care less.

You Got Me Rocking rediscovers their mojo and does what their many imitators rarely manage: rock and groove. Jagger preens throughout; it’s a highlight amongst the mid-tempo rockers that mostly fill the later albums, tainting rare good stuff.

Can they still do the blues? Back of My Hand is as basic and harsh as their production values allow. Jagger comments on a ranting preacher and his message. Oh Mick, why can’t you do this more often?

Instead he gives us male fantasy lyrics about wild or unfaithful women. Jagger, make up your patronising, objectifying mind, or at least put the lyrics in songs like Start Me Up or Sad Sad Sad that you can dance to before going out. (Thank you, Mnemonic.)

Do the Stones care? “Have they ever?” is my answer. Yet, High Wire and Sweet Neo Con have lyrics that could come from an earnest punk band. But I chose Neighbours because it’s a different type of lyric and still entertaining. The barroom piano at the end of Neighbours is echoed in Piano Instrumental – a sad reminder that they have replaced boogie with bluster. Oh for the band that played Around and Around and Down the Road Apiece.

They are Slipping Away – as Keith admits. However, that song is also about a woman who’s just material for another song. It’s the second twist that keeps it from being MOR. (A Tindersticks cover, please.) The strange jazz-blues and country combination of Thief in Night shows the music they could develop while retaining their credibility – and my interest, as if they care.

Waiting on a Friend took almost 10 years to commit to vinyl. It’s the Glimmer Twins acknowledging their co-dependency. Listening to the lyrics on the later albums, I think: “Are they singing hidden messages to each other? Is that “bitch” really Jagger or Richards?” I don’t care. I just wish they’d record like they used to, produce more songs like the ones I’ve included here. Even in this rightly maligned period, there are moments worthy of the once greatest rock’n’roll band in the world. Enjoy.

1. Continental Drift
2. Might As Well Get Juiced
3. Too Rude
4. Break The Spell
5. Moon Is Up
6. You Don’t Have To Mean It
7. Undercover of the Night
8. Pretty Beat Up
9. Sleep tonight
10.The Worst
11.New Faces
12.Saint Of Me
13.You Got Me Rocking
14.Back Of My Hand
15.Start Me Up
16.Sad Sad Sad
18.Piano Instrumental
19.Slipping Away
20.Thief In The Night
21.Waiting On A Friend


There weren’t many cover tracks left in the dropbox – so I used a selection process that involved, reading all the comments, listening to the tracks – then adding any that I owned already … plus a mix of extra tunes I found interesting – those I couldn’t track down had to be sadly left out. At least you know you like it – here’s an alternative saneshane playlist.

1 Paint It Black Vitamin String Quartet
2 No Expectations Soulsavers
3 Play With Fire Dum Dum Girls
4 Get Off My Cloud [Live] The Flying Pickets
5 Gimme Shelter The Sisters Of Mercy
6 Ruby Tuesday Over The Rhine
7 Child Of The Moon Radon Daughters
8 (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction Cat Power

1 Backstreet Girl Lambchop
2 Under My Thumb Pentagram
3 Not Fade Away Takuma Watanabe
4 We Love You Cock Sparrer
5 Jumpin’ Jack Flash [Live] Johnny Winter
6 (I Can’t Get Me No) Satisfaction Devo
7 Salt Of the Earth Ian McNabb, featuring Mike Scott and Arto Thistlewaite
8 Sympathy For The Devil Laibach
9 No Expectations The Dirtbombs

84 thoughts on “Epic Blowout Stones ‘Spillover

  1. Wow! I’m in awe Amylee. That’s a hell of a lot of work and effort in putting together that piece, and i’m pleased to say i agree with most of it. Love the artwork too Saneshane!
    Has doing all that research given you a different point of view on the Stones now? I agree they lost their mojo after ’72, although i’ve got a huge soft spot for Goat’s Head Soup, but what a 5-6 years up to that point!!!

