Earworms 3 September 2012

1: Krista Detor – Abigayle’s Song ~ Zalamanda

Poor old Abigayle. People tell her things. Things in confidence. Things she doesn’t want to know (anymore). This country-tinged song is a lovely slice of life in small town America, cut at an unusual angle.

2: Show Of Hands – Cars ~ Treefrogdemon

I first saw SoH at a festival, and introducing this song Steve Knightley asked us to put up our hands if we’d walked there. Which was a bit unfair, I thought. It’s a festival dammit! That was a long time ago, but the message is still relevant – more so. It’s Ralph McTell playing the harmonica on this by the way.

3: Neil Halstead – Two Stones In My Pocket – Fintan

All I want to say about this is it’s simply lovely and like any good Earworm it sometimes haunts my dreams.

4: Wait. Think. Fast – Trouble ~ SpottedRichard

If it’s a cover, I can’t match it up with the original. If it’s an original, then it’s most definitely an earworm. Can anyone help me out?

5: Bob Dylan – When The Deal Goes Down ~ Severin

It’s his “My Way” isn’t it? A tune borrowed from Bing Crosby, a lyric that veers wildly between the trite and the sublime, a cracked voice that has seen better days but still carries more emotion than many a diva, a sense of utter conviction. Why would you listen to anything else? Now I just need seven other songs, a book and a luxury……..

6: Embrace – The Good Will Out (Live) ~ DarceysDad

Forget the fact they were the uncoolest band in the world. Just let yourself relax into the singalong vibe of this everything-but-the-kitchen-sink live version, and go with the flow. Works for me!

A big Thank You to everyone who contributed worms to this playlist or has sent them in to the wormbank. Please send your juiciest worms plus a line or two per song on how you got hooked to either earworm@tincanland.com or a wormhole near you. Thank you.

74 thoughts on “Earworms 3 September 2012

  1. Krista Detor: Lovely voice, although it seems a little high in the mix. (I’ve been obsessed with this sin since hearing barbryn’s Frida Hyvonen track last week, which I thought guilty of the same.) Maybe I’m sitting too close to the laptop. I like the world-weary tone. We all feel like that sometimes, don’t we? Although I probably enjoy a bit of a gossip more than Abigayle does.

    Show of Hands: Can’t argue with the sentiment, but the music doesn’t do much for me, I’m afraid. Bit too chugga-chugga.

    Neil Halstead: Lovely gentle sound. I like what he’s done to his vocal. At least I presume there’s some sort of ‘effect’ going on there.

    Wait. Think. Fast: Not a song I know. The only song I can think of called “Trouble” is the Shampoo one. And it’s certainly not that. Yeah, I like this. Can’t think of anything clever to say about it, but I like it.

    His Bobness: Sounds like an album closer. Dunno if it is. Nice enough. Other than the vocal, doesn’t strike me as terribly distinctive. Maybe you have to have lived with Dylan (not literally in the same house, you understand) over the decades to appreciate where he’s come to with this song.

    Embrace: People were always rather snide about Danny McNamara’s ability to hold a tune, weren’t they? He sounds more or less OK to me on this recording. I imagine this is properly rousing in a stadium context. Sat at my kitchen table tapping into a laptop keyboard, I’m finding it a bit plodding. Ooh, some “la-la-las”. That’s more like it.

  2. Nice set again, SR.
    Krista Detor – Lovely voice. Very nice.
    Show Of Hands – Yes, chaps, but how do you get your equipment to gigs? Still, you can’t beat 12 bar songs.
    Neil Halsted – Very nice indeed. Liked this a lot.
    Wait. Think. Fast. Sounds pretty good to me. (The only song called “Trouble” that I know was by Elvis in “King Creole”)
    Bob Dylan. – I have this album and he did a lot of tune ;borrowing’ In fact “Modern Times” is one of the few albums I’ve bought in recent years. Slight irony in a way as I’m writing this on Sept 3, which is the date that Bob’s muse, Woody, slipped away. Been a Dylan fan since 63 when I bought his first album.
    Embrace. Yeah. What’s wrong with it? Nothing!

  3. Really liked Krista Detor – seemed like the sort of song Suzanne Vega would write, and a fine voice. Would like to hear more.

