Earworms 27 August 2012

1: Baby Dodds Trio – My Indian Red ~ AlBahooky

First heard this on the series 1 final episode of ‘Treme’, this tune celebrates the Indian ‘tribes’ of New Orleans of which I knew nothing about and now know a little bit more. After seeing it in this scene and this later visual which helped explain to me what a flag boy and a spy boy were. Recorded in the mid ’40’s, it has an infectious exuberance that you can’t ignore –

Here comes the big chief, the big chief …

2: The Ethiopians – Hong Kong Flu ~ Severin

Proof that health scares are nothing new. It’s terrible and dreadful – sniffle, cough. Excellent early Lee Perry production. It’s a killer.

3: Steve Riley And The Mamou Playboys ~ Traveler Playboys Special ~ Tincanman

There’s a very absolute precision to the timing of who comes in when and what notes they play in Riley’s band. The drums and bass know their place here (i.e don’t interfere). There’s some friction with the guitar player’s role but he does get his chances, and to be allowed to support that fiddle-accordian dialogue, STFU.

4: Larry Williams – Hocus Pocus ~ RockingMitch

Larry was dubbed “The Bad Boy of Rock ‘n’ Roll”. Originally taken on by Art Rupe’s Specialty label to replace Little Richard who had “turned to God”, he was dropped by the label for getting a drugs bust. He received 4 gold discs, but reckoned he made more money from his other business, running prostitutes in LA. He wound up dead, officially a suicide, but many believe otherwise.

5: Rudy Vallee – The Latin Quarter ~ Pairubu

A song I first encountered in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. I long assumed it was a spoof made especially for Bugs ! It wasn’t. Here it is in all it’s glory. It first appeared in the film “Gold Diggers in Paris” ( unsurprisingly, perhaps). It’s been stuck in my brain for years.

6: Tananas – Unamanucua 2 ~ bluepeter

Taken from the 1996 album Unamunacua, (it means ‘To cry when you’re dreaming’), this is free flowing South African jazz at it’s best. Sometimes it seems without form and almost lost, but that bass line just keeps on going. Like ‘Take 5’ on acid.

A big Thank You to everyone who contributed worms to this playlist or has sent them in to the wormbank. Please send your juiciest worms plus a line or two per song on how you got hooked to either earworm@tincanland.com or a wormhole near you. Thank you.

22 thoughts on “Earworms 27 August 2012

  1. Sensitively compiled list, as usual, SpottedRichard. 🙂

    The first track is really cheery, I like it and can see its earworm potential. Always like to hear the Ethiopians.
    Now I like a bit of fiddle and accordian, there was a hint of country with the guitar which put me off, but that aside, a joyful noise. Hadn’t heard of them before, good to know them.

    Larry Williams not for me, but he has a distinctive vocal style.

    Rudy Vallée was fun. I bought a double CD of French Cafe Classics , mainly to hear more songs by Charles Trenet and they really are all like that (except in french)! I like them.

    The last one was quite nice, but I didn’t take to the saxophone style. A happy selection though.

  2. Another good list. (You’re getting good at this, SR 🙂 )
    Baby Dodds Trio. Great fun. Good starter.
    Ethiopians – Not heard this one for a while. I like all the stuff of theirs that I’ve heard.
    Steve Riley – Nothing wrong with a bit of cajun/zydeco.
    Rudy Vallee – One of my Mum’s favourite singers. There was a time when cartoons used available tracks to add to the storyline. I recall Louis Jordan being played over a “Tom & Jerry” classic.
    Tananas – Very pleasant sound – good one to finish on.
    Nice – ta!

  3. That’s an odd photo, looks like an unintentional double exposure, if anyone’s interested it’s King Oliver’s Creole Jazzband and that’s Baby Dodds on drums, his brother Johnny is on clarinet. KO is at the back on cornet and the ghost on the left is Honore Dutrey on trombone, Lil Hardin’s on Piano and that’s Louis in front.
    Indian Red, it fits the N.O. Treme theme but it’s not my favorite jazz of that era, Hong Kong however does do it.
    Lee Perry, though insane always put a personal stamp on everything he did, my choice for this week.
    Playboys, still in Louisiana, a nice tight piece, loved the accordion/fiddle/ gtr. interaction plus the way the accordion drives it.
    Hocus; Not a huge fan of this sound or style.
    Latin: Not a huge fan of this one either.
    Tananas: When they finally get going they sound good but that fuzzy bass sometimes interferes, but overall a winner.

    A note for the ladies who queried that flowering bush in my photos, it’s identified and it’s all revealed in the comments.

  4. Thanks everyone for these, just went nicely with the washing up this evening. Tananas edged it for me in the mood I was in, but another day it might’ve been Larry Williams,

    I hope the return to Monday deadline on RR suits Earworms, we’ll see…

  5. I usually read the blurbs first and listen to each song individually, but as i’m really busy i just set the whole list on play without reading anything. It was very well put together!

    It took awhile for the Baby Dodds Trio to grow on me, but it did by the end of the song. I loved the Ethiopians, probably joint pick of the week with Steve Riley, which i loved as well.

