Earworms 13 August 2012

1: Antonio Vivaldi – Gloria in D Major RV 589; 9 Que Tollis Peccata Munid Suscipe Depracationem Nostrum ~ SpottedRichard

“Thou takest away the sins of the world” is the heavenward plea in this short but lovely movement of Vivaldi’s most famous (existing) Gloria. The Academy Of Ancient Music;  Christopher Hogwood conducting.

2: Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Remastered) ~ AliMunday

I keep hearing this. I was at the school summer fest today (billed as the alternative Glastonbury!) and a young man sang it on stage. It makes me cry, I have no idea why – and Lana Del Rey has it all, really. Enjoy.

3: Antony & The Johnsons – Crazy In Love ~ bishbosh

All these talent-show judges who witter on about contestants “making the song their own” wanna check out Antony. He takes Beyoncé’s euphoric stomper, strips it bare and reveals a heart of grief, desperation and, yes, madness. “Got me hoping you’ll save me right now…” Mesmerising. Heartbreaking.

4: Darrell Scott – With A Memory Like Mine ~ Treefrogdemon

You may well be tired of hearing You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive, so give this one a try. He is some guitarist – it’s just him, bass (Danny Thompson) and drums. Sad song warning.

5: The Mighty Diamonds – 4000 Years ~ HoshinoSakura

Sometimes an arrangement can hide a great song, and when I bought the Inna da Yard Album by Might Diamonds I was really surprised to hear some wonderful reggae without the dubs and fancy arrangements.  I realised that actually these were really great songs that worked great as simple arrangements.  This is one of my favourites.  I hope you like it too! ! !

6: Tom McRae & The Standing Band – Sloop John B (Beach Boys PS Cover) ~ Bosun Tinny

You probably best know this adaptation of a West Indies folk song by the Beach Boys. Or perhaps by the Kingston Trio. McRae combines elements of both approaches in a new release that I believe makes him the sloop’s new Captain.

A big Thank You to everyone who contributed worms to this playlist and/or has sent them in to the wormbank. Do you have more to share?  Send your juiciest worms plus a line or two per song on how you got hooked: to either earworm@tincanland.com or a wormhole near you. Thank you.

45 thoughts on “Earworms 13 August 2012

  1. A really Great playlist as always ! ! ! I really enjoyed it a lot ! ! !

    I do not know very much about western classical music but I do enjoy it when I hear it. I especially like choral music as maybe it is most familiar to me as there is a big tradition of choir singing in Japan. And choir festivals are a big deal here.(Actually YUI has written the song compulsory song for this years school choir completion which is televised ) I loved the sense of peace in this track – lovely ! ! !

    Lana Del Rey
    I really like this track also. I think it feels quite nostalgic and although it is talking about video games there is an almost 1960 feel to it for me. I did enjoy it a lot. It is a great track ! ! !

    Antony and the Johnsons
    WOW! ! ! This is unusual and really moving. His voice does sound a little on the edge of emotional breakdown and it is such a unique take on a really famous song that it really does sound like something completely different. I really liked It ! ! !

    Darrell Scott
    I think ballads are really hard to write and perform without them becoming like a cliché, but when they work then they are so powerful. I think his voice is really expressive and he tells the story beautifully, and the guitar playing is really great ! ! !

    Mighty Diamonds
    This was mine, I hope people like it ! ! ! I like the drums in this but really I love the voices and the song is great. Inna Da Yard is like an unplugged album from the totally fantastic and classic Mighty Diamonds and I found it in a record shop in Asakusa Sumida Park flea market so it was an unexpected discovery and very welcome one ! ! !

    Tom McCrea
    I really liked his voice in this track. Of course I know the song but I did not him at all but I did enjoy the track a lot. His voice is really like he is just talking to you which I really like. It is not my most favorite song in the world and I find the Beach Boys version of the song is really irritating (sorry if I upset anyone), but I did really like his version of it as it really brings something new to it and gives a really different view on the track.

