The Brave & The Bold

Skids – Into The Valley
Aswad – Warrior Charge
African Head Charge – Heading To Glory
Dreadzone – The Good The Bad & The Dread (Part 1)
Colourbox – Looks Like We’re Shy One Horse / Shoot Out
Clock DVA – Resistance [12″ Mix]
Holy Toy – Warszawa
Radiohead – Harry Patch (In Memory Of)

Tiger Saw – R U Courageous?
Laura Gibson – Spirited
Vic Chesnutt – We Should Be So Brave
Mountain Goats – Lion’s Teeth
Bikini Kill – Double Dare Ya
Rapeman – Dutch Courage
Love Is All – Bigger Bolder
Strange Boys – Be Brave

7 thoughts on “The Brave & The Bold

  1. Fantastic playlist Shoey, loved it. Tough to pick, but my favorites were African Head Charge, Tiger Saw, Bikini Kill, and the Strange Boys, who sound a lot like my new favorite snotnoses (Black Lips). Thanks.

  2. Dreadzone and
    Colourbox took me back … love them –

    Tiger Saw – R U Courageous? is brilliant – I’d only heard Withered Hands take on it – this IS ace, you are right.

    Laura Gibson is fantastic – I listen to the La Grande album a lot – often following Liz Green who I find has a similar distinct singing style – will search out some more thanks for the reminder.

    cut out before…
    Love Is All and
    Strange Boys … and now can’t get back to listen – but I have LIA – so can recommend that and just checked out Strange boys on y-tube .. that is one retro groove thang innit? (If worded well you could get that into a ’67-’79 playlist) – like it, overcomes it’s influence nicely.

    cheers shoey.

    • 4AD managed to release a 4 CD box set back in February – where they dragged that many tracks up from is beyond me – But I guess bundling Colourbox’s one proper album release / the free ltd album / few singles and 12″ remixes does seem to be extreme clutching at straws (I still want it, even though I have almost every track already, possibly twice)

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