Earworms 20 August 2012

What’s the connection with Dinosaur Jr?

1: Jackie Leven – Call Mother A Lonely Field ~ Tincanman

Jackie was so prolific he tended to start songs and not finish them off. Not this one.

I took her picture off the wall and threw her scent away

Wow. And his voice warms me like a hot noggin on a winter’s eve.

(I’m not sure what a noggins is, but he says he’s not sure what a mother in a lonely field so what’s good for the goose…)

2: Van Halen – Ice Cream Man – Tincanman

This old John Brim blues song was made for David Lee Roth. The playing is, erm, crap and he holds back from going fully camp, but we can still dream.

3: Mickey Gillen ~ Drive In Movie ~ RockingMitch

As people may know, Mickey is Jerry Lee’s cousin. This song, written by Tiny Tim (under his real name of Herbert Khoury) and released on Tim’s uncle’s “Khoury” label is a real belter.

4: Sebadoh – Ocean ~ Chris

Here’s an earworm, in the sense that the tune already sounds familiar and is very easily assimilated and repeated. It’s just a fun bit of music that doesn’t outstay its welcome.

5. Lost Lander – Afraid Of Summer ~ SpottedRichard

“Lost Lander’s ideal fan would be a 26 year old single hipster male. An individual who enjoys the finer things in life such as vinyl records and Pabst Blue Ribbon.” Agree?

6: A Man Called Adam – Barefoot In The Head ~ bishbosh

I bought (a shorter version of) this on 7″ when it came out in the early 90s – hurrah for iTunes and refinding things digitally decades later! Still sounds remarkably fresh – and euphoric – to me.

A big Thank You to everyone who contributed worms to this playlist or has sent them in to the wormbank. Please send your juiciest worms plus a line or two per song on how you got hooked to either earworm@tincanland.com or a wormhole near you. Thank you.

48 thoughts on “Earworms 20 August 2012

  1. A great bunch o’worms this week. I like them all, for differing reasons.
    Both of Tincanman’s selections were good. Jackie Leven was great and I enjoyed Van Halen’s attempt to sound like a Delta bluesman.
    Mickey Gilley was mine, so I won’t comment.
    Sebedoh – I agree with Chris – fun.
    Lost Lander – Since you ask, I picture a skinny bloke (about 25) with a pullover worn winter & summer that has the sleeves too long. He’s in a pub drinking something like cider & blackcurrant and smoking an extremely skinny roll-up whilst tearing bits off a beer-mat. (few years ago, when you could still smoke in pubs). Nice track, BTW.
    A Man Called Adam – Delightful sound and my pick of the week – just.
    Groovy, cats!

  2. This is the first time I was familiar with two of the songs beforehand.

    Ice Cream Man got lots of US rock radio airplay over the years, and I’ve always had a sweet tooth for novelty records like that.

    Ocean was one of those insidiously catchy songs from that post-Nirvana mid-1990s rush of “alternative” college radio type acts signed to major labels – an era I still take a liking to.

    Grunge had passed and there were a lot of catchy four-minute guitar/bass/drums/keyboards/vocals pop songs coming out. Just like it had always been, except that now the concept had to be marketed as some sort of “alternative.”

  3. Jackie Leven: What a lovely (and indeed warming) voice. And a real attention-grabbing way to open a song. Like this a lot. Slightly less keen on it when it goes all Big Country. But very rousing.

    Van Halen: I am listening to this under duress as the thought of David Lee Roth makes me a little queasy. Actually, if I didn’t know it was him, his voice wouldn’t bother me at all. Perfectly serviceable. Decent even. Not a hint of Spandex.

    Mickey Gilley: Now this voice is putting a smile on my face! Great, great fun.

    Sebadoh: I own one single by Sebadoh (the stomping “Flame”) but know nothing else by them. This makes me think I should seek some more of their stuff out.

    Lost Lander: Bands have “ideal fans”? Who knew! Well, I’m neither 26 nor a hipster (and I don’t even know what Pabst Blue Ribbon is), but I rather liked it. I hope Lost Lander don’t mind someone so uncool enjoying their music…

  4. Van Halen was the only one I knew already and I’m quite a fan of Diamond Dave despite not owning anything by him, so that went down well.

    My favourite was Sebadoh, never heard anything by them as far as I know, may have to check them out, I loved the sound of the waves at the end of the last track too. Good selection.