    Another really great playlist, I enjoyed them all very much ! ! !

    Thank you SR for putting it together for us ! ! !

  2. An interesting set again.
    Vivaldi – Yes, very worthy!
    Lana Del Ray – My favourite track this week. Really enjoyed it.
    Antony & The Johnsons – Have to listen again. Didn’t bowl me over, but will try again.
    Darrell Scott – Enjoyable.
    Mighty Diamonds – I enjoy reggae and liked this. I’m catching up at the moment with people like Tipper Iri, the late Smiley Culture & giving my Linton Kwesi Johnson albums another airing.
    Tom McCrea – My favourite version of this song is by Lonnie Donegan and this has done nothing to change that view. Enjoybale, though and better than the Beach Boys by a nautical mile.
    Thanks SR.

  3. Vivaldi: Very soothing. I’m utterly hopeless when it comes to classical music (and usually don’t have the patience for it), but am enjoying this.

    Lana del Rey: I read lots about this (top tunes of 2011, etc) before hearing it and was consequently mildly underwhelmed. If it weren’t for the hype, I’d probably have swooned. It is, after all, rather lovely.

    Antony & The Johnsons: Mine of course. Not sure whether I love it myself or am just intrigued by it. I sent it in as a curio really. It’s certainly a very different take on the song.

    Darrell Scott: Need to listen to this one when I’m not distracted by work – am not really following the story. And I suspect the story is quite important to a full appreciation of the song. Lovely strumming though. And now, about halfway through, it’s ramped up a notch and I’m drawn in more. Yes, will have to listen again later.

    The Mighty Diamonds: Yeah, this is lovely lilting stuff. I like my reggae a bit spiritual and this fits the bill.

    Tom McRae: Very understated opening… This song was ruined for me by its soundtracking of endless “hilarious” ruggerlad debaggings in university bars. (Don’t ask me why – always seemed an odd choice.) This version may just have rehabilitated it. It certainly reinstates the appropriate sense of homesick longing. Love it.

  4. What a surprise! The Mighty Diamonds on Earworms! And last week Joe Turner! Fabulous, what an eclectic group we are here.
    One of my all time favorite reggae groups and one of the earliest that I discovered back in the ’70’s. My very first commission for an album cover was for the Diamonds ‘Changes’ album. I’m so pleased that you Sakura have discovered them and appreciate them but when I played your cut I said ‘wait a minute, I’ve never heard that version before’, I have the original and it sounds so different, so off to Google to check it out and I discover that they, plus a lot of friends have re-released an album of their earlier hits, I was totally unaware of this album and it looks great, many old friends on there. By coincidence I spent this weekend scanning slides into my computer, about 450 of them; many were from Jamaica and one I like a lot was of the Diamonds. You’ve given me the topic for my next ’70’s album post, stand by!
    Meanwhile check this out.

  5. This is much more appealing to me than last week for some reason.

    I was already familiar with the Vivaldi, lovely to hear it again. I’ve never been emotionally affected by the Lana del Ray song, but I do like it. She has an appealing voice and the relatively quiet arrangement kept me interested. Thanks for reminding me of this song, I heard of her first when people were moaning about her being re-invented, but it is a good song.

    Bish, this is reminding me to keep trying with Antony. I love love love his duets with Marc Almond, Björk and CocoRosie, but I find his non collaborative stuff a bit difficult for some reason. I don’t listen to Beyonce deliberately, but this is better than her version, no contest. His voice is exceptional.

    Darrell Scott was very listenable, I always love to hear Danny Thompson, he adds something special to everything he plays on. Hadn’t heard of the artist before, will be looking into his work.

    I enjoyed the Mighty Diamonds song too, less is more.

    Sorry not very fussed by the Tom McRae, but I don’t like any version I’ve heard of it, so perhaps that’s why. The ukulele is nice.

    Enjoyable selection!

