Earworms 24 September 2012

1: The Decembrists – Angel, Won’t You Call Me ~ Amylee

Gorgeously infectious bit of pop folk perfection from their first EP.

2: Alison Moyet – Mary, Don’t Keep Me Waiting ~ Zalamanda

This has always been one of my favourites from Alison’s 2002 comeback album, Hometime. An intriguing narrative of escape combined with a sort of circular sound that I find really appealing.

3: Clannad – Theme From Harry’s Game – GoneForeign

Back in the 80’s I was browsing the albums in that huge record store in Picadilly Circus, I found a group I’d never heard of but they looked interesting, what intrigued me was that most of the group shared my surname and they all came from Sligo and Donegal which is where all my forebears came from. The group was Clannad and the names were  Ciarán, Pól, and Máire Uí Bhraonáin (Brennan), an earlier member was Brídín Bhraonáin plus another family member left for a solo career, her name was Eithne Ní Bhraonáin, AKA Enya. So I bought the album and this cut became an instant favorite.

4; Deer Tick – Virginia Gal ~ Tincanman

This is a such a good band but, like Simple Minds, just don’t have the vocals to take them over the edge. There’s Petty, The Band, The Stones, Yardbirds, AC/DC and all sorts of great stuff in this, but in the end, meh.

5: Arthur Verocai – Sylvia ~ AlBahooky

This tune is from his eponymous LP released in the early 70’s to little audience reaction and did not record again until the late noughties, after receiving the respect from the US hip-hop community who sampled his tunes. ‘Sylvia’ is one of those tunes that uses the acoustic guitar to support a beautiful string arrangement … listen.

6: Tori Amos – Jackie’s Strength – bishbosh

I love the little cinematic shards of imagery in this. Really evocative – and just one of her most beautiful tunes. Great, lush orchestration too.

A big Thank You to everyone who contributed worms to this playlist or has sent them in to the wormbank. Please send your juiciest worms plus a line or two per song on how you got hooked to either earworm@tincanland.com or a wormhole near you. Thank you.

31 thoughts on “Earworms 24 September 2012

  1. The Decemberists: One of the many bands I have RR-ers to thank for introducing me to. Not as fully formed or affecting as some of their later works perhaps, but Colin Melloy’s voice always does it for me. Nice.

    Alison Moyet: Funny how sometimes songs taken out of the context of their parent album/brought to one’s attention anew can impress more than they originally did. Yes, this is a great song. I had been thinking of submitting “This House” as a ‘worm actually – don’t need to now as this covers similar ground (in subtler fashion).

    Clannad: They always sounded a bit incongruous in the mid-80s, didn’t they? Gorgeous of course. Too short, but gorgeous.

    Deer Tick: Not really my kind of thing. Or maybe not really my kind of thing for this morning. Seems a bit underpowered somehow – maybe it’s the production?

    Arthur Verocai: I’m always a little excited to see your name on the wormlist, Al (you’re all my favourites, of course) – I know I’ll be introduced to something good. What a fantastic, warm sound.

    Thanks all – and SR for curating as sensitively as ever.

  2. Here are the votes of the Fenland jury
    The Decemberists – Yeah. Not bad. Pleasant sound.
    Alison Moyet – Always thought Alf had a terrific voice. This is good.
    Clannad – Very worthy.
    Deer Tick – Not bad, but like you say, elements of many others in there, so it sounds very derivative (to me, anyway).
    Arthur Verocal – Reminds me of the sort of music that plays in the lifts of posh hotels. Very nice, but didn’t inspire me.
    Tori Amos – As with Alison Moyet, above, I’ve always liked Tori’s voice & whatever I’ve heard by her.
    Nice set again, SR. The laydeez have it for me this week.

  3. I’m having buffering problems with the last few tracks, which stopped abruptly. So will try to listen again, but:

    The Decemberists I know and like – this one’s not a particular favourite, but I do like it when they keep things simple.

    Alison Moyet was a surprise. I’m aware of her of course, but haven’t actually listened to much of her stuff. Would like to hear more of this.

