brave heartheart

1 The Pressure of Pitching Doves Buddy Wakefield
2 Tamatant Tilay Tinariwen
3 Brave Tin Soldiers Sarah Nixey
4 Courage, Tiger Get Well Soon
5 Things Have A Way Of Working Out British Sea Power
6 Brave New World NMS
7 Culture of Fear Thievery Corporation
1 Heart Heart Withered Hand
2 Heroes Sunday Driver
3 Fearless Citizen Fish
4 Travel As Equals Joseph Arthur
5 No Fear Of Falling I Am Kloot
6 Brave Man’s Death J Roddy Walston and The Business
7 Last Of The Great Explorers Pepe Deluxé

20 thoughts on “brave heartheart

      • I’m insanely busy these days and it’s only going to get worse in the very near future. It’s much easier to listen to a playlist while i’m working then to try to keep up with and plow thru the blog. So i’m really appreciating the lists that you and Shoey put up.

      • Glad to be of service – hope you’re busy for good reasons.

        I’ve just had my first week off for ummm – can’t remember since when – (I think I had one less child… and he is now a couple of months off being two – so it’s been a while)

        Although I was going slightly mad being technology and music free for a week – I like nature and remote Scottish islands and stuff – but it’s a hell of a lot more comfy watching them on the BBC***.

        ***(this is a joke by the way – it was great really)
        except the midges – and nearly stepping on an adder – and the freezing cold wild swimming and the lack of music – and ……….. heehee.

        Shall try and keep you supplied with playlist then – good to have a listener.

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  2. Only managed a few tunes this evening! Enjoyed Tinariwen and Sarah Nixey. But most of all the stones ! Lovely picture, which island were you on ?

    • We went to Arran (so not really very remote) – hopefully I will do a holiday snaps post (joking) – but I was without mobile phone/internet – so I just had to take photos to keep me amused.

      Ended up with 1130 odd pictures – I took 38 in the same amount of time when the Berlin wall was first breached – how photographing habits change.

      The only other form of artistic output was building Cairns – so I did – lots and lots. (while squashing bloody Midges) .. get out of Norfolk and the world becomes hilly doesn’t it? – we stayed in a fort by Hadrian’s wall – Obelix was right in saying “tap tap tap – those Roman’s were crazy”

      We waved in the general direction of Leeds when we drove past.

      • Just as long as you didn’t stop to pick up any more footballers….

        I’ve only been to Arran for a geology field trip, and having tramped across it learning about the amazing diversity of rocks there, I can report that there is definitely remoteness there. The hotel gave us far too little food for a growing 19-year old tramping across geological formations in the wind and rain, and I’d forgotten any spending money for Mars Bars.

        Lovely place but I do associate it with feeling hungry.

      • Ha Ha – my initial comment read – “and I waved a ‘need a lift’ note in the general direction of Leeds – just in case a few more midfielders wanted to escape your wonderful chairman and charming manager” but I felt that was just cruel – If I was a fan it would seem like a bizarre experiment in how not to create good PR – and I’d hope to wake up – the controversies during our game at QPR this year bubbled and disappeared without Warnock creating Libelous comments… (I’ll write more about this on my new blog)

        Yep – we tramped around some interesting rocks – living on Arran ice cream when the blazing sun shone – then quickly wrapping up in waterproofs as another storm struck – I think Beth and Amanda would appreciate the standing stone circles and landscapes .. and we got to see a live Adder rather than just the skin that they saw on the Green Balloon Club. (summer holiday’s – sometimes the 7 year old needs chilling in front of Cbbc)

      • Tee hee again. You can talk about our feeder club status anytime, just shut up about our chairman and manager….

      • I know – I know.

        I’m trying to see if I can comment about every one of my teams games during this season – hopefully in a reasonable manner.
        Just because I’m bored of reading vitriol about games of football, and as an experiment in creating artworks for them – it should be fun – especially as we’ll probably end up in a relegation battle … I shall see if the red mist descends then – it’s going to biased – but it might have interesting designs.

  3. Wish Buddy would do a new proper album – can’t rush the poets, I suppose. Of the newtomes think Mr Fish takes it this week – can’t go wrong with a bit of bouncy ska.

    It is advantageous to recommend to my target enterprise audience as it was valuable next on an ongoing basis. & I had a book once.