    • The best part of the research was digging up the old concert, um, packages tucked into the folds of the interwebs – they’re boxed for any interested. I think you’d very much enjoy the Leeds batch –

      I’m looking forward to listening to Fuel and Shane’s lists –

      • Or i should say i’m waiting to see if my Fuel can alter my current perspectives on later work. He may well be able to do it – i’ll have to see. Have to work today though so won’t be able to settle in to listen till much later tonight.

    • A long time ago someone posted a song on CiF that the Stones clearly ripped off for She’s a Rainbow – i wish i could remember what it was.

      Have a feeling that you’ll like Shane’s list best!

      • You’re right – I found the cover versions far more musically engaging.

        I don’t dislike the Stones – I genuinely really like, well, a few things they’ve done (“Wild Horses” of course, though I’d rather have Gram, or The Sundays; the “Gimme Shelter” riff; “Sympathy for the Devil”; a lot of their early singles…), acknowledge their importance and impressive career trajectory, can see they’re occasionally great songwriters (if sometimes toe-curlingly awful lyricists). I can appreciate the energy and the ideas in the music. I can see that, back in the day, they’d have been amazing live.

        But it just doesn’t do much for me – it doesn’t connect on an emotional level, and the music doesn’t intrigue me. I understand the appeal of Mick as a frontman – although it doesn’t help that I was first exposed to the ageing self-parody – but don’t really like his voice. I guess I just don’t like rock very much (and the country set, which might have been more up my aisle, didn’t do much for me – Caitlin Rose and the Cowboy Junkies both do great versions of Dead Flowers though).

        So – I’m not converted, but I will make the effort to listen to the classic albums – which I think would be a better use of my listening time at this stage than Fuel’s list (even though he makes a very persuasive case in the write-ups – sorry Fuel! – let me know if the fantasy cover versions ever appear…)

        Tongue was in cheek above by the way – World of Twist were a short-lived (but rather wonderful) early 90s indie band. Here’s their She’s a Rainbow… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qv9lBtjTjcs

      • I should add that I really enjoyed the writing, and do feel awful about knocking a band that means so much to you (though realise that you, and they, can take it)

      • No need to feel awful at all! I certainly realize that they’re not for everyone, especially for those who prefer their tunes at the mellower end of the spectrum. I think if, say, Beth did a list from the same set of albums, you’d find it more palatable than mine.

        There’s an age thing too – it’s different to hear songs that weren’t a part of your life then to hear songs that were.

        I had actually heard that World of Twist cover before and i think it’s lovely. There is an older tune than the Stones’ version that they certainly ripped off, i just wish that i could remember it, or what it was called or who did it.

        I plan to listen to Fuel’s list tonight when i can hear it all at one time as he intended it – I only know 4 songs on it. So it’s going to be an education for me certainly.

      • Barbryn, i have to say thanks for listening though, you’re a good sport. That must have been kind of torture, actually. I was surprised when i put up my first thread here on Dylan to find that so many people couldn’t stand to listen to him because they hated his voice so much.

        I think of voices i can’t stand, Willie Nelson is one. But that’s ok, i don’t have to listen to him, i don’t love his music, and if i feel like i need to hear a song, there are great covers. I can’t stand Bruce Dickinson’s voice either, but i don’t feel my life is diminished from a lack of Iron Maiden. Ditto Justin Hawkins and the Darkness.

        Jack White is a bit tougher though. Can’t really stand his voice either, nails on a chalkboard. But i’ve learned to live with it because i’d be missing too much good music without the Stripes.

      • Not torture at all Amy. Mick’s voice doesn’t grate exactly, I just can’t take him very seriously. It’s fantastic for something like “Jumping Jack Flash”, but doesn’t connect with me when there’s an attempt at more depth.

        Anyway, I did enjoy this post – but now have new albums by Jens Lekman and Sun Kil Moon to listen to…

    • Hi Barbryn, I recommend that you listen to The Worst and New Faces, you can even play spot the 10,000 Maniacs violin solo in The Worst. (Fuel searches for a unique selling point.)

      • 10,000 Maniacs? How could I resist?

