Spill Challenge: Think you’re indie, or know your indie?

Okay, you have to send me a list of the top five indie bands out of the U.K. (I think you said Scotland had a few?). Boomer co-worker here who grew up listening to punk (and worships Paul Weller) agrees there are some interesting acts out that way so I’m curious.”

………… Facebook message from a friend in Ontario, Canada

Over to you Spillers: (I’ll just send him the link. He already knows I’m lazy)

14 thoughts on “Spill Challenge: Think you’re indie, or know your indie?

  1. I’l assume all time, but my classification skills may make some invalid.

    The Smiths, Jesus and Mary Chain, Radiohead, The Cure, Primal Scream.

    Predictable, but all good, I think.

  2. I wonder if it’s hard to think of any recent ones because: a) I’m old and out of touch; b) none have had the staying power in recent years; or c) the concept of “indie” doesn’t exist as it did in the 80s.

    I know they’re too fey for many, but a case could be made for Belle & Sebastian.

  3. I’ll happily make the case for Belle & Sebastian…

    Off the top of my head:

    1) Orange Juice
    2) The Smiths
    3) Teenage Fanclub
    4) Belle & Sebastian
    5) The Wedding Present

    Mr Indie (aka ToffeeBoy)

  4. wouldn’t have a clue what someone liking Paul Weller would like – but here’s a selection – indie music now is as wide as the ocean so it’s totally personal.

    1) CHEEK MOUNTAIN THIEF (singer from tunng) – Full Time hobby records

    2) Lazarus and the Plane Crash (real tuesday weld and .. ) – Antique Beat arts label)

    3) Sunday Driver (UK) – Bakul Bagan records with help from arts council england.

    4) ∆ Alt-J – infectious records.

    5) Withered Hand – on Scotland’s (Fantastic) Fence records.

    I could go on – so stop me – all time random selection:

    1) Wolfgang Press
    2) Brakes
    3) Ballboy
    4) The Real Tuesday Weld
    5) De Rosa

  5. I am no expert – Blimpy might be a good person to ask. But ‘famous’ names that spring to mind are:

    1) Radiohead
    2) Mumford & Sons
    3) Arctic Monkeys
    4) Kaiser Chiefs
    5) Muse
    6) Biffy Clyro
    7) Florence & the Machine

    But open to contradiction

  6. I understand from daughter that Bombay Bicycle Club are very popular with the indie kids she knows.
    Other than some of the above already named how about
    The Vaccines, The Vaselines, The Libertines, Elastica and The Kabeedies.

  7. “Alternative” or “Indie”? Not quite sure what alternative is since it became mainstream, still an alternative to manufactured pop bands, I suppose. Indie is easier, as it still means independent record labels – & there are many great ones based in the UK:

    Rough Trade (Still going strongish)
    Warp (Unlikely to be much here for a Modfather fan unless they also like bleeping)
    Ninja Tune (Nor here)
    Fence (Donds – the sound of Scotland)
    Fat Cat (Homegrown & imports).
    Monotreme (Ditto – amazingly generous with freebies, whenever you buy something)

    & many more (would love to add On-U Sound, but they still seem to be on life support)

  8. The Wolfhounds – bitter, funny, very intelligent.
    Kitchens of Distinction – a romantic and passionate band, with a sorcerer on guitar, and a drunken poet for a singer.
    Daisy Chainsaw – mental, but wonderful.
    Thee Headcoats – set the benchmark for clever female punk rock.
    Suckle – Frances McKee’s last band: eerie and delightful, writing songs about sunlight, vanity, and suicide.

    I would go for The Fieldmice as well: very delicate, gentle band, when the world was being stomped over by macho metal bands.

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