‘spillover: The Rolling Stones.

Rules are simple:
Pick your favourite Rolling stones tune – try to narrow it down so it doesn’t get too overwhelming – and in the spirit of RR tell us why it rocks your socks.

Amy or Fuel will give you a deadline for nominations and then one of them will pick a playlist – (I always narrowed it down to fit on a blank CD – it gave me something to aim for)… they might even do one each and we’ll vote to see who wins and who loses (I’m joking – grrr).

If anyone wants to add their favourite Rolling Stones cover tracks – then I will curate that – and pick a CD80 of them there tunes too.

The idea of ‘spillover is to get a really unique CD80 (or two) of an artists work – if the compilers choice fits perfectly in a playlist then they can put it in. This isn’t RR.
There’s no one song for each player either – if ten people said ‘Paint it Black’ say, is their fav – it just means it’s popular.

It has to be artists that have a large amount of albums. Because when I started this – I didn’t want it to be definitive – i.e we post the ‘so called’ best tracks – then no one ever needs to buy another song from said artist … whatever anyone’s views of music sharing is – I wanted it to celebrate a body of work. Inspire people to dig further. Like a mixtape to hook you in.

So if you’re down on you’re luck, and you can’t harmonise –
do the ‘spillover challenge with smiles in your eyes.

118 thoughts on “‘spillover: The Rolling Stones.

  1. It’ll be The Mountain Goats turn next week.

    If people could add links like on RR to save over loading the comments with youtube videos – that would be most helpful – Thank You.

  2. Heart of Stone. Lots of reasons; Big Hits (High Tides and Green Grass) was one of the few pop albums my father owned, so I grew up with very early Stones and still prefer that era; love the guitar solo; and love the sense of vulnerability and sadness of this song, the sense that – especially compared with the cocksure swagger of later albums – Mick is genuinely hurting and trying to put a brave face on it. Of course he doesn’t have a heart of stone, of course it’s already broken, he’s just trying to cope with the possibility of seeing her again and trying not to break down…

    Heart of Stone

  3. Can we have songs not written by the Stones? Because I have always liked Not Fade Away, and I don’t think I realised at the time that it was a Buddy Holly song. It’s such an interesting way of expressing that stock theme of popular music – I will love you for ever and we’ll be together always. (!)

    As for covers, you may not be surprised to hear that I like Not Fade Away by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

    • “Can we have songs not written by the Stones?”

      I say yes, of course. They were great cover artists, and some of their best known tunes are covers.

  4. I became a teenager as the Stones’ career took off and couldn’t help be blown away by their raw swagger (as compared to my prime interest of the time, The B**tles). Buddy’s Not Fade Away was probably the first to impress (although the Dead took the Stones’ version a few years later and produced music from it, as opposed to just the rhythm. For example.). I vividly remember the video for Dandelion (or was it We Love You?!) at the time of the drug butterflies and saluted them (in my little corner of suburbia) as counter-cultural warriors.
    But rarely did their songs seem to amount to much more than riffs and choruses. As other bands expanded the Stones entrenched and polished. I lost interest. Keef’s and Jagger’s arrogance over the years never tempted me to explore further (and, when I did hear more of their stuff, I found little reason to look/listen again). They may play Rock’N’Roll (c) but, to be honest, I don’t really like their version that much. It seems a bit dumb. (Fucking off to escape paying tax didn’t impress me either.)
    So, despite the fact that Jagger can’t quite reach the low note in the first line, and it now sounds rather dated, I’m picking Ruby Tuesday. It’s musically more interesting than most of their stuff, the lyrics paint an intriguing picture…. and it’s one of the first songs I ever played in front of an audience, so has memories attached.

  5. As telling me to do something and setting me a deadline is the only way to get me to do anything I’ll do a list. But, because I’ll disappoint a lot of people*, RTJ should do a list too. Anyway, the deadline is Sunday morning when my kids wake up, that’ll be about 5 am in the UK.

    *Sorry llamalpaca, I can’t stand most of MM, When I put Black and Blue onto one side of a C-60 tape I faded MM in and out so that there was just a minute or so from the “she’s one of a kind” section. (It’s a good job you mentioned two others.) I mention this just to show that this will be as divisive and contrary a list as ever. Are you sure you want me to do this?

      • Oh yes. 😉 I’m actually crueller about the bands I love. When I sold a lot of CDs at a flea market I wrote on NYCG&F by Sonic Youth “Take it. I could never make anyone pay for this”. Maybe not the best ad ever; it took four days to get rid of that waste of space. And yet some love it.