    I do like Show of Hands but found this one a bit – ironically – pedestrian. The power of Steve Knightly’s voice doesn’t really come through here.

    Neil Halstead – yes. Excellent, if reminiscent of Blues Run The Game.

    Wait. Think. Fast. – don’t know it/them, but liked.

    Dylan – there are 3 or 4 song I prefer off Modern Times, but yeah, love this.

    Embrace – oh, go on then. Maybe we could wheel this out at Concerts to Mark Events of National Significance, as a change from Hey Jude.

      • Carole& Richard: You’re not alone in that, and there’s me thinking it was just me. I sent in a batch when Zada was in charge and apart from one play in about 15 weeks I’m still waiting.
        And SR, this is indeed a good opportunity to talk about this.
        It doesn’t ring true to hear these constant pleas every week knowing that there’s several of yours sitting unused and seeing the playlist featuring the same cast of characters over and over and sometimes with multiple selections.. Regulars here will recognise that I used to be a contributor at least a couple of times a month usually with good responses to my choices, they were always popular; something changed, I’ve had one selection since mid May!
        And this prompted me to do a little research which any of you can check.
        if you look at the playlists for 6/11 through 7/9, and count the totals you will see that SR personally had 6 selections and Zala also had 6, plus sheddi had 3.
        That’s 5 playlists and between them they accounted for 15 out of 30 selections! That’s 50%! And that’s whilst there’s apparently several of us submitting but for whatever reason not being selected, and it goes on.
        When Tinny started this it quickly became my favorite Spill post and I mentioned this on several occasions, given the current state of affairs I’m not really planning to fill the coffers again soon since my current contributions still remain ignored.

      • GF please read all the replies on the thread and you will see that your comments are pretty much answered there. Of the three you have sent in 1 has been used, 1 is scheduled and the other remains.

    • This is a good opportunity to talk about this!

      If you only had to wait a month (or less) on average to hear your song, that would mean that there were 24 songs available to me and that doesn’t give me a huge number of playlist combinations. It also means I can’t schedule too far ahead.

      As it happens, there are quite a lot of worms in the bank at the moment. For me, this is good because it gives me more of a chance to put some good playlists together – sometimes!

      The downside of course, is that you will be waiting longer, on average, to hear your songs. If they are not on a playlist immediately this does not mean I have a problem – it means I am trying to put them in the right playlist. (See last weeks worms as an example.)

      There are a couple of ways I can see that we can handle the need to get your earworms on the hotseat:

      a) I can add another track (or two) to a playlist when it’s warranted (e.g. it’s a short set or the song suits a particular set of worms)

      b) I can put up an ad hoc Earworms playlist once in a while

      c) You can continue to be generous in sending your worms in and hope that the wait results in more playlists that you like.

      What are everyone’s views?

      • It can be a little frustrating when you’ve sent in a really good earworm and are anxious for other people to hear it, but generally, I think the waiting time is okay. There is one I sent in, probably a year ago now, that I don’t think ever got into the list, but I think the current system works.

        Personally, I wouldn’t be willing to listen to many more than we generally have a week, work and family take up quite a lot of time!

      • Donds!
        Worms ain’t broke, IMO, so don’t try to “fix” it.
        It’s a nice Monday morning comfort treat for those of us lucky enough to be able to listen whilst working, but any more could prove to be too much.
        Let’s face it, if there are songs we desperately want others to hear ASAP, just post ’em in a thread ourselves, eh?!

      • Oops, if it was a year ago, that may well mean that I lost it somewhere down the line, Beth! Sorry about that… I assure you it won’t have been deliberate.

        I reckon the waiting just proves that earworms is in rude health – and, as DsD says, don’t need fixing.

        I can imagine that, for those less frequent contributors, it must be quite frustrating having to wait though. Of course since my stint in charge, I have bombarded wormherders with tunes, so have been rather fortunate in how frequently my choices have featured!

      • I have a confession to make *hangs head and looks at feet*. You did post the song I was thinking of on 11th July 2011, I just totally missed it. Many apologies, the system obviously works, but I need to try harder! Thanks to the people who said nice things about Mariee Sioux 🙂

      • @beth – I bought the Mariee Sioux album, and an EP she did with Bonnie Prince Billy, on the strength of that Earworm. Must look out the new one.

