I’m unable to upload a file of photos, it accepts 3 and then quits, I think what W.P. is saying is that we’ve used almost all of our free space allocation, I’ve deleted my recent uploads to no avail. Does anyone know how to clear the backlog? There’s over 10GB there.

13 thoughts on “UPLOADING PROBLEMS.

  1. No idea, Tony, sorry.

    But if it is the case that we’re about full, my report from tonight’s Megafaun / Damien Jurado gig shouldn’t load. If it does, presumably that would indicate something else is the issue?

    Watch this space . . . or rather that space above this post!


  2. Hi goneforeign. I don’t think that you can delete embedded content from other contributors’ Spill posts – it’s up to them to remove the 10GB!

  3. I would have gone to that with you if I was there, but probably for different reasons. Damien Jurado is undoubtedly a huge talent and Rachel & Cali is really brill. I wouldn’t be sworn on seeing him perform though because his best albums are with Richard Swift and what he does is go in for a couple of days and do his bit and let Swift spend the next couple of months finishing it. Not sure who he thinks he is, but he ain’t that good.

    Megafaun are bad-ass rock and rollers, and I’m disappointed if they mailed it in.

  4. First off, I think Tinny’s been at the bottle again, would somebody call Spillaholics, and second Richard, we don’t destroy evidence here either, there’s standards to maintain you know, we are British after all. OK, Llama, I think you’re right but I suspect that El Blimpo set this site up and he probably has regal rights? Anybody seen him lately?

  5. It doesn’t look as though it’s a permitted space problem – the dashboard says we have 13.3gig allowed, and have used 9.9gig

  6. GFE: I saw that but there was also something that said there was a limit at about 79% or some such, I’m going to go back today and poke around some more. There’s also no possibility whatsoever of contacting WP!

  7. I’ve just done a post to test things out, and it seemed to go through no problems – with one photo and one youtube

  8. It looks like it’s clearing-out time or not that far off. The main thing is deleting MP3s from older playlists from the Media Library. From the Dashboard, click on Media (down the left-hand side) and then Library. No need to delete photos, as they’re usually smaller files and it would spoil the look of the blog. Any blog member logged in can delete the MP3s, regardless of who uploaded them, but it’s nicest if people delete their own.

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