‘Spill Game: Vote One (or more) Out (or in) Week 2

Best songs ever? Nah, wouldn’t even attempt it. Just a bunch of good old tunes (to me, anyway) that got stuck in my ear over the course of the summer. So pick one to toss, or pick one to keep. Or more than one either way, open rules i suppose. Songs in the player are by number, for those who would rather not know the artist until after listening. If / when you want to see the track list, it’s underneath the “more” link. Have at it then.


UpdateBarbryn is doing next week’s challenge / game, and Carole is doing the next week on the 4th.

1. Marvin Gaye – Trouble Man
2. Jack White – Love Interruption
3. Wire – Pink Flag
4. Pavement – Summer Babe (Winter Version)
5. Husker Du – Eight Miles High
6. Betty Davis – Getting Kicked Off, Having Fun
7. Arrested Development – United Front
8. Beck – Girl
9. Howlin Wolf – Spoonful
10. Tindersticks – Sweet Memory
11. Rolling Stones – Soul Survivor

48 thoughts on “‘Spill Game: Vote One (or more) Out (or in) Week 2

  1. Betty Davis is a long-time favourite so she stays; Wire stay too. Arrested Development are new to me but I liked them. Tindersticks, just gorgeous, though it does remind me of someone else, Tim Buckley, maybe.

    I’m kind of indifferent to the Husker Du, Jack White and Marvin Gaye tracks. I like Jack White’s guitar, not enough of it here; Husker Du have always annoyed me with that unnecessary umlaut in their name, and Marvin Gaye, while I love some of his stuff, this track seems too smooth and saccharine. So, what’s going? Marvin Gaye.

  2. Actually I agree with Mnemosene. I do love Marvin Gay but this track seems like it does not fit, maybe it is arrangement.

  3. What a great selection. More my thing really. I’m not a fan of the first 2 songs, despite liking the artists’ other offerings, was surprised how much Arrested Development appeals, but the favourite has to be the Tindersticks Sweet Memory I can’t resist the ‘Sticks. Close run with the Stones though, such a divine track.

    My no-no of the week is Hüsker Dü, I’ve tried to like them before, but that is not singing, it’s just noise. Apologies to fans of the band. Thanks for the list, Amy, made me smile.

  4. Tindersticks I know and love – I don’t think this would make my top 20 songs of theirs, but I think it’s my pick of the week.

    Pavement’s Summer Babe just edges out Beck’s summer Girl.

    I’ve been enjoying Jack White’s album without being blown away by it – the intro to this one really wants to turn into Son of a Preacher Man, doesn’t it?

    I can live without the rest. I think I’d vote out Husker Du, for taking a truly great song and turning it into something so-so.

  5. I have to say that i agree with all about Jack White. I’ve had a few listens to the album and not been blown away by it either, but i like it ok. The guitary songs all kind of sound the same, some good solos but they feel like they’re there because they ought to be, not because there seems to be much urgency behind them. The more ballad-y songs have some really lovely piano work, problem for me is that our Jack really doesn’t have much of a voice to carry them off. This song is the only one that sticks in my head really.

    • Amylee, this is so, so good. I think I am pretty much with Fintan on Marvin til I got to Howlin Wolf and changed my mind. I loved Wire, Beck and Husker Du particularly.

      Jack White, er, no. I didn’t enjoy it at all, and nothing I’ve heard by him has made any impresson on me at all. I’m kicking him to the curb.

  6. Vote one in: Tindersticks, by a country mile. What album is that from, because it isn’t one of the three I have?

    Vote one out: Hüsker Dü. Beth & Barney’s comments scarily bang-on the DsD money!

    Good game this; was sorry I couldn’t play last week (or next week either, unfortunately).

      • I’d forgotten about that Tindersticks album. even though it’s sitting there next to the others on my shelf. I really dislike the first track in which a man apparently tries to strangle a woman so I never listen to it. Thanks for reminding me that I should (possibly skipping that one).

      • I actually haven’t listened to any of their albums whole. Just grab what i can on youtube and from playlists here and there. What would be a good album to start with? Given that this sort of song is the type i like by them (i have heard some other stuff i don’t like much).

      • I have a silly number of Tindersticks albums, my favourite two are Simple Pleasure which has a kind of soulful feel to it and for me is their best and Curtains which has some absolute stunners on it. Maybe, though, as an introduction, the compilation Working For the Man might appeal.

        I’m probably not the best person to recommend though, there are many ‘Sticks fans around here.

      • Tindrsticks II is one of the best albums of all time. You might prefer to start with the chilled soul stylings of Simple Pleasures.

      • Waiting for the Moon isn’t one of the ‘Sticks’ best albums, but hearing a track like that in isolation it sounds majestic.