    Clannad and Enya come with too much baggage for me – there’s a very fine line between other-worldly beauty and coffee-table music, and I can’t really listen without prejudice.

    Deer Tick stopped half way through (I don’t think it was meant to…). A bit too straight-rock for me (the names mentioned don’t really get me excited), but done well.

    Arthur Verocai – yes, this was great. Want to listen again.

    Tori Amos – someone borrowed my cassette of this album and never returned it, so I haven’t heard this song for ages. It’s a beauty. Tori Amos really is wonderful, isn’t she? I’ve followed her career from the beginning, and own and rate several of her albums – I’m not quite sure why I’m not more obsessive about her.

  4. mm, not grabbing me this week, I didn’t recognise Alison Moyet which possibly means my ears are broken, so I’ll stop there I think.

  5. Decemberists: ooh, I like this a lot, even though it’s quite a bit different from the later stuff that I already know. To the iPod with it!

    Alison Moyet: yes, a very interesting story – which I don’t think will end well. Like it a lot!

    Clannad: they’ve always got on my nerves more than somewhat. But how exciting if you’re related to them, gf!

    Deer Tick: I’ve always wondered why on earth a band would call itself Deer Tick…yes, he is a bit TP-like, though TP would never have his vocals so far back. (And, indeed, why should he?) Not very memorable, really.

    Arthur Verocai: the hip-hop connection is intriguing, but this really isn’t my sort of thing.

    Tori Amos: thought I wouldn’t like it when it started, and I am so NOT a fan of ‘lush orchestration’ but, yes – it grew on me!

    Interesting set – thanks as ever to SpottedRichard.

  6. I don’t know The Decembrists very well, and I liked this enormously. Very wormy.

    I probably overdosed on Alison Moyet in the 80s and I’ve sort of pushed her away since, but her more mature stuff is starting to have an impact on me again. Like this very much.

    Clannad. My sister adored this song. It brings back fond memories of our youth.

    Deer Tick. Can’t understand for the life of me why Tin would submit what he considers a meh earworm unless he secretly wants to be disproved. I’m with you on this one, Tin!

    Arthur Verocai. I do like the acoustic guitar in this. It’s lovely.

    Tori Amos. I didn’t like the breathy intro, but after that. WOW!

  7. Decemberists was mine – not really much to it, is there. Vaguely stalkerish, but no hint of later work to come. But so darn pretty i never get tired of it.

    I love Alison Moyet’s voice. Not especially big on that particular song, but she could sing the phone book and i’d listen. I’ve heard Clannad before, and i get Barbryn’s point, but i still find it very listenable. Arthur Verocai a bit less so – or maybe it just takes a bit more work. Tori was a bit overwrought but it was still lovely. That’s probably my #2, but way ahead of the pack at #1 was Deer Tick. that was just great. Didn’t want it to end.

    Thanks all, and SpottedRich!

  8. Late again, and that on a week when I knew half the list already.

    The Decembrists came over a bit like REM in the intro and recurring riff – it reminded me of “Stand”. But it obviously wasn’t REM. Slight, Amy? Maybe, but pop music is allowed to be slight. I enjoyed it.

    Alison Moyet was my pick. I’m glad that folks liked it.

    Clannad are an odd proposition, really – there is little else that sounds like them – but usually very pretty to listen to. This is one that I knew, and it’s classic Clannad. My favourite Clannad album is Macalla, which has a slightly less ethereal feel – but I do like this style of theirs, too.

    The Deer Tick song was great stuff – Tin seemed so ambiguous that I was surprised he’d sent it in. I got hints of early Steve Earle with a smattering of Rolling Stones.

    Arthur Verocai‘s track sounded familiar in places, but I couldn’t pinpoint what it reminded me of apart from there being two songs – one an instrumental jazz standard (I think) – the other a left-of-centre vocal pop track. It doesn’t matter – I enjoyed “Sylvia” for itself.

    Tori Amos was another familiar one. I do like Tori. Even when she occasionally overeggs things. Nice to hear it out of context.

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