    • just caught this comment after i posted below. 5 am in the UK is around midnight Saturday here, that works for me. I’m off on Sunday so i have the time.

  6. A couple of comments. Shane, I don’t think that loading the Spill with youtubes uses any memory or slows it down since they’re only links back to the youtube factory, there’s nothing here, whereas with a playlist every song on the list is probably about 3-4 Mbs,. That could conceivably slow things down as could photos. These are the things I was thinking about when I recently cried wolf about our WP allocation being close to full.
    Second, as usual Chris has said pretty much what I might have said re the Stones, he’s such a wise old man. I’m off to the vinyl to see what my favorite is, whatever I know it will be from the Ruby Tuesday/Paint it Black era, back soon.

    • Hey, gf, less of the ‘wise’……!

      Putting the actual videos into comments really does use more memory and so slow things down, as your browser tries to load them all when the page is displayed (it happens on the Graun blogs, too). In Firefox, the ‘plugin-container’ just does a Topsy impersonation.

      • Apparently some hipper people than me do their spilling on iThingys these days. I don’t think videos load on those, or if they do, it’s a pain in the ass.

  7. I’m not a lover of the Stones as such – I don’t own a single piece of music recorded by them. But I do like, and have somewhere (or have had at some time), the only song written by them that reached No 1 in the U.K. not recorded by them.

    Chris Farlowe……………”Out of Time

  8. Nice one Shane. Think I’ll go with Sympathy For The Devil – you never got lyrics like that from The Be&tl@s.

    Liking the idea of a covers album. Was it the Modettes who had a minor hit with Paint It Black in the 80’s? – if not there’s always The Bunnymen version.

  9. Oh, thanks Shane! I like the idea of both of us (self and Fuel) doing a list each. Way too daunting to condense the entire Stones prime output to a single list.

    Fuel – I’m off Sat and Sun this week, do wither of those days work for you?

    You can email me at botanicalphoto[at]gmail.com

    • hi amy – I needed to do a bit of doodle artwork – caught the comments on shoey’s post and thought I’d do a stones one.

      I’ll mail you a – ‘spill over result – artwork for your selections too – if needed.

      Looking forward to this – because I don’t own any Stones records – nothing against them, I like lots of their tracks – (will narrow those choices down soon) – but my Dad played them a lot when I was growing up. When that happened – my instinct was to move on and find my own choices – I will enjoy the fresh listen.

      Looking fun so far.

      • Any artwork you’d care to contribute would be most welcome! Think we could get a great mess of playlists combined in the same post to pick from – mine, Fuel’s, yours of covers, and i may do a bonus live one too.

      • Cover versions: Otis Redding doing Satisfaction as Richards imagined it.. The Dum Dum Girls doing Play With Fire. Would they have got away with doing that in the 1960s?.

        @RTJ Will write to you tomorrow.

      • Fuel and Shane – I have a better idea. Why don’t i email you my login info so we can all do our lists on the same post. Fuel will no doubt write a lot, because he’s good at it, and i most likely won’t, because i’m not. Shane can put up the artwork and write away too. That could work. There’s no issue with privacy or anything, i don’t have my bank acc’t numbers or love letters stashed in there or anything.

        Fuel – can’t remember if you’ve done a Spill playlist or not yet – if not – Maki has instructions under the “manual” tab up top, and Shane and i can help if you have any trouble.

        You guys just have to email me your email addresses –

  10. Me – i’m leaning towards deep tracks. Everyone knows the big hits already.

    But we’re looking for some tunes for poor Shoey’s Stones – free ipod here. And to upgrade DsD’s lameass greatest hits album.

    Shoey groups his tunes by year, so if you have a year handy, post that too.

    • No worries – any mp3’s usually have the year track. If the track comes from a later comp, I’ll often look up the year & correct it. Yes, I’m that sad.

      • then there are sleazebags like me who r** songs off of youtube – tough to get some of the liveuns on iTunes. Prob no dates on those.

      • I can probably count my live albums on fingers & a few toes – so no problem there – Rip away with impunity.

  11. I’ve loved the Stones since I acquired England’s Newest Hit Makers (in the USA natch) in 1964. Much of their “newer” stuff (ya know the last 30 years or so) Is formulaic but doesn’t make me reach for the skip button. So it goes to reason I’d pick some of the early catalog. Much as I like the band Mick & Keef have always been painful to watch so it’s the rhythm section kept my attention. Charlie seemed like the band’s Buddha to me & really kept them a tight unit. Get Of Of My Cloud is my pick ’cause instead of a Keith or Brian lick being the hook it’s Charlie’s simple (but simply perfect) drum fills make the song. For a cover I’ll go with Gram Parson’s version of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjpa_OYAEpo.