    • First take a deep breath. The sejbuct of addiction is so vast and so deep. Those of us who live as Brave Girls may not be addicted to drugs or alcohol but control and strength are dear to us. To try to wrap your brain around why someone would give up their strength and control to a drug is difficult. At the lowest of low, a chemical was introduced into the body to combat pain either physical or emotional and it worked. That pain went away. Now what? We don’t want it to return panic! No! It cannot return We can’t go back there.And so begins a winding, twisting path that leads away from everything you hold dear, from everything of which you are proud, from every investment anyone has ever made in your life. On the outside to those of us looking in it looks like you’re throwing everything away. What? You’d never do that. You are trying so hard to hold on to all that is dear to keep those feelings of peace close to ward off instability and pain. And in the end that is quite the opposite of what has happened. We know who you are who you were. Now you are doing things that are very different from the you that we know. You wouldn’t force yourself on your best friend’s family’s holiday gathering, open all the gifts they scrambled to provide on short notice, crumble them up in an apparent lack of gratitude, pass out not to waken until late the following day and then insult your best friend’s family by offering her terminally ill youngest sibling money for her pain meds. YOU wouldn’t do that! But you did. The image of my beautiful, caring, sweet and loving sister hurting her best friend’s family this way causes me deep, deep pain. They love you like I love you. They are deeply hurt and afraid for you.I want to say how could you? how dare you? Why? but you cannot answer. You are no longer in control. You don’t know what you did and even if you do, the drugs you’re taking will wash away any shame or remorse for your actions and bring you back to that peaceful bubble where you can feel good about yourself, not because of who you are or what you do, but because the chemicals in your brain have been altered to allow you to live in an altered state of consciousness. You can be convinced that everyone just doesn’t understand you and has the wrong idea about you we’re just judgemental.There is truth to be found about this problem in science. What an interesting concept. Science has clearly defined the affects these drugs will have on your brain and your body. You are trading your liver for the prevention of pain. You are trading your heart and liver for the prevention of depression. You are trading your sanity and physical control for the ability to sleep at night. What else? You are trading away your rights in society by combining all these with alcohol and getting behind the wheel of a car. You are throwing away a brilliant career as a gifted teacher and with it all the dreams Mom and Dad shared with you when they put you, the only one of their five children, through college.They helped to start you on this journey of artificial peace. When your boyfriend broke up with you in college and you fell into a deep depression one that threatened the timeline of your education they sought professional help. Professionals wrote prescriptions and miraculously you were back and going to school. Why did Mom and Dad do something different with you? With the other four of us, they would have let us hit the bottom, learn from the experience and climb back from our personal pain, strengthened and equipped to deal with such things. You were given a pill. Was there too much money involved in your education too much pride?Now, with both our parents gone you are left to hit rock bottom with no guidance, no parental support, none of what the rest of us had growing up. And now you are an adult 35 single alone. The rest of us have families and obligations and responsibilities we cannot take you in and let you take your time to feel your way back up from the bottom. We cannot let what has happened to you hurt our children. And yet you feel like my child and I don’t want to let you go.The brave, strong and in-control big sister has no control at all. So I am praying for you. To the One who loves you, who knows the number of hairs on your head, who knew you when you were being formed in our mother’s womb I pray to God that He will keep you in His sights prevent any harm from coming to you and prevent you from harming anyone (including yourself). I pray for your deliverance from these evil chemicals that have taken over your life for far longer than any of us knew. God it’s time we need her back.

    • I am not sure where to post this but I am looking for some gncuadie, maybe a hug or some advice. I have taken SR1, SR2 and finally Body Restoration and this morning I had a huge aha emotional moment but now I am not sure where I go from here. I have been doing the Fun sheets and it wasn’t until a sentence was said in a movie that a trigger set off a wave of emotions about something in my past. A little bit about that: I was raped in college. A stranger broke into my apartment and raped me. We called the police and my mom flew down the next day and we went through all the Stuff . But what has occured to me is that there wasn’t really anyone there for me. My friends thought I had brought a man home, my mom at one point doubted if it was true. My landlord didn’t believe me because I didn’t want to call my family at 3:00am (my mom was suffering from clinical depression) and I was trying to control a situation so out of control.So I am realizing now that this was when I quit caring about myself. I shut down and began overeating. My mom felt it best not to talk about it, so no family members ever called me. My Dad didn’t even say anything to me about it. And from that point on everything went downhill. I began drinking, not taking care of myself, I was promiscous, I didn’t care about anything. I have been sober now for 4 years, but the weight still follows me and haunts me. The Body Restoration course has been instrumental in getting me to this place of awareness but I am stuck on what to with the informaiton. How is it going to help me start to take care of myself?This is the first time this thought of being alone when tough things happen has occurred to me. I have been through therapy, I am not depressed, I have dealt with the rape, and forgiving. But its been over 25 years since it happened. And yet, its all new to me. So, now I know. But how do I apply this to healing. To working through it? Any thoughts or suggestions? Anyone else out there dealing with something similiar?

  4. after two days and many interruptions, finally listened to the whole set – great stuff!

    Really liked Tinariwen and NMS and was pretty surprised by the BSP bleepiness. Roddy Walston was the highlight of Side 2.

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