1. Definitely worth re-watching … more than once. I wasn’t wholly convinced by the series, it was a little too cliched and schmaltzy at times, however, it was littered with Sorkin-created speeches and moments like this one which really hit home. Moments like Michelle Gifford announcement and how they decided to hold on rather than following the other channels in announcing her death and the American Taliban speech regarding the Tea Party in the last episode. It was interesting how the series ended with them coming a full circle regarding the clip above,

  2. Here’s the American Taliban speech – although you probably have to view it in the context of what’s gone on during the entire series. It may seem a little ‘contrived’ viewed in isolation.

  3. Great, up until ‘…sure used to be’ and the mawkish music kicked in! Why do (so many) Americans need to believe they’re the best and are willing to rewrite history to prove it? They have certainly been the richest and most powerful but – in terms of humanity, cultural tolerance, awareness of others, etc – never the ‘best’. This clip looks like the standard ‘have cake, eat cake’ Hollywood trip: ‘We’re the best because we can admit we’re not the best.’ Phooey!

  4. I vaguely remember a quote from many years ago relating to the US ( not sure who by) and its championing of “freedom”. It was along the lines of “freedom ? you never even used it when you had it.” Its as true today as for the past 200 years.

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