pledge a grievance

1 Stars And Stripes… Ballboy
2 President Clavioline Seventeen Evergreen
3 Mister President Meat Beat Manifesto
4 The Unelected President Crass (with sample of E.P. Thomson)
5 If A Song Could Be President Over The Rhine
6 Tugboat Galaxie 500
7 Kansas (Flood Mix) The Wolfgang Press

1 Reaganation Bongwater
2 Joe Metro Blue Scholars
3 If Reagan Played Disco Minutemen
4 Summer of ’79 Japanther
5 I Shot the Devil Suicidal Tendencies
6 Money (feat. David Byrne, Chuck D, Ras Congo, Seu Jorge & Z-Trip) N.A.S.A.
7 Five Stop Mother Superior Rain The Flaming Lips

oh – I really wanted to stop – but I couldn’t help myself.
(especially as the last track sounds like ‘the Young Ones’ Rik fronting an anarcho crustie outfit)
1 Oh My God Michael Franti And Spearhead
2 President Kennedy Roland Alphonso
3 BAD Big Audio Dynamite
4 Mosh Eminem
5 Voices Of A Future Pok And The Spacegoats

18 thoughts on “pledge a grievance

  1. Great first set. Only ones i didn’t like much were Crass and Over the Rhine. But that Meat Beat Manifesto was the best thing i’ve ever heard. DOTW for that one.

    • Loved the Suicidal Tendencies, and the NASA was great too. Discovery for me though was the Flaming Lips. Haven’t gotten into them much to date, but that was gorgeous. Nice and Stonesy 🙂

      • the flaming lips is from a demo’s and outtakes album of stuff from 89-91 – nice and simple, they became slightly over thinking at times with recent albums.

    • Michael Franti was great. He actually seems to have a handle on the real problems here. I already knew BAD and Eminem, haven’t heard either in a long time. BAD still sounded good, Eminem not so good.


    • MBM is great, isn’t it – when I left collage we wrote and designed an ‘electronic body music’ (yep that’s the genre they called it) fanzine/magazine – we got sent shed loads of music like that – fantastic stuff (my mate had to acquire a CD player cos we didn’t own one – so we could review the albums – ace times… (except for the mental problems)
      Don’t know if it ever even got printed but we survived without jobs for a couple of years on the selling of rare CD’s to ultra fans and advertising revenue …

  2. Sorry matey, STILL haven’t gotten to this yet (nor the much missed Tune Of The Month (posiby rebranded as Tune Of The Quarter, or the listening pile – including my mates new CD). & I’m not just sulking ’cause you got in 1st with The Press & Mr Meaty Beaty. Good call on Franti & am intrigued to hear Rik Rockin’. Still at least you now have more comments than a post about Steen’s (QUITTER!) cakes.

    • no worries – had friends over – so haven’t got to yours yet.

      My mate who is now a family man and prof of English (or something) at a German university – was wearing his Crass t-shirt – he wears it to do his lectures too – they have no idea what it is.

      But he was telling me how he uses Jeff Lewis’s Bugs and Flowers and other odd tunes (I send him – he found the Crass covers album most entertaining) in his lessons – and going into strange analysis of the students reactions.
      Strangely enough Jeff was at the Art centre on Monday night so I went to see him again – good but I’ve seen him too many times – new bald look with big long wispy beard.
      But it was made fantastic by the support being Misty’s little adventure (usually ‘Misty’s big adventure’ just less band members on Monday _ well worth getting to see live if ever they get to Florida)

      Look forward to tunes of the quarter – I’ve not kept up – as I’ve been spending loads of time looking after the lads during holiday’s for the last 6 weeks –

      Steen’s FRITTER cakes – don’t sound healthy.

  3. Good call on Crass too (that should put you over the top against the cakes). I got a few more comments this week for a rushed playlist posted after yours & the popular confectionary post – but I did write most of them.

    • no worries fuel – really brilliant to have you as a guru.

      Will you do it again?