  6. Vivaldi: lovely but rather too short to get very involved with.
    Lana del Rey: a (relatively) recent pop song I actually know! And like quite a lot. The fluidity of the arrangement seems to support the slightly (to my mind) queasy lyric.
    Antony and the Johnsons: I know it’s my fault and I should be castigated for it, but I just can’t take his voice for more than 10 seconds (I don’t like Edith Piaf’s voice either). It has a gorgeous autumnal arrangement, however, that enabled me to listen to the very end.
    Darrell Scott: great stuff, simple and sincere, with some nice guitar. And Danny Thompson adds so much to everything he’s inviolved in – I do hope he turns out actually to be immortal.
    The Mighty Diamonds: I love the drums and the simplicity of the arrangement. Reggae with added harmonic and rhythmic content: good stuff.
    Tom McCrea: yeah, it’s much more personal than the BBs, and the more effective for it. But that started me thinking that he didn’t sound like an old salt and I became conflicted. Shiver me timbers!

    • Believe it or not, Chris, I’m kind of with you on Antony’s voice. There’s something about the quaver in it that often sets my teeth on edge; I often can’t relax when listening to him sing. I think he’s “important” as an artist (and a human being), but that doesn’t always mean I enjoy listening to him.

  7. I could get off easy by just seconding Chris’s post.
    Vivaldi was nice but too short. For those who like choral music let me plug the Atlanta Symphony Orch. and chorus conducted by Robert Shaw, over the years they have specialized in classical choral music and they do it to perfection, for starters try their Faure’s Requiem on the Telarc label. Exquisite. I’ve been tempted to post a selection as an earworm.
    Lana Rey, I was aware of the name but that’s about it, a pleasant enough piece.
    Intrigued by Antony I made the mistake of going to youtube, I found the song recorded live. The image didn’t add anything to my appreciation, I also have a hard time with his voice, I also listened to the end however, two versions.
    Darrell Scott, second only to the Diamonds for my cut of the week.
    The Diamonds, see comments above; I’ve just spent a couple of hours playing some of their early albums, love em.
    I remember the BB’s version from way back, never a real favorite, nothing I’d want to keep.

  8. Vivaldi? erm, Four Seasons and a Curved Air extravaganza. That’s it. Loved this though. Very beautiful.

    Lana Del Rey – Again, very familiar with the name and repute. Not so hot on naming any songs. Yes it is very good but I didn’t experience any great surge of emotion. Liked it though.

    I love Antony but have to take him in small doses as the effect is rather overwhelming. Hadn’t heard this one before. He does do some good cover versions doesn’t he? Completely inhabits the lyric.

    Darrell Scott – “You may well be tired of hearing You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive” – nope – hadn’t heard a note by him before. Loved the guitar, quite liked the voice, lost track of the story. Probably repays a few more listens.

    Loved The Mighty Diamonds. Most of the reggae I listen to is nowhere near as stripped down as this. Good one. Breath of fresh air.

    Tom Mcrae – I like the Beach Boys version of Sloop John B but it is rather over-familiar. Again it’s good to hear the song without too much embellishment. Makes it come alive again.

    Good set altogether.

  9. Fortunately for me I heard the Lana Del Ray before all the media obsession. Hey she’s just a girl singing a song. I liked it immediately in a Motels meets Dinah Washington way. A very nice airy set with The Mighty Diamonds just dominating. Very powerful.

  10. Ooh look, a new box of matches … how many bridges can I burn now?

    Vivaldi – there’s something about classical choral (as opposed to a choir, which can blow me away) that just doesn’t work for me; nothing in this piece changes that, I’m afraid.

    Lana Del Ray – Are the Social Services listening? (Shut your eyes, DP!) Despite the wholly unsuitable subject matter, this song is THE hit of the year so far on both my daughters. So far I’ve managed to keep “forgetting” to load it onto their mp3 players, but I’m fast running out of excuses. It’s an ace song, but because of what I’ve just said, hearing it now makes me uncomfortable.