    Larrry Williams was kind of meh to me, and without reading the blurb first, i thought Rudy Vallee was way too Looney Tunes for me. And so it was.

    Tatanas was nice and listenable, i might have liked it just that much better if i wasn’t trying to work at the same time. Coding and jazz are a bad combo.

    Thanks to all and to SpottedRich!

  6. Excellent list this week, SR, really well put together. It helps that I liked everything –

    Baby Dodds Trio – all new to me, interesting background, great sound

    The Ethiopians – very listenable

    Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys – Zydeco / Cajun / whatever, what’s not to like?

    Larry Williams – Great energy, good one to dance to

    Rudy Vallee – possibly my least favourite but still very good, singing detective era

    Tananas – loved this too, possibly my favourite and what a great word “Unamunacua” – I never knew there was a word for crying while dreaming, it’s reassuring to know other people do it too

    Thank you everyone

  7. I don’t think My Indian Red ‘celebrates’ the Indian tribes of New Orleans. “We like being called Indian braves” is sarcastic. (btw, people think of Indians as a western thing because of all the movies. There were interesting, cultured tribes across the south.)

    If I had to listen to a track over and over and over again (which I have he he) it would the Ethiopians slightly edging Tananas

    Vallee and Williams were too lightweight/novelty for my tastes.

    Nice mix SR

  8. Enjoyed them all.
    Least fave was the Tananas , a bit to “jazzy” for me but still quite a good background noise.
    Loved Larry Williams and The Ethiopians.

  9. Baby Dodds Trio: Not fair to judge it on the irritating background hiss on the recording, is it? Other than that, I quite like it. Not something I would choose to listen to, but enjoyably jaunty. Jaunty is a good word.

    The Ethiopians: Ooh there’s a hiss on this one too. Maybe it’s my machine. Yeah, this is fun too. And goes a few places musically that I didn’t quite expect, which is rather thrilling. Really like this.

    Steve Riley: Ah, a clean production sound! Wot no singing?! You expect me to listen to just instruments?! Tsk. Yeah, lovely. Another jaunty one. And I am really enjoying the precision and clarity.

    Larry Williams: Wow, this is kinda thrilling. Love the nonsense words/noises – complete gibberish but completely clear what he is expressing.

    Rudy Vallee: Very witty. If this had been a ‘blind’ round, I would have had this down as a Pairubu choice. I mean that as a compliment – obviously!

    Tananas: Less easy to ‘follow’ than the others (dunno if that’s because it’s less of a genre piece or because it’s from a genre I’m less familiar with), but nice sound, even if – like Beth – I’m not a big sax fan. Blame “Careless Whisper”. Or “True”. Or Kenny Loggins. (Yes, I know this sounds nothing like any of them.) That prejudice aside, it’s another rather thrilling tune.

    Great set, all/SR. This is why I like gurus’ semi-authoring of the lists (rather than randomly putting tunes together): these songs sound great together. Enjoyable individually and, perhaps more so, as a playlist.

  10. The sun is shining, and this playlist fitted very nicely, the Cajun track in particular. I don’t have anything else constructive to offer at this stage. Thanks SR, thanks all.

  11. I like them all for different reasons,but for sheer joy, for bourbon infused raw jitterbugged brilliance Red Indian is my song of choice. Baby Dodds could bash out a rhythm alright. Genius.

    Hong Kong Flu is great and it’s a great favourite already.

    Steve Riley. Yep. I like it a lot. The country flavour adds something as it also takes something away from the zydeco mix. That’s fine. The don’t all need to sound same old, same old. Excellent.

    Larry Williams. Exceptionally good. What a shame that his career got cancelled.

    Rudy Vallee was great. I like a good quickstep (so out of fashion now,sadly). The sound has been so well and truly pinched for cartoons in general that the song of this type has rather suffered for it and one only thinks “cartoon!”. Tragic.

    Tanasas. I’d like to trade filthy insults, bluepeter, but I really have no complaints. I like this free-form cooler jazz style and am quite content to let the music take me where it wants me to go.

  12. First of all, thank you SR for including the Tananas in this set. I think they all work together tremendously as a set. Especially loved the Zydeco. What I like most of all is that they all are honest pieces, played and put down as they were meant to sound. The joy of the ‘Spill is that we can all get to listen to music in all it’s forms and the variety we have to chose from is tremendous. As ever, you have put a great set together. No insults from this end……………………

  13. Thanks for the kind remarks about the earworms set this week. Very welcome as I nurse my poor head. It’s the calibre and variety of the songs you all send in that makes for good playlists, though some weeks what I choose to put together will gel better than other weeks. Thanks everyone for all your great worms.

  14. I keep forgetting to comment on the worms even though I listen to them every week. So in brief. Enjoyed the whole lot this week. Every track a winner (I think I’m allowed to say that) and nicely sequenced.
    Good one.

  15. What a lovely list. It works so well together that I’m having trouble thinking of sensible comments about each one.

    And I’m late – again – despite listening to the list on Monday for once.

    I do like the “Take 5 on acid” description and the song (Tanasas). I think it might be my standout this week – odd, ‘cos there’s no actual singing and I usually prefer vocal tracks. But the saxophone (?) is almost singing, isn’t it?

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