        @SpottedRichard – Earworms works really well as it is. I can cope with the waiting (tho’ there’s always a little pang of disappointment when my ‘worm isn’t featured) – although occasionally I find myself wanting to send something topical. Case in point – I have an end-of-summer earworm that I’d been thinking of sending, but it won’t work so well in October. Maybe I’ll get round to doing my own end of summer playlist instead.

      • @barbryn- I’ve just been listening to the new album on Spotify, I love her song titles, White Fanged Foreverness is my current favourite, but I prefer the first album for the use of indigenous Mexican instruments, I think.
        @DSD- I have now listened to some Marissa Nadler, yes they are similar (in response to your comment over a year ago!)

      • Beth and I were discussing me sending out a notification on Sundays or Mondays might be better to wormers that their songs were up so they don’t miss them.

        I agree about the topicality thing. It’s difficult to keep earworms topical. I’ll try harder on that.

      • I’ve been thinking about this a bit more. There’s a d).
        I do bulk up the lists with my own tunes – not because I want to shove in my own stuff – if I wanted to do that I’d make my own playlists. It’s because I can’t find a song that fits. That’s my lack of skill, I suppose. Is that really what the problem is? Too many SR songs on the playlists? Do I need to up my game here?

      • I have to say that i don’t really mind the wait, as i’d rather hear a well constructed and thought out playlist than one of my tunes put in just because it’s been hanging around for awhile and then have it stick out like a sore thumb!

      • I agree with Amy. There are more important things to worry about than when your tune gets listed as a worm-cast!

      • I agree with amy and Mitch. It’s just not an issue for me. After all, I don’t need to hear my own worms on here – I can hear ’em any thime!

  4. I listened to these whilst ironing shirts for the working week ahead. I liked them all, and have to agree with Severin about the Bob Dylan. I need to listen to it again to get the words.

    Two hardest things currently on RR seem to be waiting for Adam to get back to you if you’re a prospective guru; and waiting for your Earworm’s turn. Somebody once said, the waiting is the hardest part, now who was it…?? 😉

    Need to do the washing up, play back garden cricket and make strawberry ice cream before children’s bedtime. Lucky to have such a busy time of it, but would’ve liked to comment more. Thanks everyone for this playlist.

  5. I’m not really a fan of this week’s worms, I’m afraid. I thought I liked Show of Hands, but I didn’t enjoy that song, Bob Dylan was rather lovely, but apart from him, not quite to my taste, always interesting to hear what other people are enjoying though.

  6. Krista Detor: Oh yes, definitely lovely, and MOST definitely world-weary (always a DsD draw, that). Never heard of her before, but me likee.

    Show of Hands: Was enjoying it to start with, but it kinda faded into the background as I concentrated on typing my comment above aboutKD.

    Neil Halstead: I don’t know the name, but I swear I know the voice. A little research later will no doubt fix that. Very nice, if a little twee for my current mood.

    Wait. Think. Fast: Add to the list of annoying band names, for a start! Continuing the mood nicely, this is more up my alley. A healthy dollop of Americana, topped with a creamy female vocal, and spiced with just a touch of Calexico. Very good indeed.

    Bob Dylan: Now funnily enough, I disagree with bish over this – I think this is the acceptable face of accessible Bob. Fits here like a glove. When I say I don’t dislike it, believe me that’s very high praise for BD from me!

    Embrace: Mine, obv. Love it to death, also obv! And not so obv[iously], I also love barbryn‘s idea/comment. Cheers, Barney. 😉

  7. A very kind, hopeful set full of the little sentiments make us civilized I’d say. Liked every one of ’em (even mine) but the stand out was Krista Detor. New to me, she’s got a wonderful voice & delivery. Can’t wait to play it for Mrs. Fintan. She’s well known for having a kind ear resulting in her carrying knowledge she could do without. Terrific song.

  8. 1) Krista Detor – I do like this. Lovely tune and voice. World weary? Yup. Suzanne Vega? Yup. A good one.

    2) Show of Hands – “Sooner or later, you’re gonna listen to Ralph Nader”. I think you have to be in the right sort of mood to really enjoy this track. Fortunately I am. Doesn’t leap out at you but doesn’t need to. Lopes along at its own pace.