        The sprawling brilliance of Tindersticks I is my favourite, and one of my favourite albums of all time, just edging out its namesake and Simple Pleasures.

      • Glad to see much love for Simple Pleasure, it was a revelation to me, but of course the first 2 albums are amazing, I just listened to them to the point of over familiarity so I don’t listen to them much now.

  7. The fact I couldn’t sleep so I listened to this at 4 in the morning may have tempered my views but here goes. Quite fortunate for me you didn’t start the list with the Husker Du as I never would have made to the rest. If we’re looking to toss one out this crime on 4 continents easily qualifies. One of the best bass lines in rock and not even a nod in it’s direction. Good thing ’cause I might have been inclined to give Mick & company the boot. Sorry, but not their best by a margin. Just loved Pavement & Beck & the rest were easily consumed with me coffee. Marvin’s Trouble Man was a great start and nearly my toss for the perfect song in the set but Howlin’ Wolf can’t be denied. Raw, powerful, whiskey soaked & aching with tenderness so well disguised you can miss it in a crowded midnight bar but not alone with your first cup of coffee. Just genius. Well done Amy.

  8. Lots of good things here, not familiar with Tindersticks at all, but I liked it. I’ve been enjoying the Jack White solo stuff for a while now, so he’s staying too. To go? Hmm, a toss up between Arrested Development and Husker Du, but I really don’t like cover versions of Byrds songs, so the Minnesota hardcore boys are OUT!

  9. Marvin Gaye can do more or less no wrong in my book, so he can stay. I find the White Stripes almost unutterably dull (I know, I know…) but this is actually quite listenable; Jack stays. I know it’s unfashionable, but my favourite Wire period is the sleeker late 80s era of “Silk Skin Paws” and “Eardrum Buzz” (or at least something quirkier-sounding like “Outdoor Miner”) – this is a contender for eviction…

    Pavement need a few more listens to get to grips with, so I’ll grant them amnesty. I think I may love them – great guitarwork. I loved Bob Mould in the “Workbook” era and of course in his Sugar days, so this can stay for nostalgia’s sake. (And fond as I am of the unashamedly camp trailblazers of yore, I do love a gay musician who doesn’t conform to cliche.)

    Nope, Betty’s boring me… sorry. Skip! I never really ‘got’ Arrested Development from hearing the “3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of…” hit singles – this is much better. They can stay. Beck can stay too – I can often take or leave him, but this is fun. Howling Wolf ain’t going anywhere neither – possibly my favourite yet.

    I still haven’t forgiven Stuart Staples for being handed all the best songs to sing at a Triffids reunion concert at the Barbican a couple of years back… and completely ruining them. So imagine my surprise when I was forced to love this. Goddammit! And lastly… a Rolling Stones track?! Who’da thunk it? Yeah, it’s alright. I know Amy will disagree, but I do find Stones songs all sound a bit samey… But it’s catchy enough to stay.

    So, on balance, Betty Davis would be out if it were down to me.

  10. Marvin Gaye is a god. Jack White isn’t but song is OK. Wire is also OK. Pavement is also OK. I can’t contain my enthusiasm did you notice ? Husker Du I quite like. Betty Davis I wanted to be better. Too theatrical? Arrested Development are good without being great. Beck is quite fantastic as ever. Howlin’ Wolf is untouchable and that song in particular is head and shoulders above the others. Tindersticks also err on the theatrical for me (although I love The Tubes and Bowie so what’s my problem with theatre??) But it’s too dang slow. The Stones – meh.
    So one in – Marvin Gaye for me.
    One out – Betty Davis

  11. I already love the Pavement song and I rather liked the Betty Davis one too. Not keen on the Wire track and Marvin was rather bland. Jack White’s track sounds like something he hasn’t finished yet. Arrested Development was easily the most boring (and it has a talky bit!!!), an accusation that can’t often be levelled at Beck, although this isn’t his best track, by some distance.
    Howlin Wolf is in a class of his own, from which he cannot be ejected. Only Captain B was allowed in.
    Tindersticks was pleasant (that’s called damning with faint praise, btw) and the Stones were their usual selves: a bit messy yet quite good but, as bish says, rather like many of their other songs. No, it is many of their other songs, all mixed together!
    I agree with several others that the one to be expelled is Husker Du. It is, indeed, a crime.

  12. Lot of folks have weighed in already, so i may as well throw in my few cents worth.

    Off the bat, Marvin Gaye would be the keeper for me as a candidate for one of the best. Probably my fave of his, right up there with Inner City Blues.

    Jack White is the one i’d probably scupper. I think i wanted to see what other folks thought of the album. I’m a Stripes fan, so it’s a bit meh for me.

