The Mirror Ball

Bill Nelson’s Red Nose – Aquitted By Mirrors
Luxúria – Animal In the Mirror
Dr. Dog – Mirror, Mirror
Electrafixion – Mirrorball
Mazzy Star – Unreflected
Felt – Get Out Of My Mirror
Jolie Holland – Tender Mirror

Field Music – In The Mirror
White Denim – Mirrored And Reverse
Lite – Infinite Mirror
Clock DVA – Sound Mirror
Asian Dub Foundation & Sinéad O’Connor – 1000 Mirrors
Shpongle – Walking Backwards Through The Cosmic Mirror
Kytami & The Phonograff – Reflections

8 thoughts on “The Mirror Ball

    • Hey Ton, long time no hear. The old jokes are often the best. A bit scratchy – from the eta of coloured vinyl & to make it worse, a double B-side played at 33.3.

  1. …just an occasional visitor here, too many things going on in TonNL’s ‘outside world’, alas…
    Still have the red vinyl “Furniture Music” 7″, even digitalised it with my Numark USB turntable recently…

  2. “all is good”, that would be an ideal world, “mostly okay” is a more fitting description at the moment… I’m still following RR and making the occasional recommendation, so I am aware of Jon’s last guru-actions, haven’t followed the discussion about making RR-regulars “guru for a week”, a very bad idea IMHO…

  3. enjoyed this Shoey, although not sure about the ADF/Sinead collabo…….for some reason Clock DVA seem to keep coming up in conversation recently…..not sure why ????!!

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