  5. Is the Dinosaur Jnr connection that Lou Barlow was in the former and then formed Sebadoh? I was just looking up Sebadoh and discovered that.

  6. I loved the Jackie Levin, that is my hands down pick of the week. Diamond Dave and Mickey Gilley were fun. Sebadoh was nice enough but i believe i’ve forgotten it already! Second pick of the week was probably Lost Lander, it was lovely. Bish, sorry my love, but A Man Called Adam was way too disco for me, i’m afraid!

    Thanks to all and Spotted Rich!

  7. Jackie Leven = fabulous. Not only a wonderful voice and amazing song but a nostalgic remembrance of childhood summers. I love the intro especially. What a talent the man was.

    I have to agree with Sweetie,that this falls into the novelty song category rather. Fun and enjoyable.

    I know Mickey Gilley as a country singer. I like this, but I’m glad he moved to the country-tinged rock and roll and on to country proper, which I think is much better suited to his rich voice.

    I liked Sebadoh. It’s a pleasant and a decent song that as Chris rightly asserts, doesn’t hold you hostage.

    A Man Called Adam was a bit out of my comfort zone, and it took a while to get into this. I knew that Jackie Leven had to start the playlist and this had to end it, the sound of the waves is such a special ending to the song.

  8. Everything I hear by Jackie Leven – and I’ve picked up a fair bit over here in the last few years – makes me admire the man more (my mp3 player turned up “The Sexual Loneliness of Jesus Christ” yesterday – what a song that is…). Great.

    Van Halen and Mickey Gilley were fun, if not exactly my kind of thing.

    Sebadoh – I remember them, don’t remember this one, actually not sure if I remember anything they’ve ever done, although I do always like them at the time, and I did remember Lou Barlow used to be in Dinosaur Jr (and have a feeling he and J Mascis aren’t the best of mates any more).

    Lost Lander – this was lovely. As a “male… individual who enjoys the finer things in life”, I’m about a 30% ideal fan.

    A Man Called Adam. Uh-huh, I can enjoy this a lot in the right mood – not sure about the spoken word bits.

    • Dinosaur Jr are back together again with Barlow back in the band. They have a new album out in September (I think).

  9. This very Jackie Leven track was the very first of his that I ever heard. It was on a Cooking Vinyl CD sampler a long, long time ago. To my shame, it remained the only song of his that I had heard or owned for many years, despite being rather fond of it. I have since rectified this to a small degree.

    He had a fantastic voice, and was a fabulous songwriter. I am especially fond of the moment in this piece when he asks “What does that mean?”. What does calling mother a lonely field mean? I don’t know.

    I’m going to hold off commenting on the remainder for now because I want to play “Ice Cream Man” at Sheddi. He has expressed a liking for Van Halen and solo Dave Lee Roth in the past; I wonder if he knows this one, or at least recognises the voice?

  10. This is possibly the first time in my life that I’ve knowingly heard a Van Halen record. In fact I think I’ve always assumed theywere the same band as Bon Jovi. Still none the wiser…

    (Don’t normally get a chance to listen to Earworms – which is why I no longer contribute choices meself. But I’m at home just now, so gave it a whirl. Mickey Gilley and LostLander – great. Sebadoh – nostalgia for a band I remember admiring without ever really picking up on. Jackie Leven I know and love, although I should really have saved him til after dark when he can get under your skin. Never knowingly heard A Man Called Adam, yet it sounds weirdly familiar – an earworm from 20 years ago?. Thanks everybody – am going to go back and listen to previous weeks’ worms over the next few days…)

  11. Best of the week for me was Lost Lander & SR’s description is perfect. There’s easily 500 bars, taverns & breweries in Portland, Or where not only could you find said 26 year old ( wearing Chuck Taylors) you could sell him an EP. Close second was the Van Halen even if Eddie does play too many notes sometimes.