  12. I’ve always liked Miss You, they do a fine job at sultry disco.

    This is Larry Graham and friends, it isn’t a Stones cover, but a cover of a 2011 hit song paying tribute to a Stone, and for good measure includes a cheeky harmonica quote from Miss You. Larry G is on fantastic form, singing and slapping bass like it’s 1971.

    Shane, great Stones artwork !

  13. I’ll start with the covers as that’s easy

    Sisters Of Mercy – Gimme Shelter
    Simon Reynolds in Rip It Up And Start Again describes the Sisters version as “listless and wispy”. A rare moment of Reynolds talking bollocks. Once you get past the intro which to be honest isn’t a patch on the original, this is an ice-cold version with Eldritch sounding resigned to imminent doom, which makes it a very effective version of the song.

    Cock Sparrer – We Love You
    Sparrer strip the song of it’s hippy trippiness and play it as a straight rock song with the (presumably intentional) consequence that the lyrics sound hilarious. Somehow it still works as a bootboy anthem. There is a promo clip that is easy to find on youtube that is very good with frontman Colin McFaull dressed in Clockwork droogy fashion.

  14. I’d go for She’s a Rainbow or In another land. The Stones may not have been the world’s most convincing psychedelicists but they made some great , if rather maligned, music in 1967.

    For cover how’s about Montrose’s version of Connection. I had this on a cheapo Warner Brothers comp years back and was always fond of it. It slows the original down and wrings the pathos out of it. In a good way.

  15. It’s tough for me to find Stones covers that trump the originals, especially live. Johnny Winter does a buttload of Stones covers, but to me none trump the Stones. Lotta covers of Stary Cat Blues – Johnny, Smashing Pumpkins, and Soundgarden is pretty good. But none as good as the Stones.

    But as i can’t find a first rate full live version of this one from back in the day, this will serve for consideration for a covers list. Pretty dang good un. These guys should be contenders for my long dormant Best Cover Artist Ever posts.

    Black Crowes – Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

    donding Wyngate’s Cock Sparrer cover too.

      • I don’t think Fuel and I are allowed to nom songs for our own lists – unless we run short and nom for each others’ consideration. that would be kinda sleazy, but if the pickings end up slim…at least the Llama recognizes the genius that is Exile…as does Fuel…

      • Alright Amy, I can take a hint. Tumbling Dice should be a nice addition to any playlist. If you cough loudly enough and provide some crap clues as to which ones you fancy I dare say I could work them out!

      • Amy – the idea of spillover is to get a really unique CD80 (or two) of an artists work – if you think your choice fits perfectly in a playlist then put it in. This isn’t RR.
        There’s no one song for each player either – if ten people said ‘Paint it Black’ say, is their fav – it just means it’s popular. (I should have explained more – it’s been a long time since we did one of these)

        I did this years ago for Bright Eyes and White Stripes – it has to be artists that have a large amount of albums. Because when I started this – I didn’t want it to be definitive – i.e we post the best tracks – no one ever needs to buy another song from said artist… whatever anyone’s views of music sharing is – I wanted it to celebrate a body of work. Inspire people to dig further. Like a mixtape to hook you in.

        The stones are ubiquitous – but it will be interesting to see how you and Fuel attack their output – and what the ‘spill throws up as favourites.

      • Well, i said i’m looking for deep tracks 🙂

        We do need a lot more tunes to pick from. But it’s early days here too.

      • @amylee If you are looking for offbeat stuff, Stray Cat Blues is an interesting one. It’s Keith and Mick ripping the shit out of Brian Jones, but Brian never got it.

  16. OK, my fave Stones song is Gimme Shelter, for the intro and for Merry Clayton’s superb backing vocals.

    Fave cover version? Hmmmm, I think the Grateful Dead doing Not Fade Away, yes I know it is really a Buddy Holly song, but most people know it because of the Stones.

  17. I have a mellow cover of No Expectations by Brendan Croker from a BBC Kershaw session which I’m rather partial to. I will attempt to find it before the weekend.

  18. I’m a bit late (69 comments already!), my favourites would have to be She’s A Rainbow and Moonlight Mile, today. Another day it might be You Gotta Move or Sister Morphine and when I was 12 I was inordinately fond of Sleep Tonight because I loved Keef so much and of course Paint It Black is pretty much perfect. I’ll stop now.