        Well, I gave your whole list a go, and certainly enjoyed it in parts, those two definitely included. Not sure about “Lucinda Williams good” though… 🙂

  2. Well done saneshane. A lovely Child of the Moon. I always thought Child of the Moon was proto baggy i.e. Stone Roses or more likely Charlatans and I always wanted it to be redone by them but Radon Daughters have got real imagination. It’s still got that sway, though. And Cat Power is beautiful. So quiet. But my fave is the loud Cock Sparrer; it’s like punk meets Status Quo meets the psychedelic Sixties stones. We Love You.

    • Fuel –

      Just for fun (with out the need to be too anal about it), what would have made your list from the stuff up to around Some Girls?

      • I’ll reply later but most of Some Girls, about 5 songs from Rescue and seven or so of the bonus tracks from the Some Girls rerelease. How did they leave Claudine off? Talk about tainting your artistic legacy.

      • D’oh! Er.. PairUbu has mentioned stuff from Between the Buttons and there would be stuff from that on it but it’s a er… a challenge to compile stuff. I’ll do write a list later.


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  3. Ok Fuel –

    (I’m typing this in real time as i listen so i don’t forget)

    Continental Divide wouldn’t be out of place on Satanic Majesties, and Juiced wouldn’t be out of place on a Shoey playlist. Not in love with either of them on first listen, but it’s nice to see them try different directions with some conviction. I liked Too Rude a lot, who is that on vocals? Definitely a better shot at reggae than Cherry Oh Baby. I’m not missing the rock – more about that later.

    Sorry, Break the Spell is a bit tepid for me. Moon is Up wouldn’t be out of place on a Shane playlist, but still that one is kind of forgettable too. You Didn’t Have to Mean It is great! Favorite so far i think.

    Undercover is the first one i know already, and it’s a great one. No beef there at all. Killer bass on that one too. I’m liking Beat Pretty Up too. Oh, Sleep Tonight is gorgeous! I’ve heard of this one before, but not heard it. Big winner.
    Do i need to listen to Dirty Work? All i knew was Harlem Shuffle and i think One Hit to the Body.

    • Oh, The Worst is gorgeous too! Hmm, of 3 faves so far, they’re all Keith’s. New Faces is lovely too! And Saint of Me is a goodun too. Do i need to listen to Voodoo Lounge too? I had a chance to see them on that tour in San Francisco but blew it off. Did i make a mistake? I think the last album i had was Tattoo You but i did see them on the Steel Wheels tour in NYC.

      You Got Me Rocking is a decent rocker. Better than most shit that passes for rock out there these days, but still kinda second rate Exile. Back of My Hand – now we’re talking. Winner. You’re right, they should do this much more often. Fuck yeah.

    • Ok, i obviously know Start Me Up. I don’t dislike it, don’t want to switch it off or anything, but come on guys, you wrote this in your sleep, right? Sure it’s a still bit catchy. Tired ass mail in though. Same with Sad Sad Sad, don’t think i ever heard it before, but i might as well have, it sounds like a whole bunch of other tired ass rockers that sent me off them for good. Neighbors – i did know this one too and i just hate this fucking song. There was so much more interesting going on in music at this time.

    • Nope, Slipping Away isn’t doing it for me at all. Thief in the Night is interresting but isn’t pulling me in. Waiting on a Friend is the other one i know. Now i’m supposed to like this one, and I’m pretty sure that it’s Fintan’s favorite post-prime tune. But i never really liked it much.

      If i had to pick other faves just from the albums i had, it would have been Ain’t No Use in Crying, All About You, Almost Hear You Sigh (know that one from the radio, not album). But hearing this list, i’m really sad that they scrapped the bluesy and country tunes from Some Girls and went with crap like Respectable, When the Whip Comes Down, and Lies instead. Which begat more cookie cutter tunes like She’s So Cold, Hang Fire, Neighbors, Little T&A – well, you can see why i gave up. So i’m not missing the rock from them at all.

      The world music type offshoots have potential too, if they would stick around long enough to absorb it instead of, well, here’s our ragga type tune, here’s our reggae one, here’s a dub, here’s our salsa or whatever – you get the drift. I think they do it best in tunes like Hey Negrita, Hot Stuff, and Undercover where they really mix it up with their own style and come up with something kind of unique.

