turning water into wine since year zero

1 Revival Soulsavers
2 Nicotine & Gravy Beck
3 Miracle Geniuser
4 Two-Headed Boy Part 2 Neutral Milk Hotel
5 Bury Mary Cass McCombs
6 Only A Plague Can Stop Us Now Decoration
7 Helicopter (Whitey Version) Bloc Party

1 Crush On You Brakes
2 Touched Joseph Arthur
3 Last Train To Wherever Télépopmusik Feat. Mau
4 W.O.W. Architecture In Helsinki
5 Miracle CocoRosie
6 Pedestal Portishead

5 thoughts on “turning water into wine since year zero

  1. Shane – I generally save clicking on yours and Shoeys posts until I can appreciate them in the playlists, but I did click on Helicopter and dond that on the blog.

    Powerful selection here. Loved Beck, Geniuser on the first list. Telepopmusik and CocoRosie on the second, but….

    Alleluia! for Revival by Soulsavers – just beautiful beyond belief. It has to be a Joint Dond Of The Week with Colin Blunstone.

    And another dond for Joseph Arthur. Lovely too, and an honorary dond for Helen’s great topic.

  2. Geniuser, Soulsavers & NMH, may give you edge this week, young(ish) sir, but I will return next week with my rusty tune bucket to compete once more in the ‘Spill playlist playoffs.

    Hope Helen doesn’t mind you nicking her man (again). Feel like we’ve been picking on her inadvertently. Come back, H. We loves you – you’re one of us (whatever that is).

  3. no Soulsavers in the A list *sob* I only play the game for the glory.

    I leave enough time for Helen to pop in and nominate – and do it better – because the only song I owned was Wasted – as a single – I love that so much – but never followed it up until she started suggesting more. I’ve now got loads. Perfect theme for him

    Cutting down my noms is: not too many off topic.
    each segment of tracks needs to compliment each other.
    not to be nominated by anyone else if I can help it – unless it’s a good alternative take – i.e helicopter.

    and try try try to keep the numbers down.

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