Some Random Texas Blues

Never been to Texas. Dead honestly, i could probably die happy without ever going there. Nothing against it, i just don’t get on with hot weather and flat landscapes. But they sure can do some blues. Must be something in the water.

Stumbled on the Janis Joplin track on the tube of you. No idea where this version is from. But she sure doesn’t like her hometown (Port Arthur). There’s a version of Ego Rock on the In Concert Album, this one isn’t it. There’s a bootleg out with Johnny Winter (Beaumont) on guitar from a concert in Boston, this isn’t it. There’s another version with Johnny Winter on a compiliation called Blow All My Blues Away. This might be it. Johnny also joined her onstage at a concert at MSG a week after the Boston concert. Maybe this is it, and maybe the one on that compiliation album. That’s all the info i can find. But anyhoo, the tune is awesome.

I’ve probably posted the Winter bros doing Tobacco Road too many times on the mothership already, so here’s a different tune –

Another pair of Texan brothers (Dallas) –
(WARNING – Axe Wank!)

More Stevie Ray – who is generally more my preferred style of blues than his brother.

I do love the T- birds though, and Jimmie is a fantastic guitarist. –

Have to say that i never was a big ZZ Top fan (Houston). No arguing with this one though –

No doubt Spotted Rich knows a whole lot more than i do!

18 thoughts on “Some Random Texas Blues

  1. Great choices there, Amylee. The blues seems to have bypassed San Antonio. T Bone Walker is from up near Texarkana near the Louisiana border. His shuffle seems to have that perfect Texas Blues sound (at least to my uneducated ears).


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