Supersystem – Miracle
Boo Radleys – Lazarus [Saint Etienne Rmx]
Can – Yoo Doo Right [Jam & Spoon Rmx]
Psychic TV – White Nights
Thee More Shallows – I Can’t Get Next To You

Killing Joke – The Death & Resurrection Show
Pixies – Levitate Me
Pedro The Lion – Rapture
Soledad Brothers – Miracle Birth

Little Axe – Walk On Water
Maher Shalal Hash Baz – What’s Your Business Here Elijah?
Jim White – If Jesus Drove A Motor Home
Stranglers – Second Coming
Broken Family Band – Walking Back to Jesus, Pt. 2
Mountain Goats – Quito

19 thoughts on “Amazing

  1. Ha Ha ! Mega donds for Jesus’ face in a kit kat. Did your teeth do that? 🙂

    Donds are:

    Yoo Do Right (Jam and Spoon Remix) – Can
    If Jesus Drove A Motorhome – Jim White

    And holy shit, it’s a miracle!
    Quito – Mountain Goats


    • Shoey’s going for a third A-listing for Quito, I think. He’s looking for a miracle. I really liked Pedro the Lion, TMS, Supersystem and Little Axe. Pixies for the A-list. bhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyy767u. That last coment was brought to you by Fuelette, who’s attending the Jim Kerr school of lyric writing.

      • We will see if the mystery guru who has namechecked the Smiths & Diana Ross will go for it.

        David Bazan is promising to play some old Pedro stuff on his tour – should be fun.

        & fflyrhfhilhiklklkjrb to you, Fuelette.

      • Ah the Diana ross is no song but a reference to her lack of football skills. I think the reference is The Smiths and football. I understand the reason for anonymity but it’s backfired horribly. Still think it’s Llamalpaca as I’m sure he wouldn’t miss the opportunity to nom some some Rush, They even have a song called Sweet Miracle. He actually didn’t nom a single song.

        Fuelette would reply but she’s sleeping and dreaming.

    • Think I managed to get them to play that at the last Orlando gig by yelling at the appropriate places – or maybe they were going to play it all along.

    • Pedro the Lion, Soledad Brothers, Little Axe, and Maher Shalal Hash Baz were all gorgeous. Still find it hard to believe no Stones on your iPod.

      Broken Family band was lovely. You and Shane win, The Goats was just gorgeous.


      • Glad you enjoyed it.

        As for no Stones, I really need to fix that – it’s just snobbery really. Have my tunes organized by year from ’76 (my year zero). & one playlist each for 50’s, 60’s & rest of 70’s. I’m slowly addng more to these as ideas come up on RR & elsewhere. There really should be some Stones in there. No B#atl@s though.

        Perhaps a Stones ‘Spill over would help?

      • Well, i’d of course obviously be delighted if there was any sort of interest. Fintan, Pairubu, and Tfd can probably help out with the early years which don’t end up on my rotation as often as they should. Beth, Fuel, and Panth could be with me on the prime years, I could handle some of the downslide years, and the last decade or 2 are essentially a blank for me.

      • Hi RTJ, I’d be interested. I’ve actually listened to all the Stones studio albums but not the live sets – Dirty Work is probably in the top ten of my worst ever buys and I never purchased Stones product again. However, the library has the later albums in every format and edition, well almost. Sometimes I imagine the Stones albums if they had combined albums (GHS and IORnR would make a great single album), or had better lyrics.

        I’ve also imagined rearranging and remixing the album with songs from their sessions. For instance, I always wanted to rearrange Emotional Rescue so that it runs Dance Pt 1 and 2 together followed by Emotional Rescue and Everything Turns to Gold. Then I imagined Summer Romance as an instrumental except for Jagger shouting “It’s over!” next up would’ve been Where the Boys Go with Jagger singing only those words and the girls joining in with their line at the end. Then I’d have Down in the Hole followed by the two ballads to close side two.

        Of course the expanded version of Some Girls means that there is now a case for an Emotional Rescue double LP of about 16 songs and 15 mins per side, yet the original LP as released has only 5 songs I want to listen to.

        BTW. When I was 15 we had a class where we had to give a speech. I chose to do mine on the Stones 1968 to 1972. I got an A, I couldn’t fail with such rich material.

        Anyway, I could add something about the last three decades if you ever want to do a complete retrospective. Shouldn’t be hard to write five paragraphs plus a sweary sentence for Dirty Work that says “Do not touch”.

      • Awesome Fuel – maybe you should do the honors! I did a post here awhile ago on the Some Girls re-release, that was a very good bunch of tunes they left off the first time! Much better to me than the ones on the Exile re-release, made me think they basically got the right tunes on there the first time.

        I think the last album i had was Emotional Rescue (or Tattoo You – can’t remember which was first) – honestly don’t remember many songs from either of them!

        I can’t remember the rules for Spillover posts – i have never done one. Gotta fly off to work for the day now – will get back later –

    • ‘Spill over is pretty simple. All it needs is a post asking everyone to pick their fave Stones tune (with reasons a la RR). From these suggestions the author picks the tunes that would comprise the ultimate compilation album.

      • Wow Shoey, you’re up early too. I was supposed to be at work at 6am today, but as the storm knocked out the power, got pushed back to 7. These hours are fucked up for me, i’m used to working nights. Spotted Rich will be glad to know i slept from 12 am until around 4 pm yesterday, it finally caught up to me.

      • Just finished work (when I posted) – unloading trucks & loading shelves overnight. Pay sucks, but the bennies are ok (including 15% off groceries). Also almost back to my 20’s weight – 25lbs lighter so far & shrinking.

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