  19. Oh dang, there’s so many, and different ones have clicked with me at different times in my life.

    In high school we did Can’t Your Hear Me Knocking in our airband, but that was mostly because we had just discovered headphones and pot. ‘Nuff said.

    The bigness and boldness of Gimme Shelter alerted me that there was more to music than Elton John & Kiki Dee and Starlight Vocal Band on AM radio, and to this day I can’t listen to it without cranking the volume. It’s a sonic boom of a song, and I really should pick it because it was that big a turning point in my life. I bought the album the weekend I moved from home into my first apartment, and many beers were drank as that song was played a few hundred times.

    But there’s another I have in mind, so I’m going to take shane’s loophole and hedge with Angelique Kidjo’s cover because it is also big and bold.

    My pick is the beguiling Jigsaw Puzzle. I don’t pretend to understand all the references and scenes Mick and Keith paint, but the chorus was/is me. I remember many a night in my late teens and early adulthood staying up late listening to tunes and pondering the meaning of [my] life when sitting alone on the floor frustrated by a jigsaw puzzle was the parable for my life. Lyrics that remained just out of reach were an appropriate mirror; the answers were there, if I was only just a wee buit more clever. A lot of Beggar’s Banquet is sly nonesense – in several of the songs Keith and Mick are poking fun at Brian Jones for his lifestyle and for losing the band he founded (even though he hadn’t quite grasped that yet) – and the verses of Jigsaw Puzzle make it a Beggar‘s song through and through. disappoint that way. There is a lament in Mick’s delivery of the chorus though that I don’t think was intended.

    And musically Jigsaw Puzzle is so vibrant. Love the basslines, love the piano, love the acoustic rhythm guitar and love, of course, the mean licks Keith barges in with, the sad mellotron of Brian Jones added later while the rest of the band slept or partied elsewhere.

    It is also the only song the Stones have refused to ever play live; a further sign that there are deep, personal secrets locked within.

  20. Right, what am I going for – I have no worries about dumb – or wether anyone can hit certain notes properly …

    I’m not the greatest fan of English bands being American – but this was the early days of pop – so I really do enjoy their country pastiche ‘Faraway Eyes‘ – probably because it fitted in with most of my youthful relationships.
    As it was always my dad playing the albums – ‘Mother’s little helper’ seemed to get played Lots and lots – but he also played the 80’s solo Jagger album ‘She’s the boss’ too – don’t know quite what this is saying about my upbringing.

    Get off my cloud suits this weeks mood for me – but I’m going with the Flying Pickets cover of that it’s genius – you wait – I’m right I am.

    the Rolling StonesEmpty Heart

    I think they were great band – had that look and attitude perfectly portrayed – (Mick’s got terrible politics – dodgy lyrics of yestayear too on some tracks – should have given up before the 80’s probably – but that counts for a lot of bands) etc etc etc..

    enjoying the history lessons – I might phone me dad and see what he says.

    • Even i never had She’s The Boss. Although Lucky In Love wasn’t a half bad song, if not Stones caliber. Never did bother to listen to anyting else on it, for all i know there could be undiscovered jewels on there.

      The Stones are my favorite country band ever. I like my country English i guess. American is too scary, probably.

      • Most of my American country exposure came to me via my Grandad’s easy listening records (he didn’t like music) – creepy I think is the word.

        I like the alternative take on it nowadays… and RR has made me acknowledge there is other quality about – but one of those genres I don’t seek out myself.

        Really sad neither of us thought of ‘Faraway Eyes‘ in time for this weeks deadline.

      • One of my Mum and Dad’s early dates – when they were courting – was at the Stones in Chatham Bingo Hall, small enough that they had a chat with the band after.
        They then went for a drink at a milk bar – and I didn’t believe they existed – I thought that was made up in A clockwork orange – but it was a little dive under the railway arches. So my dad tell’s me anyway – but he also told me Norwich City FC were the best team in the world – facts might be a little hazy – just like mine.

      • I met Mick’s mum when I was 17 (in my friends mums shop) –
        She was funny – and I asked about the tax thing – (and – I can’t remember this properly) she said the government were charging something like 97% tax at the time – for the rich – but it wasn’t that, it was her making him earn every bit of pocket money that made him a skinflint – as for that Hall woman – she made all her money just for having legs that go all the way up to her …. “what a talent”. This might be libel – so in reality she said no such thing.
        I liked her anyway.

      • I can’t blame the Stones for fucking off to the south of France for Exile. They were broke, and tax rate in the UK at the time i think was 98% on anything over $200,000 for the year. I’d fuck off too. Don’t mind paying my share, but that is total bullshit.

