Earworms 17 September 2012 Mystery Edition # 2

1: Panic Room – I Am A Cat ~ ?

I don’t trust cats; they always look far too inscrutable, and are clearly up to something. I’m constantly on the look-out for insights into the thinking of our future overlords, and while this isn’t quite up there with Peggy Lee’s ‘Siamese Cat Song’, it’s pretty close.

2: Cabaret Voltaire – Why Kill Time (When You Can Kill Yourself) ~ ?

Recently I keep on having this jolly little ditty popping up in my head when I least expect it. Fortunately it is rather good.

3: Lee Hazlewood – Vem Kan Segla ~ ?

Probably the oddest track from his decidedly odd “Cowboy In Sweden” album. Treads a fine line between mawkish and comedic… and somehow ends up gorgeous.

4: The Deathray Davies – Jack Never Crashes ~ ?

How about an Earworm about an Earworm?  The Davies have one and it’s loads of fun.

5: Acid Witch – Metal Movie Marijuana Ma ~ ?

But many notches above your garden variety.  Ace guitarwork and OTT “schlock” lyrics give rise to the suspicion that they may not have been stoned at the time after all.

6: Black Francis with Joey Santiago – The Cover Of The Rolling Stone ~ ?

This is a much darker, more disturbing take on the song than the mawkish Dr Hook version, and it comes from the Shel Silverstein tribute album because, yes, Shel wrote the song.


A big Thank You to everyone who contributed worms to this playlist or has sent them in to the wormbank. Please send your juiciest worms plus a line or two per song on how you got hooked to either earworm@tincanland.com or a wormhole near you. Thank you.

50 thoughts on “Earworms 17 September 2012 Mystery Edition # 2

  1. Hmmm. This lot remind me of an edition of Jools Holland’s show which is on in the background whilst I’m doing the crossword.
    Panic Room. Due to his championing of this band, I’ll guess Kalyr.
    Cabaret Voltaire. This reminds me of the 80s, all shoulder pads & big hair. Dunno who picked it.
    Lee Hazelwood. I preferred him when he worked with Duane Eddy. At a guess, I’ll say Tfd.
    The Deathray Davies. Nah – sorry.
    Acid Witch – Not my scene at all, but I’ll guess at Sakura.
    Black Francis/Santiago. Not bad. I’m guessing Tincanman, but whoever it was DON’T DISS DR. HOOK!!!!! “Mawkish indeed! Hah!

    Just noticed, I’ve been randomly signed out again. Bah. This is a grumpy RockingMitch

  2. Hmm. I have a weird perspective on these because i’m yet again up in the middle of the night and waiting for the most recent sleeping pill to kick in.

    1) Panic Room – I absolutely love all cats. If thery’re to be our future overlords, well, it sounds like a better sort of future than the one under our current overlords looks to be. I can think of worse fates than to be forced to serve a pack of cats for the rest of my life. But, didn’t like the song much at all, unfortunately, and i haven’t a clue whose it is either.

    2) Caberet Voltaire – Not my sort of thing at this particular moment. But i suspect i may feel differently at a different time of day. Can’t decide between Bish or Severin, So i’ll go Bish and save Severin for a future pick.

    3) Lee Hazelwood – This was lovely. I’ll go Barbryn.

    4) Deathray Davies – Loved this one. I’ll go Severin here.

    5) Acid Witch – Hmm. Normally definitely my sort of thing, but it’s still too early for metal, so not hitting the spot quite yet. The sound quality sounds a bit crap, not sure if that’s intentional or not. Needs another listen at a better time to decide if i like it. I’ll go Panth on that one, bit ott for DsD.

    6) Black Francis – No quibble with Frank Black, but sorry Mitch, a quibble with Dr. Hook, never did like them much. So I like this better than Dr. Hook, but that’s faint praise. I’ll second Mitch and say that Tinny seems to be a good call.

    Thanks, all!

  3. Panic Room: I’m gonna go with bethnoir. Probably only cos the cat noises remind me a bit of “The Love Cats” and therefore The Cure. And therefore goths. This is fun, btw.

    Cabaret Voltaire: Before last Tuesday, I’d have said Pairubu because it’s putting a smirk on my face. But I’m now gonna go for Severin.