    3) Neil Halstead – It’s low key week. Strangely comforting sort of track. Should be listened to with a duvet wrapped around you. Nice.

    4) Wait. Think. Fast – Another good one. More ominous than the others. Sounds faintly familiar but i can’t think why.

    5) Dylan – It’s only been a month but I’d forgotten I sent this. Still stand by the blurb though. It’s not as angry as Masters of War or as clever and concise as Simple Twist of Fate but it’s my favourite Dylan song (along with one or two others). Comes up on the iPod and breaks me up every time.

    6) Embrace – Were they uncool? I wouldn’t know. Oh well I’d like them for that alone. Actually liked this a lot whatever their degree of coolness. Great song to end with. Run credits.

    Nice set – suited my mood perfectly.

  9. Not really grabbed by the worms this week (oo err missus, etc). But I do very much like the Neil Halstead, I like his voice and delivery. And Wait. Think. Fast would be my second choice.

    Glad you have lots of worms, SR, it lets me off the hook (gets coat)

    • Actually, I DO have quite a lot of worms Ali, but I think I may have shot myself in the foot, Ali. Tin, bish and Zala keep me well supplied with worms and these are the bulk of them. I have a few from TFD and Mitch, and a couple from GF left, but otherwise its ones and twosies coming in. They are always welcome and appreciated, as long as you are willing to wait for them to show up.

  10. I really liked the Krista Detor. that’s in 3rd place for me. Loved the Show of Hands that’s #2. And first place is definitely the Neil Halstead, it was lovely. But on second listen, why does it keep reminding me of that Lobo song. You know the one i mean.

    Have to say that the Wait Think Fast was pleasant enough, but didn’t do much for me. Dylan, good lord. I love Dylan, but sorry, i found that one painful. Or maybe a little too country, dunno. Sorry DsD, i had never heard of Embrace, so i had no preconceived prejudice. Have to say that it was a big meh for me though.

    Thanks to all, and to SpottedRich!

  11. A bit of perspective: One of the first Earworm promises was to not discourage Spill posts. It’s for straggler songs that don’t really go anywhere else. Anything that’s topical, themed or time sensitive should be worked into a separate post. ‘Here’s a few autumn songs I’ve been listening to’, etc.

  12. This may or may not be on topic. But those of us who download on iTunes may find that we get files in a pesky m4a format that won’t work in the Spill player. I don’t know how many of those SpottedRich gets for earworms, i know i sent Zala at least one. But i did find a handy converter guide for Mac – this is the easiest method to convert that i’ve found.


  13. I quite liked the first one ( wouldn’t buy it though) but the others didn’t get past the first 10 seconds ( a good illustration as to why you don’t want me as guest guru. I’ve spent 50+ years deciding what I like and can usually tell, to my satisfaction at least, within the first few bars).

  14. Re the whole “to wait or not to wait” debate: during my time as wormherder, I treated putting the lists together as something of a ‘creative challenge’. Of course it’s a group effort – that’s what is special about earworms – but I really enjoyed listening to what came into the inbox, thinking about what would work with what, flipping the order of songs around to get the sequencing just right (to my ears), etc. It was what made doing the job really worthwhile for me. And if you want to put it in blunt, remunerative terms, I saw my ‘reward’ for performing the community service of producing an earworms post every week as being given the licence to put posts together in a way that I found aesthetically pleasing.

    I tried not to leave anyone hanging for too long before including their submissions, but some people did inevitably have to wait months rather than weeks. And because I was listening through my ears (and, to some extent, pleasing myself – in fact trying to please myself… and hoping that by extension others would be pleased), often songs from my own collection presented themselves to me as the ‘missing link’ in lists. I therefore listed probably far more of ‘my’ music than anyone else’s. Again, I think this is the prerogative of the earworms collator.

