Black Lips

It sure does warm my heart to hear some young whippersnapper college garage punkers that have done their Stones homework. They don’t have to fake the southern accents either. Here’s a little mini sampler.

10 thoughts on “Black Lips

    • Oh, it’s not all Stonsey, but the ones i posted sure are. They must have had some hippie parents around my age or older though, they know their old 60’s and psychedelic rock and blues too. Some old fans seem to be griping though, Mark Ronson produced their latest album. They must make it down around your area to play every now and again.

    • I think so too, and i like it. Good as they are though, i’m still not entirely sure i’d want to catch a live show. Apparently there’s a lot of puking on stage, making out with each other while puking, drawer dropping and pissing, etc.

  1. Amy , that had me wearin’ the proverbial shit eating grin. Beggars Banquet with some 13 Floor Elevators & just a touch of David Cohen organ all done without rolling over in reverence. As to live you can get a seat at the bar. I always preferred to listen to the Stones than look at them though watching Charlie watching Mick & Keef was hilarious. Fucking well done! I’m off to download.

    • And some Sonics in there for you too šŸ™‚

      Was hoping that you caught this post though,, i had a feeling it was up your alley.

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