    I came a few decades late to that party, but Wire’s Pink Flag is the best album i’ve listened to in a long time. Was tough to pick a single song as they were all so good, and work together as a whole album too. Reuters would have done just as well for a single song.

    It’s the end of summertime, and i wanted a summer pop tune, both Pavement and Beck fit that bill. Couldn’t decide so i went for both.

    Ah, Husker Du. Was waiting for the spluttering on that one, and wasn’t disappointed! Sacred cows have to be slaughtered sometime. That song probably moves me more than any of the others on the list. The Byrds are barely a distant memory to me now. Ok, maybe not the guitars. But the 60’s were long gone by the time this cover was done, and Bob Mould’s vocals break my heart.

    Betty Davis is the queen of nasty funk, but i picked a lower key tune instead of an all out funker. Arrested Development is kind of hypnotic after awhile, and they are pretty creative too. Nicely positive and hippy dippyish. They kind of disappeared after Tennessee. I could easily leave both of these off though.

    The Howlin Wolf is great, isn’t it? Willie Dixon’s original is fantastic too, but i prefer the Howlin Wolf cover.

    I guess i can thank Shoey for getting me listening to the Tindersticks. Seems like nearly everything i hear of theirs is luminous and glowing.

    I’ve never nommed Soul Survivor for a topic on the mothership. Partly because as the last song on Exile, all the way back on side 4, i forget about it. And partly because it’s a long way from the best song on there. But DsD gave me occasion to listen to the whole of Exile recently, and there it was at the very end. And it sounded a lot better than i remembered, and got stuck in my ear. Chorus is a bit lame though.

    Thanks to all for listening through!

    • It strikes me that the Husker Du track is so radically different from The Byrds’ original that it pretty much needs to be judged as a different song entirely. I like it, but then – as I said – I have a soft spot for Bob Mould and his wounded howl!

      (On a second listen, I’m warming to Betty too, by the way.)

      • Funny you said howl, i thought that song was roughly the musical equivalent of Ginsburg’s Howl. I don’t guess we’ll ever hear the likes of that from Bob again. He seems to have found some sort of peace in his personal life, so good on him. I’m a week older than he is, at some point i suppose you do tend to mellow.

  13. thanks for the list Amy … missus is out and I’m cooking tea, so it’s been good to have a playlist that can be turned up loud .. would drop Jack White because I find his haircut so annoying .. only got Stones compilations so thanks for including an album cut ..good one

    • Hi Dralfie –

      Yes, no Yes this time around. But we may have a chance to get them listed on the real list sometime now with rotating gurus. Thanks for listening!

    • I think you’re up for next week then, but check Tinny’s thread from last week to see if anyone else claimed the week after me first.

      • Ooh, sh… no, I can’t do next week, we’re away for a few days for DsMam’s birthday. Seriously, I’ll be able to do about Week 5 or 6, nothing before.

      • Anyone want to grab next week’s challenge? No reason is has to continue in this vein unless you want it to, i suppose the old challenge can work too if someone is inclined. Or even make up a new one!

        (hint for sometime in the future – Carole always did good playlists.)

  14. The only one of these I’d heard before was the Howlin’ Wolf, and when I listened to them without looking at the list, the only band I recognised was the Stones. So I’m going to keep on listening to them like this, because I’m so prejudiced about the music I think I like or don’t like that having no preconceptions makes the game much more interesting!

    I can honestly say that I could find something to like about all of them (even the one that started with electronic beepy noises, though electronic beepy noises are a big turnoff for me) except the Husker Du, which I thought was absolutely horrible. Plus I love the Byrds’ version. So I would dump Eight Miles High; and my favourite apart from Spoonful was the Tindersticks. But then, that had soupy orchestral backing, and I don’t like that any more than I like electronic beeps…so Howlin’ Wolf it is.

    Thanks, amy – a very interesting list!

    • You have warmed my heart, Tfd. And sort of confirmed my suspicions about prejudice too, i have the same suspicions about myself. Good lord, i wonder if i’d find i liked an Abba song by mistake.

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  15. Sorry to be late and not have time to say much. I was torn between the Jack White because he underachieves here and Wire because I’ve never understood why some people rave about them so. (Husker Du I am too old for now, but I recognize the ability and influence)

    So….because Wire is probably doing the best they can and Jack didn’t, he’s out.

    Nice job amy!

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  16. I’d like to do a list, but not for next Tuesday. Can I volunteer for the week after? That will be September 4th.

    Is that OK?

  17. Offload : Pavement or Husker Du – I just don’t feel either
    Keep : Betty Davis – because I find her amusing with Wire a very close second

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