Some Product

Psychedelic Furs – Soap Commercial
Todd Snider – New York Banker
Patrick Watson – Traveling Salesman
Peter Broderick – It Starts Hear
Mountain Goats – Wizard Buys A Hat
David Bazan – Selling Advertising
Pete Green – I Haven’t Got a Myspace Because Myspace Fucking Sucks
JD Meatyard – MySpace Star

Fall – Blindness
Andy Fairley – Ghost
Mark Stewart – Dream Kitchen
Keith LeBlanc – Freak Dub
Jah Wobble’s Invaders Of The Heart – Everyman’s An Island

9 thoughts on “Some Product

  1. It’s always good to go for a commercial playlist… hee hee.

    Andy Fairley making a lot of sense in a whole stream of sense making tracks – very entertaining .. thanks shoey.

    • Cheers Shane. Been a slow gherkin & not got to yours yet, yet again. Built To Spill tonight – hope remembering to record the tennis will save me from matricide.

      • no worries – there’s a marketing ploy missing there – if only they could tartan up the tennis racket head it’s be a best seller (and it’d leave an interesting pattern when the recording fails and you get hit around the head with it)

        enjoy built to spill.

      • Now not sure “matricide” is right. Isn’t that kill your Mother? She may kill the Mother…. who went out & messed up the recording. Oh well, better to ask forgiveness than permission – please havw that carved/painted on my headstone, if you don’t hear from me again.

  2. Jah Wobble and the Psychedelic Furs for the A-list. See how I didn’t list the Furs last week, so that they’d be eligible for this week. Forward planning, eh!

  3. 773Karl,Thanks so much for the quick reply, it was helpful! I told myelsf if I can wait til payday Friday, I’ll get the Timeline (I’ve been tempted to buy impulsively for fear of it going out of stock soon!) anyway, I just thought of another question or two that I still had even after reading through all these posts & youtube comments, so if you don’t mind me asking..How do you assign what parameters the expression pedal controls when using the Midi Mate with the Timeline? I’m needing to buy an exp pedal too and wanted to use one of the EB vp jr’s, but I can’t figure out which one is for volume and which is for expression use (active vs passive mess, sorry that could be an entirely separate thread :/ ). The next question I had is, do the tubes need to warm up at all like in my tube amp before the pedal starts sounding as good as its full potential? I’ve been wondering that. And the last question (I promise) is about recording I saw that you’re using the Fostex MR-8 to record and playback the pads if I’m understanding one of your videos correctly, you have guitar >volume pedal >fostex >amp? I’m sorry, I’m just confused on how your recording and playback setup is workin right now I’m using the RC-20XL for that, but I really am noticing the buffer :/ and I don’t do a lot of live recording and playback, mainly just recording ideas I come up with and then use them as pads for stuff I play over, so I’m wanting to investigate alternate setups like the one you’ve got going (if I can only wrap my brain around it).Someone should be paying you to do this, you’re a lifesaver man. Damage Control owes you money, and about 3000 gearheads, worship leaders, and tone freaks all owe you too! Thanks a bizillion.3a

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