The Hop

Controller 7 – Bunny Slippers
Shitmat – Nasty Rabbits
Superpitcher – Rabbits In A Hurry
Fire Show – The Rabbit Of My Soul Is The King Of His Ghost
Electric Eels – Bunnies
Jawbone – Jackrabbit
Girls – Honey Bunny

Denim – Silly Rabbit
Moldy Peaches – Little Bunny Foo Foo
Adam Green – Bunnyranch
Kimya Dawson – Velvet Rabbit
Nina Nastasia – Roadkill
Shriekback – Burying The Bunny
Durutti Column – White Rabbit

8 thoughts on “The Hop

  1. Fireshow, and especially Electric Eels rocked! Whole second set was lovely to listen to, and i loved Nina Nanastasia. Thanks!

    • Hey Severin, nice to see you in lounge. Not exactly sure what a Shitmat might be, but it certainly does sound unpleasant, but few do better breakcore.

      • I called the bunny reucse lady this morning and shes going to keep her eyes open for another neutered male bunny who needs a new home..Sadly many people get bunnies for their little children at Easter without knowing much about bunnies. Bunnies are strong willed usually dont like to be picked up and will often scratch when picked up.

    • Didn’t actually nom Controller 7 (thought it was too short). Worked well as an intro. Think Jawbone was one of John Peel’s final discoveries – did a couple of albums & seems to have vanished, unfortunately.

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