    Antony – I’m another who has to take his Hegarty in infrequent doses, but when I do partake, I usually overdo it. [I think I’ve enthusiastically/gushingly put up A&tJ earworms myself on two previous occasions.] This, however, I can happily walk away from: I think it’s an ill-advised “What can I cover that no-one would expect?” contrivance.

    Darrell Scott – ditto exactly what severin said. But not sure it’ll get a few more listens chez DsD.

    The Mighty Diamonds – um, er, ditto exactly what severin said! The problem with “a breath of fresh air” is that it’s welcome, refreshing, and gone again in no time flat. Reproducing the pleasant-surprise feeling instantaneously is almost impossible. I DO promise I will try when GF‘s post on them appears.

    Tom McRae – if I’d never heard the Beach Boys version, I think this would be my hit-of-the-week. But because I am so used to The BBs, it jars slightly. A shame, that.

    Really sorry, everyone. I honestly don’t know where all that negativity came from tonight; I’ve been in a really good mood today.

  11. Well, for once I’m going to be totally positive, I really enjoyed this selection.

    Vivaldi – What’s not to like? I am very fond of Vivaldi. But don’t tell Abahachi.

    Lana Del Rey – Well, this was mine. The lyrics are queasy, that’s what attracts me to it – it seems pretty mainstream but it isn’t, quite. Young girl obsesses about unsuitable, shallow, selfish tw*t. Hope she gets over it.

    Antony and the Johnsons – I fully expected to hate this as his voice drives me nuts, but I quite enjoyed it – made me think of a young Bryan Ferry in places. Once was enough, though.

    Darrell Scott – really like this, I’m fond of a sad song, and this is very well presented.

    The Mighty Diamonds – loved this too, unusual – really enjoyed it.

    Tom McRae – another beauty, well done everyone. And thanks to SR for knitting it together so seamlessly.

  12. Liking this – particularly the way that such a diverse range of styles (choral baroque, commercial pop, incongruous cover versions, folk and acoustic reggae anyone?) segue into each other so effortlessly – top job SR!

    I studied Vivaldi’s Gloria in GCSE music. Only really remember the first movement (Dum-da-dum-da Dum-da-dum-da Dum-diddle-diddle-diddle Dum-diddle-diddle-diddle GLORIA!). This was lovely, over to quickly, but a beautiful lead into…

    Lana Del Rey – I too was lucky enough to hear this (just) before the hype, and it’s still my favourite song of 2011, though I can take or leave her otherwise (somebody on a Guardian blog pointed out that it’s musically similar to Grant Lee Buffalo’s “Fuzzy” – anyone else hear that (DarceysDad?)?

    Antony – I echo other people’s views, though I’ve been tempted by reviews to get hold of his orchestral live album. Anyway, this was diverting and rather amazing (though I still prefer Beyonce).

    Darrell Scott – this gradually pulled me in. The music had a similar fluidity to John Martyn’s Solid Air – possibly because of the bass – donds for Danny Thompson’s immortality. I had to google the lyrics, because I heard the line “I can see him as a baby” as something far less appropriate first time through.

    Mighty Diamonds – great sound and feel to this – good find!

    Tom McRae – interesting… nicely done. I’m fond of the Beach Boys version, although it’s maybe out of place on Pet Sounds. The freshest, most moving version of the song has to be Okkervil River’s take though:

    • I would say that I like Anthony’s voice, but (perhaps there is always a but?) for me it works best in combination with other voices I already appreciate.

    • Oh I do. I became a big fan when I first heard him many years ago. I had no clue who he was and hadn’t seen any videos. There is in his voice a unique plaintiveness and honesty that signed me up.

      I don’t think he’s about performance at all. That’s a bit of stereotyping, to be honest. I think he’s a true artist and it’s all about expression for him. Like a Patti Smith or a Joni Mitchell, really.