    Lee Hazlewood: Hm, what an odd little song. I’ll go barbryn – he likes Scandi stuff, no? And this sounds Scandi… sort of.

    The Deathray Davies: Hm, not a clue on this one. An indie rock band from Dallas, wiki tells me. Tfd, maybe? (Quite enjoyed the song, btw.)

    Acid Witch: Well, it’s gotta be panthersan, hasn’t it? Not my scene either.

    Black Francis with Joey Santiago: Yep, I’m with Mitch – tincanman. Yeah, I like this. Fun.

  4. hmm…interesting set…

    Panic Room – really didn’t take to the song at all…sorry Carole ??!

    Cabaret Voltaire – now, this is more my cuppa, liked it a lot…I’ll say Abahachi.

    Lee Hazlewood – yes, odd, but strangely affecting – liked this too – I’ll take a wild card on Mnemonic

    Deathray Davies – ironically forgettable given the subject matter – I’ll go for Spotted Richard

    Acid Witch – now, I don’t think it’s necessary to have a big warning, music’s music and people should be open-minded to listen to anything. I would say Me, but that’s a bit too obvious, and the vocals are a little slow for my tastes…so I’ll go for Amylee...

    Black Francis – this was great, no idea who chose it though….I’spose I’ll have to go for Tinny too

  5. Finally some free time on Monday so it’s earworms & a game. Yay!

    1. I Am A Cat Liked at first but had me reaching for a broom before it was over. I’ll say Pairubu by way of the Ubuette.
    2. Cabaret Voltaire A bit repetitive but quirky noises make it fun. Hmmm. Bishbosh?
    3.The Lee Hazlewood? Don’t know what to make of it. Could fit a WTF playlist quite well though. I’ll say DebbyM.
    4. Jack Never Crashes. Had me thrashing about the room in a good way. Obscure Indie band & twiddly organ make want to say it’s Shane.
    5. Acid Witch – Never been a fan of ogre rock & this hasn’t changed that. Guess I’ll go with developing consensus & say Japanther.
    6. Cover of the Rolling Stone -Interesting take of song that wasn’t begging to be covered. A one off that Dr. Hook exploited fully. That said I suspect a dodge so I’ll say RockingMitch.

    Off to check out last week’s worms.

  6. Not going to have a chance to listen until tomorrow, but two immediate points: (i) I’m with Mitch on the ‘how dare you diss Dr Hook?!?’ issue; (ii) Why do we get warnings for Death Metal but not other, equally upsetting to certain ears, genres?

  7. Panic Room – Hmmm, not really a song that works for me, as to who it is, I have to pick Kalyr.

    Cabaret Voltaire – Ah, the Sheffield Industrial Synths. Love this one, it reminds me of some of Bristol’s less salubrious clubs. Whose ‘worm? Not sure, but probably one of the older ‘Spillers.

    Lee Hazlewood – Quite an odd tune. I don’t think I could even pick a decade for it. I am going to guess RockingMitch for the ‘wormer.

    Deathray Davies – I rather like this in a kind of Nuggets pre-punk kind of way. I dunno who though. Maybe amylee?

    Acid Witch – I don’t mind a bit of hardcore metal occasionally and this is OK, yes I think it is Panthersan too.

    Black Francis – Really liked this one a lot. I like pretty much everything ol’ Frankie ever does. As to who it is, not sure. Tinny seems like an option, but I am going for DarceysDad.

  8. I love just about all animals, but cats especially. Panic Room does a fine job on describing how smart, fierce and independent they are. The ham-fisted to rippling piano effect is great. (Sorta kitten on the keys!)

    Oh! I want to dye my fringe blue again and go to the old clubs again, listening to Cabaret Voltaire. Great metallic synth sound.

    Lee Hazlewood. Bonkers – but it WORKS! It’s stunningly beautiful. It would make a great opening theme to a film about naturists.

    I am knocked out by the energy – and the Addams Family organ riff on the Deathray Davies song. Great stuff

    Acid Witch! Wow! Great guitar. Can’t really understand all the lyrics though. He’s a bit growly. But it’s fab. Love it more each time I hear it.

    Frank & Joey. I hadn’t heard either version until quite recently. Sorry Mitch, I prefer this one, although I do like the good doctor. The guitar is good, but do I hear a bit of “these boots are made for walking” riff in there?

