A Young Person Recommends

I’m a little bored and the weather is terrible ( all sunny ! What’s that all about. I’m not going out in that !) so I thought, for a change, I’d get a young person to recommend some songs. Let’s face it, most of us on RR are getting a little long in the tooth. Youngsters are as rare as Japanese river otters.

“Where might I find one ?” I thought to myself. Then I realised that I have a daughter ( I was kind of thinking it was some kind of weird dream but apparently I am someone’s father). So I asked her.

Here’s what she came up with. This, believe it or not, is the kind of music a 16 year old might listen to. Admittedly she’s not your standard 16 year old. She takes after me in being superly fantastically intelligent ( shall I boast….yes ! I shall ! 11 A* and 2 A grade GCSE’s just received). She’s also, like me, stunningly attractive ( to bees) and has impeccable taste in music.

Here, then, are the sounds that a young person might like. The tracks are
1. Best Coast- Crazy for you. A lively pop beat number suitable for young people
2. Direct Hit !- Werewolf shame. A lively pop beat number suitable for young people.
3. Surfer Blood – Voyager Reprise. A lively pop beat number suitable for youngish people
4. We are Augustines- A new drink for an old drunk. A lively pop beat number suitable for young alcoholics.

We hope you enjoy this insight into the foul, diseased mind of the average 16 year old.

25 thoughts on “A Young Person Recommends

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  1. Too loud! Nobody can sing any more! Where’s the tune?

    Um, actually I mostly enjoyed these, although I confess I skipped Direct Hit after a while since it really didn’t fit my mood, and I didn’t want to scare my children. Will Ubuette be disappointed to know that Best Coast are already popular with the RR demographic?

    Funnily enough, we just started watching Pippi Longstocking on DVD. Some wonderful low-budget early-80s special effects in that series.

  2. Well, i loved it, of course. (was afraid for a moment that you meant really young). Have you introduced her to the Black Lips? Of course, I’m not youngish, just immature. And they went down well with my lunchtime beer (flavored drinks). When my nephew was that age, he was listening to Sabbath and Led Zep, but i have a vague recollection of hearing Blink 182 for the first time from him. There might have been some hip hop in there too.

    My how time flies. I had no interest in my niece and nephew when they were young kids, but they’re fine young people now. Nephew is in his 20’s and floating around the Mediterranean as a marine, and i get him Newcastle Brown for Xmas now. Is is obscene to think one’s nephew is a hottie? Niece and i are the only liberals in the clan, she gets red wine for Xmas. God i’m old. Holidays we all settle in to watch American teen sex comedies in jammies. Other nephew is still in pre-adolescence, he’s still boring but might get interesting soon, dunno.

    Thanks to you and to Ubette!

      • amylee, once again you’re showing your disrespect for Swedish culture :p

        It’s a picture of Pippi Longstocking (or the girl who played her in the TV series, who I’d calculate is a fair bit older than Ubuette by now) – hence my otherwise complete non sequiteur above.

        Congratulations to Ubuette on those GCSEs by the way.

      • Hey, i only saw the cartoon version of Pippi.

        I’ll have you know that i worked at the premiere Swedish restaurant in NYC and loved the food, except for maybe the reindeer which i refused to try. I even loved the herrings. And i have hots for Dolph Lundgren and Markus Schenkenberg, and i love my Swedish crime fiction. The Swedish deadpan sense of humor is second only maybe to the Germans. (yes, the Germans.)

  3. “Is is obscene to think one’s nephew is a hottie?”

    Well it’s not illegal over here. Just a tad disturbing , perhaps !

  4. My favourite songs as a kid (rather than a teenager) were ‘Shiny Happy People’, and a song by Susan Vega (I can’t remember which one anymore, but probably ‘Luka’). I used to like Iron maiden as well – my Dad always bought tapes to listen to on plane journeys. ‘Run to the Hills’ was probably the one I liked best. At 14 – it was the Manics, Public Enemy, Nirvana, and Black Grape.

    Still like all of that stuff – even the Maiden.

  5. Congrats to Ubuette on her exam results! Far too late in the eve for me to start in on another playlist but hope to get to this tomorrow. Or the day after…

  6. Sixteen for me was Elvis Costello, Ian Dury and all that. I haven’t plucked up the courage to listen to these (not very topical I know), but just wanted to say congratulations on those GCSEs !

  7. As I loved Best Coast’s first album, I’m now feeling disturbed that my musical taste has anything at all in common with that of a sixteen-year-old girl, however sophisticated and intelligent.

    • I share your pain. I quite like the Vaccines, Ubuette pretends to hate them but takes great glee in telling anyone of her age that professes to like the band that they share the tastes of a fat, bald 50+ twerp.

  8. I think me and Ubette are on the same wavelength here – knew 2 of these already and liked them all – great stuff.

    Those are some pretty outstanding exam results too – she’ll go far………… with great music taste like this!

  9. We Are Augustines’ Rise Ye Sunken Ships is one of the best albums of the year.

    (Although that depends where you live. It was released last year in some countries. And a couple of the songs were released in 2010. It’s the longest release cycle for an album in, like, forever. Since 2009, anyway)

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