      I’m slightly put off, because I was asked to do the Mirror one (that Jon then decided he was still doing) – and was going to fight for some rewards for us creating content for the paper – As everyone knows, I really like the idea of us curating it (I’m big on Indie and fanzines and well produced blogs) – but I find the fact that we are not compensated for our time is out of order.
      They still get clicks, advertising and interest. We get told to do it their way.

      The fact that I promised to be off line for the first one, meant I couldn’t make a stand – now they will just accept we’ll do it for free – I guess.

      It could easily become a certain style of Guru again with no carrot to do it – but I also don’t want people doing it just for the carrot – if you get my drift.

      When I first had the idea – (and I know the commissioning editor was forwarded the e-mail).. I set out easy ways for it to be sponsored – without really any difficulty for the guardian. So it wasn’t as if they were losing out. Everyone won – bit with a little effort – not outlay.

      The fact that (apart from the topics being too hard for chinny – and it not keeping ‘others’ occupied enough) it’s all working really well – with real excitement mounting for results day – plus, thought provoking playlists – it should be celebrated.

      But it’s not – t.b.c in my ‘advertising’ post later in the weekend. heehee.

      ta for the listings – (better get my Jazz Butcher in before that Maki finds it before me, eh).

      • I’ll do it again as it was fun and I’ve loads more ideas for writing up playlists. However, at some point I might say my ideas are worthy of reward and I’ll become pissed off and look elsewhere.

        However, I was expecting some feedback from the Guardian and there’s been none yet. I still might ask what they thought of it. I suspect that we’ve just fallen off their radar and they’re happy to accomodate us as long as we don’t cause any trouble or break the restrictions they’ve placed on song and word limit, 12 and 600, respectively.

        Regarding compensation for time: When I offered to do it I wrote: “If the Guardian want to reward me, they can send me something from their shop.”

        That wasn’t even mentioned in the reply. I was given a time and date for starting the topic and a set a vague Wednesday deadline for the write up.

        In fact, there was minimal discussion between Adam and myself. Kept it simple but that made it seem that they were occupied with other things.

        I know what you mean about the carrot. Ah my kids are harrassing me. I’ll write a bit more later.

      • Hello again

        I’ll talk about the money time is money aspect.

        Listening to the music requires a tremendous amount of time if you’re going to do it properly. By properly I mean also being able to justify why you haven’t selected a song and have constructed the list in a certain way, and by making links between artists, genres and lyrics. (That’s a self-imposed condition, not one I’d impose on anyone else.) Hard work unless you see such things as fun. Note to RRers, if someone does a job for free don’t complain about not being listed. I’m unlikely to be nasty, but I could have been.

        And while I can say it’s a hobby, making the effort to listen to something I hate and knowing that I will be providing some ad revenue for an organisation is galling. But I had a point to prove and I wanted to see if other gurus had been so thorough. The answer is, “I doubt it”. Hence, for RR: better a committed amateur than a disinterested professional.

        Anyway, looking to the future, I think the first three have all been good articles and Beltway’s is bound to be quality, so maybe it’s worth asking the Guardian to do something for us because I’m pretty sure that the quality will drop off if we aren’t compensated in the future. What’s that phrase? “To make the poor work harder pay them less.” That’s what we’re doing now. We’re proving ourselves. Once we’ve proved ourselves and demand treatment as equals is when the problems will start.

        For me the easiest way would to this would be to do a Guardian link up with Spotify that provides a Premium service to the guru and cross promotion for the Guardian and Spotify. However, that’d become problematic when they find I or e.g. Shoey list 6 songs unavailable on Spotify.

        So, some sort of sponsorship would be nice and some sort of promotion withing the Guardian. At the moment I feel we’re heading to an even smaller ghetto.

        Must think more about this but I’ll throw these ideas out now.

      • thanks for this fuel – it’s very similar to my thinking – will get back to you later – but the sun is shinning and the kids need to be chucked in the sea.

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