  9. Panic Room – Really enjoyed this although it seemed to become more ordinary and less quirky as it went on. Good fun.

    Cabaret Voltaire – I have checked my copy of The Original Sound of Sheffield compilation and, as I suspected, this is not on it. Rather good if a bit too long. Wouldn’t listen to it in a depressed state.

    Lee Hazlewood – He sounded a bit like Nigel Blackwell when he does his mock heroic speaking bits. To be honest I wanted to hear the lady singing without his helpful translations. Couldn’t take it seriously. Was I meant to?

    The Deathray Davies – Liked this one a lot especially the tinny organ sound. Will search out other stuff by this lot.

    Acid Witch – Excellent band name – didn’t much like the actual song. Just don’t get the appeal.

    Black Francis – OK but I didn’t like it as much as I loved the Dr Hook version.

    My guesses:

    Absolutely no idea
    Does Chinny post here? No? D/D then.
    Tinny (again)

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  11. Wasn’t particularly struck by anything this week, but I do enjoy the guessing game……………

    1) First double bluff ? Welsh group + song about cats ! aba.
    2) Early Northern punk ? pairubu.
    3) Deep voice with a female backing. Hmmmm. barbryn.
    4) Deathraaaaaaaay. DsD.
    5) Noise !!!!!!!!!!!!! Could be either SR or Beth.
    6) Finally, got to go with the flow…………….Tin.

  12. Oh goodie, I do like a guessing game, even though I’m rubbish at it. Interesting to see what people think I might have nominated!

    1) surely Kalyr introduced this band to whoever suggested it, I think I’m going to suggest Zalamanda or Carole as I’m not sure Kalyr submits earworms. I quite like it.

    2) Cabaret Voltaire I like more, I think I’m going to go against the field and nominate saneshane, don’t know why

    3) Oh, I quite love this, it’s the gravelly voice in comparison with a pretty female vocal, tried and tested, I’m going with amylee. If the Tuesday game has taught me anything, it’s that all of us like a wide variety of stuff.

    4) It’s catchy, like a cold. Indie so I’m saying spottedrichard

    5)Acid Witch is a hoot, I’m gonna say Panthesan.

    6) Um, okay, I’m going to say TFD, I don’t know the original, but one of my schoolfriend’s parents used to party with Dr Hook, so they must be okay.

  13. Panic Room: goes on slightly too long, but very catchy, good cat noises and anyway I’m a sucker for anything to do with cats. Will definitely play this again. Kalyr is surely too obvious, and I can’t imagine he’d write that sort of description; Carole is mainly a dog person, I believe. I’m going to guess Beth as well, though I know she doesn’t have any cats…

    Cabaret Voltaire: I love this sort of doomy, synth-heavy eighties stuff, and I can see exactly why Japanther thinks it’s me, but I’ve never actually heard this before. Feels a bit too old and a bit too doomy for Bish, so I’d have to go with Severin as well.

    Lee Hazlewood: you what? I rather like a bit of chanson now and again, but this is a bit bland for me. Hazlewood’s mutterings add something, but it would make more sense if he did it all the way through the song rather than wandering off for a coffee half-way through. Pairubu?

    Deathray Davies: reminds me of lots of other indie bands without taking on much of an identity of its own. Not my thing, I’m afraid. No idea.

    Acid Witch: what is he gargling? Rather fun in small doses. Surely can’t be anyone but Japanther.

    Black Francis: not as much of a travesty as I’d feared, but it’s all a little bit pointless, the harmonies aren’t as good as the original, and they missed out the “Hey, I know how: ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!” bit. Tinny?

  14. it’s all a little bit pointless…. Tinny?

    Oh don’t sit on the fence Aba, tell us what you really think of my musical taste!

    btw, I happily admit to being introduced to Panic Room by Kalyr. I even bought a couple albums. It’s not my earworm, though.

  15. Panic Room: wow, that made me jump! Now, is it someone who likes cats and pretends s/he doesn’t? Or…well, CaroleBristol likes dogs, so I’ll guess it’s hers.

    Cabaret Voltaire: bit synthy for me, but I can see how it makes an earworm. Zalamanda.

    Lee Hazlewood: odd is the word! So it must be bishbosh, because he likes odd stuff. And he’s bluffing, of course.

    The Deathray Davies: I really have no idea. So I’ll agree with ‘Panther – SpottedRichard herself!