    An entirely ‘unauthored’ list (with songs put together based solely on when they land in the inbox, for example) would, in my opinion, lessen the impact of the playlists. So many weeks (last week, for instance), I think the lists as a whole end up being more than the sum of their parts – in the way that a well-sequenced album can do – and if that means having to wait a few weeks to hear my own selections, I reckon that’s a fair price to pay. (Of course I do realise this is coming from someone who hasn’t had to wait terribly long to hear tracks he has submitted – given the sheer volume of songs I have sent through since January! So you know, caveats an’ that…)

  15. Right, what did I like? Dylan was the best, because I love the album. He has found a lovely melloe groove and has lost the incandescent misogyny that is in some of his classic period songs. As for the rest, nice hgenerally, but not setting the world alight.

    So, what goes. Well, sorry DsD, but it is Embrace. Really not my cup of tea at all.

  16. Krista Detor was my choice. I can see the Suzanne Vega likeness, but it was Mary Chapin Carpenter who I was mostly reminded of. By this track, at any rate. But the song that really got me interested wasn’t terribly countrified at all – well, I didn’t think it was, anyhow. I thought there was a jazz element to The Darwin Project’s “From Miss Emma Brawley”:

    I’ve only got the first album so far (apart from The Darwin Project one, which was a collaborative affair).

    I already know and love Show of Hands. I forget exactly how I originally came across them but it had to do with their Cornish Tin Miner song “Cousin Jack”. Which is still my favourite of theirs. “Cars” is on the anthology I own, and I must confess that I tend to view it as a bit of an anomaly. Veering everso slightly towards novelty. Not that i dislike it… just that I don’t think it’s their strongest recording.

    The Neil Halstead was lovely. Having only listened once (so far), I have relatively ittle else to say.

    But Wait. Think. Fast. (what a bizarre bad name! And is it “fast” as in speedy or “fast” as in not eating?) is already my favourite of this week’s set. My only complaint is that it is too short.

    Is that really Dylan? It doesn’t quite sound like him. It sounds like… oh, I’m not sure. It’ll come to me. But it’s nice.

    I have no objections to Embrace, but I suspect that they might be outclassed a little.

    • I remember The Darwin Project from when you posted it for some topic or other. I was much smitten, but I didn’t recollect it or make the association when you sent your worm in. Which I have to say I like very much. I can see why Suzanne Vega is mentioned but there are others, Kathy Mattea, and as you say, Mary Chapin Carpenter, who might have been musical influences. Lovely song. And they actually have pics on the website you can use without infringement. How classy is that!

      Show of Hands I am not familiar with. I liked the song and the band’s sound. It’s on my list of things to check out.

      Neil Halstead. Name of a band, not a bloke called Neil, as far as I can tell. I heard a couple of other things and was very impressed with it all. Oh yeah.

      Dylan. Some of his stuff I really, really hate. Some I really, really love. Some I can take or leave. This is in my really really like category. Incidentally, I love the song that’s been streamed on The G. Wicked.

      Embrace. This was a toughie to schedule. Eight minutes long and hard to fit in with other stuff. I put it on one playlist and took it off again, remember, DsD? I had a tough time finding the right slot for it. I am still not convinced I showed it off to real advantage. It’s anthemic. Great song.

  17. I enjoy the themed / guess the theme playlists when I drop by here, and absolutely support the curator’s right to use one’s own musical knowledge and collection to help link tracks together and make the theme work. But every now and then, maybe just go crazy and have a set of tunes that people have sent in and don’t fit a theme or even work as a playlist.

    I’ve sent far too few tunes in, but when I do I’m a bit of an attention-seeker I’m afraid, so I’m always irrationally impatient to see when they pop up. I could listen to it anytime of course, but I want it to meet its friends on the playlist, or I want to have the acknowledgement, or something. It’s absolutely the curator’s decision, and I can cope with a wait – but it’s nice to know it’s not just me who has that thing.

    Thanks for the quote TFD.


  18. I’ve already scheduled the next three weeks, but after that, watch this space! I take the point about just sticking songs in a playlist randomly, DaddyPig. I’ve done that twice! Obviously they were not ragged enough 🙂

  19. @ Amy, Carole et al –
    Re Embrace being rather ‘meh’: no worries, I kinda expected that when I sent it in. Absolutely no apologies necessary in tha case.
    Sometimes, I [suspect we all] submit worms that we are desperate for people to love as much as the poster does. ‘Tis true of some of mine, but not here. I’m content to just have you know that I love it.

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