Earworms Mystery Edition #2 Results

The picks were obviously a bit too difficult/crafty this time. For the next edition we might ditch the wild-ass guess, and as Tin has suggested, we’ll put in a list of the names of the wormers (and possibly one or two wild cards), and you figure out whose song is whose.

If you can think of a fun variant for Earworms, let’s have it.

The earworms this week were:

1: Panic Room – I Am A Cat ~ Abahachi

2: Cabaret Voltaire – Why Kill Time (When You Can Kill Yourself) ~ Carole

3: Lee Hazlewood – Vem Kan Segla ~ bishbosh

4: The Deathray Davies – Jack Never Crashes ~ Fintan

5: Acid Witch – Metal Movie Marijuana Ma ~ Amylee

6: Black Francis & Joey Santiago – Cover Of The Rolling Stone ~ Treefrogdemon





Prize:  500 SPILL POINTS! Each TO

Treefrogdemon, Panthersan, our mysterious ModestMouse, Severin, bluepeter, Beth and Zala who all got one correct.

(Sorry. I blew this one, folks. Can’t add up to 1 apparently.)


Amylee‘s song was the most correctly guessed, although the overwhelming opinion was that it was a Panthersan choice.

Fintan‘s song was the most incorrectly guessed. A big fat zero. Two people even damned his choice by thinking it might be mine!

Great job everyone!

The full results are here:  Mystery #2 v3 (All errors etc, etc.)

Which one was the biggest shocker for you?

17 thoughts on “Earworms Mystery Edition #2 Results

  1. ha! funny that I got Aba and Carole the wrong way round, but I knew the metal had to be Amylee if it wasn’t me.

    It was a great track Amy and pot-themed death metal is almost a subgenre on it’s own, you know. A couple of members of my favourite new thrashers Municipal Waste have a side band called Cannabis Corpse who are actually really good.

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