      Thanks Fuel, you’re a trouper. When i looked at their site yesterday, they had a big fat gorilla on the front to promote – surprise! their latest compiliation! Now if they’d put out a latter day country, ballads, and blues compiliation, that would be worth shelling out for.

      Thanks again, Fuel.

    • Hi Amy, Love your reactions to the songs. Very much my thinking. It was so hard to leave off Ain’t No Use in Crying – my favourite from Tattoo You. But I like the straight ahead rocker, so I never had a problem with Neighbours, Sad Sad Sad, etc.

      I’ll try and reply later today but I must say that I totally agree with you about what their best stuff was (Hey Negrita type stuff and experimentation). Sadly, there’s too little of it in the later work and it could go badly wrong. Here I’ll recommmend Feel on Baby (Dub) and Too Much Blood (Arthur Baker RemiX). But under no circumstances listen to the album versions. Mostly they went with mid-tempo rockers and well I’d listen to the albums but only after I’d borrowed from the library. Oh and Keith stuck to quality but Jagger does quantity.

  4. stoopid question from an old person who’s still learning some of this new fangled technostuff, but is there anyway to download any of this? I teach a class where we talk about this a bit and this would be fantastic….

  5. Can I just chip in her ( yes ! I can !) to say that a couple of the albums before Their Satanic Majesties have merit too.
    Aftermath is pretty good and “Goin’ Home” is a triumph of idea over execution.
    My particular tip, though, would be for the somewhat maligned Between The Buttons which, I think, contains the seeds of Satanic Majesty but is more rooted in their root.
    A couple of real clunkers there but many of the songs have a lightness of touch that they sometimes failed to offer in later works.
    And Mick goes light on the cod Yankee drawls.

    British versions of those two albums are best, the ones from the States stuffed them with hits to increase sales and cut out a couple of bloody good tracks ( Backstreet Girl went awol ! How could they ?).

    • The cod yankee drawls are kind of comical. English people don’t say y’all in real life, do they? I’m a northeasterner, and even we don’t say that. The cod ghettospeak on later albums is kind of comical too. But i guess Madonna faking a British accent is the payback for that.

      If i was looking for a good compiliation of earlier stuff, High Tides and Green Grass looked like a pretty decent one (one or 2 songs switched off in the US and UK versions, can’t remember which.) Or Through the Past Darkly (didn’t know Jumpin Jack Falsh was just a single until then either.)

      • I’d second High Tides and Green Grass and Between The Buttons. These, and the first Stones album, are the party tracks of my early dancing years.. (I was 18 when the first album was released.)

      • I do say y’all, but only because I go to Texas a lot. (Welcome, eric – my son lives in San Antonio. Where do you live?)

  6. Sorry, amy, but your list confirmed my feelings about the Stones, i.e. the posturing, swaggering, dumb riff stuff that I can easily live without. So far, however, fuel’s list is confounding that view by containing interesting music played with sensitivity. I will continue listening.

      • I’m sure you can, amy. But I think I drifted away from the Stones before the Dead came into my ears.
        Ironically, it was the Stones’ early records that spurred Pigpen into persuading Garcia to turn their Jug band electric.

  7. Wow, great post and excellent lists. You’re right, Amy, Sticky Fingers can’t be beat in my opinion, I don’t listen to Brown Sugar usually, but the rest is faultless. Loved your list.

    Fuel, I’ve always loved Waiting on a Friend too. Bought it as a single, Keith sitting on a step looked so sweet. I have Start Me Up as a single too, they were good for many years.

    Shane, adore the Sisters cover and the Laibach, very interesting to hear the others.

    • I’m thinking that maybe you have to be a girl to appreciate the swaggering stuff…;)

      I didn’t know that Waiting on a Friend took 10 years to put out – turns out that was Mick Taylor on guitar on that one.

    • I loved Brown Sugar at a very young age, so it was a few years until i got a handle on the lyrics, by which time it was too late. They’re pretty awful though. I have a problem with the lyrics on Sweet Black Angel from Exile too, and Hey Negrita. Shame the’re wedded to such otherwise great tunes.

