West Country Social Update

A couple of minor points in preparation for Saturday’s West Country extravaganza… The scheduled closure of the A371 has been postponed until January, so getting here (whether by road from Bristol or by train) will be a bit easier. The chosen theme for CD compilations is “Once Upon A Time”. Because of technical issues of various kinds, at least a couple of people (DarceysDad and me) are unlikely to be able to produce actual cds, so it would be good if everyone could bring along a memory stick instead to download playlists. I think that’s everything; get in touch (email, or comments here) if I’ve forgotten anything important. Full report and pictures will appear here in due course.

10 thoughts on “West Country Social Update

    • Once upon a time* an ‘extra van in Gaza’ would have carried agricultural products such as strawberries, citrus, dates, olives, flowers, and vegetables – now it’s a variation of fireworks.

      …. a social on the other hand is anywhere unkempt RRers hang out – hoping DsD can help with the finer pleasantries of collective chat. Fireworks only appear after the third pint of home brew.

      (* social CD advert.)

  1. I’ve DBed my CD because we (wife Sue and I) are travelling tomorrow so I can’t do it then.

    Unable to think of a lot of songs about jousting and the rack, I decided to interpret the topic as someone who sounds ethereal. Thus, hope you will enjoy a CD of cover songs by Marissa Nadler.

  2. Not only is my computer incapable of burning discs, I can’t find any of my memory sticks either. I suppose I have the advantage of being the host and so able to copy things directly onto the computer…

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