      • Empty Heart is great, i don’t even remember ever hearing that one before. I said i don’t listen to the really old stuff enough. I heard one about a week ago i don’t remember hearing before either called When Blue turns to Grey. Apparently your Sir Cliff and the Shadows had a hit with it too, but the glimmers wrote it i think. And yes, i of course like theirs a lot better.

  21. The only Stones record I actually own is the EP Five By Five, and from it I’ve always liked If You Need Me and Confessin’ The Blues. Neither were written by the Stones of course.

    For a cover that’s actually been recorded (ie not just an ‘in concert’ version) there’s Ike and Tina Turner’s Honky Tonk Womesn. It is very close to the original though.

  22. I’ve nothing much to add, except to say it would be Paint it Black for me too.

    The lyrics (obviously) make me a bit uncomfortable but I’ve got a listenable Northern Soully cover of Under My Thumb by someone called Wayne Gibson.

  23. Got terrible hangover. Knew I shouldn’t have had that pint at Little Miss’s ongoing birthday treat at Pizza Express last night. Over a bloody fiver for a pint! Rip-off! Got the taste tho and that was it.Anyways. Can’t move off couch so thought I’d visit the Other Place whilst waiting reveal and results.

    So. Fave Stones songs. Most have been shouted so I’ll dond em.

    Down-Home Girl – sexy as hell.

    Shake Your Hips also falls into this category. Love the Slim Harpo original too.

    Parachute Woman, for same reasons. Oh dear, think all my faves are in similar vein.

    Honky Tonk Woman also but for a great cover it’s Taj Mahal and James Cotton for me. How do you link summat here?

    Dear Doctor. Cracks me up every time.

    Sympathy For Devil. Still fresh. Daughters fave.

    RESULTS ARE UP!!! Offski!

  24. Not a Stones expert, but I love Paint It Black (Modettes version is ace too) and the epic drama of Sympathy For The Devil. I like the sweetness of Miss You too….I’ve got a kind of cover of it somewhere (well, the chorus is interspersed by other stuff) by Weirdo Begeirdo, who were Britt and Amanda of Not Not Fun “singing songs to each other” and how the whole label started…I’ll try to track it down

  25. Stray Cat Blues -utter filth (you couldn’t get away with lyrics like that now), but its the riff that’s filthiest off all.
    Soul Survivor – side 4 of Exile on Main Street is one of the greatest endings to an album ever.
    Sway – Mick Taylor’s finest few minutes
    Gimme Shelter – obvious, but still a stone cold classic
    Cover versions – Ramones – Street Fighting Man and Johnny Winter – Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

  26. Not a Stones fan, but that said, can’t fail to have heard most of their output and if I have to express a preference it’s going to be Paint it Black, Ruby Tuesday & Satisfaction (not necessarily in that order). The only Stones record I ever bought was “Angie” (single) but I think I grew out of it.

    Jerry hall was on Strictly Come Dancing (my son watches it, honest) the other night and one of the other female contestants pointed out that she was as tall as one of Jerry’s legs.

  27. I love their rockin’ numbers but like their slow ones too….have always loved Ruby Tuesday….very much of its time, with that spooky music helping to suggest that perhaps she really is losing her mind…ain’t life unkind! Another very effective slow one is Playing with Fire, originally the B side of The Last Time

  28. I’ve a huge soft-spot for Jigsaw Puzzle from Beggar’s Banquet. I always thought the slide guitar was BJ, but doing a little research on it, it turns out he wasn’t there for the recording and just added some mellotron (which i’ve never noticed) at the end. As Alan Partridge would say … lovely stuff!

  29. Here’s a clip of Johnny Winter doing JJF on Whistle Test in ’74 – truly brilliant.

    Also, i recall Big Country used to do a pretty good live cover of Honky Tonk Women.

  30. 1) Get Off My Cloud
    2) 19th Nervous Breakdown
    3)= Come On/ Carol

    Most of their stuff post 70 I can’t stand and the best cover would be Johnny Winter’s Jumpin Jack Flash

  31. Posted on You know, I had a similar poelbrm in reverse. I have two boys and the eldest (age 5) is fascinated with cooking, so me and his Mom wanted to get him an Easy Bake Oven for his birthday last February. However, they only came in pink. We knew he wouldn’t care and I really didn’t think it was a poelbrm, but it still gave me pause. We ended up not getting him one for another reason (all of the mixes are made in factories that have peanut exposures and he’s allergic), but it still kinda bugged me that cooking was considered a girls-only activity.

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