      I have no problem with Stray Cat Blues. Sorry dads with daughters, but i was a young daughter too. It is what it is. I have no problem with Cocksucker Blues either. Mick has freely admitted that he’s slept with plenty of guys, for all i know, it’s semi-autobiographical.

  8. Phew! (And that’s only the first list.)

    Amy, could you explain what you mean by ‘blowout’? I think I may be misinterpreting it.

    I’ve just realised that I’ve a whole mix-CD’s worth of Stones covers a friend sent me a while ago. Too late alas!

    OK: next list.

    • By blowout i mean a huge no holds barred release of pent up energy – or an extravaganza – but checking the Urban Dictionary – i see how you could have been horribly confused…

      If i was aware of those other definitions i would have probably chosen a different term….

  9. Have to work again today, won’t get to Shane’s list until later tonight. Off tomorrow – may actually get caught up on other posts – worms, Shoey’s list, and Tfd’s….

  10. Oh curses! I was just getting to the end of a very long, exceedingly witty (ahem) commentary on the first half of shane’s covers list and Safari crashed on me. Bloody interwebs.

      • I know, I know, Amy – I’m not good with change. Or technology.

        Sorry – I meant to come back to recreate my musings but the moment was lost. Really liked that opening Paint It Black basically. And a couple of the others. But mainly I preferred the originals.

      • Will only take a minute Bish, (except for your bookmarks and stuff), but you’ll be glad you did. Safari is a piece of shit. I could never use the Spill on Safari, the videos crash it every time.

  11. It’s going to take me a while to get up to speed here, but you are all really something, especially the more I look around at what I’ve been missing and all the cool stuff you’re constantly adding…treefrogdemon (clearly I’ve got to come up with a much cooler handle than eric) I’m located in what a few of us jokingly refer to as Greater Central Texas Lower Colorado River Authority Wetlands Resource Area adjacent to the Edwards Plateau & Balcones Escarpment…all of which is to say the Austin, Texas area.

    • Ah – I’ve been to Austin quite a few times, last time in May to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at the Frank Erwin Center. My son and I had margaritas beforehand at a bar called Mooseknuckle where the margaritas were very good (and cheap) and the barmaid was very pretty. Which Matt noticed.

      • Funny. I’ve never been, but those 6th St bars that cater to the students make an effort to employ attractive folks. 35 years ago I had a required US history class in the Erwin Center along with several thousand other students. I am gonna assume Tom Petty was much more entertaining.

      • The T-Birds were fun…I was a student when they were still pretty new and Stevie Ray was Jimmie’s little brother with his own band, Double Trouble featuring Miz LouAnn…while I was mostly involved in Austin’s tiny punk scene, I kept going to see blues bands and even some progressive country bands, leading to some sometimes awkward and amusing scenes in Austin bars.

      • TP entertained me, anyway. Austin is a great town for music. I’ve been to SXSW a couple of times and ACL once.

  12. Ok, now i’m listening to Shane’s list in real time here.

    I king of liked the Paint it Black. Unlike many folks, that’s not a fave of mine, so no sacrilege involved here. No Expectations was as tedious as the Stones’ but i actually still like the Stones. I’ll take the Stones’ Play With Fire, because i love that one. But it’s not a bad cover either. I’m laughing at Get Off My Cloud. Slightly more irritating than the original to me. Great cover, actually. Sisters of Mercy i kenw from Wyngate already. It’s actually a great cover, too bad it’s already the Best Rock Song Ever Committed to Vinyl and Ever Written. Ruby Tuesday is a gorgeous song, and the cover is kind of lovely too. Well done. Same with the Radon Girls, nice cover. But i love that song by the Stones, so i’ll take them hands down on that one. Cat Power was really good too. The original isn’t a fave. I’m liking it a lot, actually!

    • Lambchop’s Backstreet Girl is gorgeous! Wonder what Pairubu thinks of it though. I think it’s just fucking lovely. Pentagram is a pretty good cover too! Damn good one, in fact. Takuma Watanabe is really more of a Bussy Holly cover than a Stones one, i think it owes more to Buddy.