    • Can’t take credit for the Lost Landerquote, Fintan. I lifted it direct from some wag who posted it on their Facebook page. But I think Mitch should go on there and post his thoughts about their British counterparts.:)

  12. Lost Lander was easily my favourite, despite me only ticking the gender box. It has musical imagination, which most of the other tracks lacked somewhat (including my own, I hasten to add).
    Jackie Leven’s voice is fantastic but the intro, the drums and the ‘is this a song?’ vibe undermine it for me.
    Van Halen makes a reasonable fist of the Las Vegas rock’n’roll 12-bar. I don’t like show-off guitar: as with Clapton, the well-practised riffs get wedged into anything with the right tempo, irrespective of the melody or subject matter.
    Mickey Gilley’s piece is great fun and very well done but, again, rather formulaic – even down to his cousin’s vocalisations.
    A Man Called Adam. From bish’s collection of ‘records containing musical tropes that Chris hates’. And I don’t even remember telling him I hate spoken bits or beach sound effects…..

    sha has Sebadoh down just about right. I have 2 of their albums (Ocean is from ‘harmacy’). They are definitely worth the occasional listen.

  13. Not really a bunch of worms for me this week. Someone once put A Man Called Adam song on a RR Social CD, and I couldn’t stand that, either. Sorry Bish. (It does serve as a nudge to self to get moving on something else though!)

    Lost Lander (hadn’t heard of) & Sebadoh (got some songs somewhere, I recall) should work on me but don’t; I’m not even taken enough with either to try to figure out why not. Nor do I like the Mickey Gilley enough to feel my usual gratitude to Mitch for the musical-knowledge gap-filling. Thanks anyway, folks. They can’t all be coconuts, I s’pose.

    Jackie Leven is an artist you lot have introduced to me over the years (primarily/initially Tatanka, I think) whom I now love. It is a regret that I finally decided to go see him live at Hebden Bridge Trades club, but that was one of the gigs cancelled because he was too ill. This song wouldn’t be one I’d recommend to listeners new to him, though. In fact it turns out I have that Cooking Vinyl sampler (1993 Vol.2 – trivia fans), and don’t remember ever thinking [15 years before eventually ‘discovering’ him] “Ooh, who’s that?”.

    Van Halen‘s debut LP, however, I have owned and loved to death for well over thirty years. I fully accept those opinions offered about DLR’s, um, style, and EVH’s ‘why-play-one-note-when-I-can-squeeze-in-ten’ show[off]manship, but I’m bridling a little at the “novelty” description of their Ice Cream Man cover; I think it’s much more worthy than that, particularly in the context of the musical landscape of the time/place, where serving an apprenticeship of bar gigs meant bands had to get REALLY good with their choice, interpretation and execution of cover versions in their sets in order to get noticed.

      • Oh, “offended” would be FAR too strong a word, SR
        Please don’t worry about it; after all, I’m the one who’s being a bit sniffy about this week’s selection – if there’s any apologizing to be done, I’m sure it should be me doing it!

    • Have to say that I was failing to see the novelty-ness of the VH track, too. Believe me, Sheddi has subjected me to several novelties. I tend not to like them. I rather liked this.

  14. O.K. I maybe a bit worn out right now but the only track that sticks out to me is the one bish put forward. I have not heard the piece before but it has a touch of Faithless and Shannon about it that is right up my street and one I would put into a “lift me up ” playlist.

    Oh, and SR if you are planning to “trade horrible, filthy insults” next week, then can you please include my latest selection……………………….

  15. Bish’s dancier stuff is the section of his record collection that didn’t entirely make it through the interdimensional wormhole connection thingy to my record collection. It does, however, strike me that Jackie Leven‘s “what does that mean?” might apply to the title of the A Man Called Adam track as well as to his own song. The only thing it calls to my mind is a range of toiletries that someone once bought for me called The Barefoot Doctor. I wasn’t entirely sure what that meant, either, but the incense was sort of nice.

  16. Right. OK.
    Actual opinions?
    Jackie Leven. Previously known. Might not have picked it as a standout on account of knowing that I have a biased relationship with the song.But very, very nice.

    Van Halen. Lots of fun. David Lee Roth “in a mellow moment” ((c) Sheddi) makes a pretty good pseudo-bluesman. As for the excess of notes – well, that’s part of the fun.

    Mickey Gilley was fun, too. Great voice.

    I enjoyed Sebadoh but I’m afraid I’ve forgotten why.

    I think Lost Lander might be my discovery of the week. Afraid of summer because he can’t swim. Odd subject; great treatment.

    I expect that I have heard A Man Called Adam before, but it’s not really my type of thing. Not objectionable, just – kind of over there. In the nightclub. Where it can stay.

    • I just want you to know I had a fairly mild asthma attack last night I was laughing so much at all your comments!

      I’m writing out “I will never describe anything as a novelty song ever again” 500 times. It was either that or sit in the corner and eat oatmeal.

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