      • I used the word ‘performance’ in the same way as I use it to describe what the Dead did, tin (i.e. ‘what an artist does on stage/record’; a million miles away from the audience-engineering that Lady Gaga indulges in). I’m happy to believe that’s the way he projects his voice naturally, as unusual as it is. I can’t help thinking that being attracted to a ‘unique plaintiveness and honesty’ in his voice isn’t exactly the same as loving the voice itself.
        tbh, it was very difficult to frame the question without being condescending/insulting but I am genuinely interested in the phenomenon where we can accept a voice (say) in one context that we wouldn’t in another. I’m pretty sure lots of people ‘put up with’ Dylan’s voice because of the songs, for example, whilst actually not really liking the way it sounds.

  13. Well done, barbryn, for figuring out why the Vivaldi was there (and why it was so short). It wasn’t long enough to give it serious attention, and I’m sorry to just tease everyone – but it is beautiful; as is the whole work.

    I did think it helped to require the listener to approach Video Games with due solemnity. I’d previously dismissed Lana Del Rey as pop nonsense without listening to her songs, but this is lovely with it’s 50s cinematic quality clashing with it’s 2010s sensibilities.

    Sometimes music is about the melody and the phrasing, and sometimes it’s the instrumentation, and sometimes both. In this one, I think one has to approach it that Antony Hegarty‘s voice is part of the instrumentation, possibly a sort of reeded woodwind sounding instrument. It’s how I have learned to love and appreciate his sound. This song totally works with this approach, It’s very, very beautiful.

    Darell Scott‘s song is lovely and the guitar work is just gorgeous – as is Danny’s bass. I do like songs without all the hoo-ha.

    The Mighty Diamonds is another wonderful song without all the hoopla. It sort of has a grandeur that is lacking when things are gussied up too much.

    Tom McRae‘s interpretation of Sloop John B is, I think, perfect. A young boy and his grandpa press-ganged into the Navy and having an increasingly worse time of it. They are ill-at-ease with a seaman’s life to begin with, horrified with the stealing, drunkeness and savagery of on-board life, and desperate for home whilest wondering if they’ll ever get there. Tragic.

  14. Vivaldi is for those warm sunny Sunday mornings sitting on the patio with the newspapers and a huge cup of filter coffee and fresh croissants. Aaaaah, lovely.
    Love Lana Del Rey’s voice and the mood it creates, but I’m a bit with DsD about the content.
    Could not get into Antony at all, sorry.
    Never heard of Darrell Scott but will be looking out for some more. Track of the week for me.
    Nice to hear reggae in another form and the Diamonds certainly do it very well.
    As others have said, it’s a pitty that the BB’s version is stuck so far in the memory that it’s hard to appreciate how good this is. More listens required.

    All in all a really good set of ‘worms. Thanks.

  15. 1. Vivaldi- Great band, could do with more drums.
    2. Lana del Ray. I make a point of never listening to anyone called “Lana”
    3. The sound of a cat with it’s testicles caught in the mangle. Quite like this one.
    4. Not for me.
    5. O.K. in a “Boy scouts round the fire” kind of a way
    6. Piffle.

    Right. Now to listen to them.

  16. I have a tendency to tune out when video games are mentioned,so I have nac if the Lana Del Ray is remastered from an album or a movie or a game.

    Is it supposed to be a cover of Belinda Carlisle‘s Heaven Is A Place On Earth?

  17. tx for Mighty Diamonds Sakura

    Your comment about the dubs and arrangements is an interesting one because reggae has been stripmined for riddims (how cool, me?) but it’s always been about the messages of peace, love and a humbleness to me.

    Have you heard Tarrus Riley?
    http://bit.ly/HOU94Z @tarru

  18. Late, but lovin’ the list. Some there that are nice as a one-off but that I can’t imagine really getting into an album.by that artist. Not gonna comment on them all ‘cos I’m supposed to be doing something else, but top zalachoices were Lana and Darrell.

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