    Acid Witch: Now then – I know chinhealer doesn’t come on here much but…no, I think it’s someone pretending to be him. DarceysDad perhaps.

    Black Francis: hey, the word ‘mawkish’ appears twice in the descriptions – is this a clue? Anyway, I know this one, because I happen to know severin has this album so I think it’s him.

  16. Bit late, haven’t read any other comments yet, but this is my tuppence worth:

    Panic Room
    Well, it would be too obviousy Kalyr, and he doesn’t often do earworms anyhow.
    It’s an odd one. I like it, but it is odd. It starts off like a novelty record, and never quite shakes that – if you have cat noises and sing “miaow”, you’ve got to face up to the suggestion of novelty – but it’s alo good nice guitar work, lovely vocals, and… is that a bit of an 80s soft rock vibe?

    Caberet Votaire
    Most obviously Bethnoir with that gloomy electrogoth sentiment, but, again, I think not. It might even be too relentlessly negative; I’m pretty sure that Beth has a distinct romantic streak .
    So, I find myself liking the relentless dark disco New Orderiness of this, while disliking the lyrics.

    Lee Hazlewood
    I have no idea whose this might be, and as I like it the least, I’m not going to start guessing, either.
    Despite starting off like “House of the Rising Sun”, this doesn’t do an awful lot for me. It’s not that it’s in foreign (I like the singing); it’s more that I find the talky bit annoying. And there’s a lot of talky bit.

    The Deathray Davies
    Ooh, I think that this might be Blimpy’s. Maybe.
    Love the concept; not sure I would have listened properly had it not been flagged. Kind of generically nice indie, which might be damning wth faint praise, but I do like this sort of thing. Nice guitars.

    Acid Witch
    I think that this is RTJ’s pick.
    I quite like it, but I wouldn’t seek it out. I suspect that I’d find an album’s worth of this sort of thing a bit much, but it is good to hear a gravelly shouty turned-up-to-11-with guitars-on-overdrive number now and then.

    Black Francis and Joe Santiago
    I think this might be DsD’s pick.
    And it’s my favourite this week. Everso slightly remiscent of Nickelback’s Rockstar, but so much better. It’s sweet – he wants to get copies of the mooted issue of the magazine for his mother. Or was that his brother?

  17. It’s late enough here and i won’t be around tomorrow during the day so i’ll out myself first here. Panther was correct of course, he was too obvious a call, the Acid Witch was mine. (really surprised that Zala was the only other one who guessed it was me. Thought it was so obviously mine).

    Gotta get SpottedRich off the hook here too for the Death Metal Warning – that was actually me who wrote it into my blurb as a joke. Our host, and me also, were gratified that folks had a beef with putting a warning on it. SpottedRich thinks RR’rrs are wonderful, and i do too. I think our Earhost is too, thanks all and SR!

  18. Okay, since it’s past 8 am: I am so much the cat lover, with a youthful background in a bit of prog and so susceptible to Kalyr’s prosyletising, that I’m faintly amazed only bluepeter picked me for Panic Room. The Welsh connection hadn’t occurred to me.

  19. A secret Pixies fan writes: Cover Of The Rolling Stone is mine, and to its detractors I’d like to say

    a) I didn’t say Dr Hook were mawkish – I said their version of the song was. I used not to like them but now I do, having very much enjoyed Dennis Locorriere’s set at Cropredy.

    b) If you like the Dr Hook version so much, how come you didn’t dond it when I recommended it for RRSA Advertising?

    bethnoir guessed me, hooray!

    • Dunno if Dr. Hook was as ubiquitious in the UK as they were here – you couldn’t get away from them when i was a kid. What might have been mildly charming novelty songs in small doses had me running for the hammer whenever they showed up on the radio, which was all too frequently. I do think that they did finally make the cover of Rolling Stones though.

    • Gah, I was convinced it was tinny on the basis that I have it in my head that he once posted a version of “The Ballad of Lucy Jordan” from that tribute album on the ‘Spill.

  20. Morning all! Only 4:30 am here & just sitting down to my coffee. But I’m awake enough to reveal I’m the nominator of The Deathray Davies. Nary a venture in my direction eh? Very short lived & possibly only 4 songs to their credit. Loved SR’s Addams Family organ call.

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