The Leaders Of The Free World

Radiohead – 2+2=5 (The Lukewarm)
Double Handsome Dragons – Ronald Ray-gun
Mark Stewart – Blood Money 2
Add N To (X) – Take Me To Your Leader (Make Me Really Happy)
Shorty – President Mash Up The Resident

Why? – These Few Presidents
Cuban Brothers – Miguel For President
Talking Heads – The Democratic Circus
Luxúria – Our Curious Leader
Todd Snider – Conservative Christian, Right-Wing Republican, Straight, White, American Males

Up, Bustle & Out – Kennedy’s Secret Tapes
Paul Oakenfold & Hunter S.Thompson – Nixon’s Spirit
Bonzo Goes To Washington – 5 Minutes [B-B-B Bombing Mix]
Steinski – It’s Up To You [Television Mix]
Wax Audio – Imagine This

11 thoughts on “The Leaders Of The Free World

    • It’s been mentioned, goneforeign. Would you care to look at the main RR blog and add a tune or two? Fuel.

      @Shoey. Beats a plenty. Oh yeah.

      • Ha! We’ll be ten a penny soon. Best to enjoy it while it’s still special.

        Hi goneforeign. Thanks for the reply. I understand what you mean about the main blog. Even on a quiet week there are still an enormous amount of posts.


  1. Thanks Shoey – I actually had time to listen today.

    Radiohead & Talking Heads can do no wrong for me (the Talking Heads track sounded a bit Roy Harper-ish in places, I thought). I really liked Double Handsome Dragons and the Cuban Brothers.

    Why? Reminded me of ‘Birdhouse in Your Soul’ by They Might be Giants – not sure why. Todd Snider was reminiscent of Dr Hook.

    Shorty – the whistling irritated me.
    Luxuria – too country, not in a good way.

    Great list, thank you.

    • Can see the TMBG comparison to Why? But can’t get from Todd to Dr Hook. As for Luxuria – that’s clearly payback for me being unkind about the bard of New Malden, but he never came up with lines like “Our curious leader has a lovely daughter. We wash ther feet & quench our thirst with the same water.”

      Cheers for listening.

  2. Fuel: I gave up on RR a couple of years ago when it became so large that I no longer wanted to spend that much time there, I did participate for a couple of years and still pop in occasionally just to see what my old mates are up to.

  3. You know, it still makes me feel violent to hear Reagan’s evil voice in those samples. Loved the Add N to (X), Why, Bonzo Goes to Washingtom, and especially the Steinsky, that was great.

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