    • I already know the nex few covers. Cock Sparrer i know from Wyngate, and a first rate cover it is. I knew Johnny Winter’s Jumpin Jack Flash, it’s a monster cover. (Texan aside – I love Johnny saying “How y’all doing” to the crowd (not this version) in this sweet drawling voice than blasting the shit out of JJF). (note the Bitch splice into this version here too, big bonus!). I also knew Devo’s Satisfaction, good one too. But kind of irritation too.

    • Oh, what a gorgeous Salt of the Earth cover. Right up there with the Stones. It’s like they let Keith sing the whleo song instead of just the first couple of lines. Some Sympathy ooh ooh ing in there too at the end. Dond!
      Laibach – what else can you do with Sympathy but take the piss out of it.
      So the Dirtbombs do a Sympathy and No Expectations mashup. Nice idea, but not working for me. But very well played, Shane!

      Great list, thanks, Mr. Shane! Has your dad popped in here?

      I hpe Bish reposts his eaten lost one.

      Here’s a killer cover – not just anyone can pull off a cover like this –

  13. Cripes, i just found Keith and Norah Jones doing a countrified Nazereth’s Love Hurts on youtube. sometimes you just have to say no.

  14. Still not got round to making a list for the early work or replying, but I will. Thanks for listening. RTJ it was great to hear those songs again. Strutting and swaggering is definitely required for a lot of Stones tunes. 😉

  15. I really want to get round to listening to this lot, but it may be a few days yet (very hectic week and it’s just about to get even busier!), as I’ve never been convinced by the Stones. I mean, I like ’em, but they have never given me that special something you want from music – maybe, like Chris, it’s all the preening and strutting that rings hollow. But I hope to be persuaded.

    In the meantime, I was listening to a dubstep/grime mixtape today and came across this, loved it!

  16. Hi RTJ,

    My father’s favourite song is Little Red Rooster. We bought High Tide (UK version) for him when I was young and that started the Stones obsession. My favourite is actually Have You Seen Your Mother. It’s all over the place and has feedback and seems to be trying to do something it’s incapable of and that’s why I love it. Nervous Breakdown is my second fave.

    What I did when I made Stones playlists was create C-60/C-90 tapes for different era’s:

    Stones 1 and 2 and Out of Our Heads, plus early singles and eps to Satisfaction. Faves: Mona, Everybody Needs Somebody to Love, Down the Road Apiece, She Said Yeah!, Little Red Rooster, Carol, I’m a King Bee, I’m Free, What a Shame, Grown Up Wrong, High and Dry, Gotta Get Away.

    Then it’s Aftermath, Buttons and Satanic and the singles up to We Love You/Dandelion. Faves: Connection, Backstreet Girl, My Obsession, Play With Fire, Spider and the Fly, Paint it Black, Let’s Spend the Night Together, Lantern, 2000 Light Years, Citadel, 2000 Man, We Love You, Mother’s Little Helper, Doncha Bother Me.

    68 to 72 is perfect. No need for tapes to get rid of the chaff

    Then 73 to 78. Faves: Winter, Heartbreaker, Angie, Only RnR, Fingerprint File, Hot Stuff, hey Negrita, Melody, Crazy Mama, Fool to Cry, Miss You (12″ version), Shattered, Far Away Eyes. Plus the El Mocambo side of Love You Live

    • Winter is a lovely song, and Fingerprint File is a good one. I have a soft spot for Only RnR – because they take the piss out of themselves, and my teenage obsession of them along with it! That one is better live though i think. I still like Time Waits for No One too. Hand of Fate is not a bad rocker either, i like it better than stuff like Start Me Up and worse.

      I have listened to Sleep Tonight and The Worst about a billion times by now…

  17. Time … is lovely. Did I miss that out? I did. It’s them saying they are no longer the zeiteist, I think. If they’d put the best of GSH and IORnR out as a single Lp it would have sold more than both put together. (Sez I wi no idea of what I’m on about.)

    Keith is great. I must have a listen to one of his solo albums. Glad you found something to love in there. BTW. almost Hear You Sigh is a fine pop song.

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