Gypsy jazz royalty

As you may recall, I am very partial to a bit of Hot Club style gypsy jazz, when I’m in the mood. There’s a wonderful and intimate bar in Battersea High Street – the Quecumbar – that has nothing but Django-style music every night. A few nights ago, I enjoyed an enchanted evening in the company of gypsy jazz royalty – Fapy Lafartin, Lollo Meier, and my favourite gypsy violinist, Tcha Limberger (who I have posted about before)

Partly to test out the recent problems people have had with new posts, I am sharing – hopefully – a taste of this heady vintage.

6 thoughts on “Gypsy jazz royalty

  1. GHE: Lovely stuff, I’m a lifelong fan of the Hotclub of France. I have a friend here who does an annual 4 hour radio program comprised of groups from around the world who play this style, I think he does on Django’s birthday and Fapy Lafartin’s a regular on it.
    A thought I had re. spill problems was that youtube posts don’t take up any space, they’re just links and your photo here is only 37 kb which is nothing really when we’re into GB’s. I was trying to load 16 fairly large photos for an ‘image gallery’ idea that I was playing with, they were not huge, I’d shrunk them to approx. 400-500kb each, the entire file was 9MB.
    I think that maybe long playlists may be the problem, for example that Diamonds cut that I included with the Oku piece, ‘Black brother’ is 3MB. multiply that by 15 – 20 and it becomes substantial especially if it stays up there forever.

  2. There’s a lovely DVD of this lot, roaming in a horse-drawn gypsy caravan, en route to Django’s birthplace in Belgium, as a homage on the 100th anniversary of his birth. Called ‘le chemin de Django’. Some clips on youtube.

  3. I really liked this ! ! ! It is not a style of jazz I know at all but i will definitely check out more from the group ! ! !

  4. Reminds me of a New Year in North Wales where we wandered into the nearest pub & saw the year in with a wonderful gypsy folk band.

    Did see Gogol Bordello at the Orlando festi last year. Unfortunately they had an early PM slot on the main stage. Would have been more fun later on a smaller stage.

    Great stuff, cheers for posting

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