Happy Birthday Sakura !

Hey Sakura !
It’s your birthday ( you probably know this) and some of the guys wanted to give you a little gift to make the day even more special. So here it is, your very own RR playlist !

SpottedRichard says – “Sakura, have a wonderful birthday. I hope you get lots of cards, presents and calls from your loved ones. Don’t pay too much attention to the lyrics in the song I picked. It’s soft and dreamy and I hear a slight Asian influence in the music – all of which make me think of you. I hope you like it!!!”

and she has chosen “Sigh by the Bilinda Butchers” for you

Abahachi says- For some reason J-Pop songs always remind me of Kenickie, one of my favourite ever pop groups, never as successful as they deserved to be.

and his track is “Kenickie-In your car”

Daddypig says – “Happy Birthday Sakura ! ! ! Thanks for all your contributions to RR and the ‘Spill and I hope you have a fantastic birthday. This song is from Girlschool’s first album, made way back before you were born, in 1980, and I hope you like it.”

and the track …”Race with the Devil by Girlschool”

Bish says – This song has been on my mind and my iPod since Danny Boyle’s (somewhat qualified, but let’s not quibble) triumph with the Olympics opening ceremony. Anyway, it was suitably triumphant for Slumdog Millionaire and it’s suitably triumphant to celebrate Sakura chan’s birthday. Big birthday hugs from me! bish xxx

And he’s chosen “Jai Ho by A R Rahman”

Alimunday says- Has to be better than Nyancat – happy birthday Sakura (my brother’s birthday too – a good day) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and instead of a track has left you a lovely link to a Hatsune Miku Live Party in Tokyo

Marconius 7 says -Happy birthday Sakura! Thought you might like this tune by an American group that was extremely popular in Japan before you were born. Marconius7

and sends both track and link ! It’s a Ventures tune “Walk don’t run 64” The link is for the Live in Japan version !

Another link from RockingMitch who wants to say “Keep rock rolling, Mitch !”
The song is “I heard it through the grapevine by The Slits”

Bethnoir wants to say-
“Hi Sakura,I’ve chosen my family’s favourite girl band song, my sons and husband like it as well as me! I expect it’s familiar to you, it’s a good time song and I hope you will enjoy it and have a fun birthday! p.s. I have been supporting the Japanese gymnasts at the Olympics, especially Ryohei Kato 🙂 ”

and has sent you “The Spice Girls-Spice up your life”

Beltwaybandit says – Happy Birthday Sakura, I remember you getting enthusiastic about some Calypso nominations of mine, so here’s one I hope you like, this one based around a peculiarly British Invention!

and the song ? “Lord Beginner- Victory Test Match”

Treefrogdemon says – “Goldie and the Gingerbreads, the first all-female rock band, explaining their robust approach to relationships.” and the song is Please Please by Goldie and the Gingerbreads

CaroleBristol says -“Happy birthday. Sakura. Here is something you
may not know, but I hope you enjoy it. Kevin Ayers is one of British
music’s great eccentrics*.”

and she has chosen Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes by Kevin Ayers.

Sonofwebcore wants to say “A rose from me and Captain Beefheart.”

and has sent a link for this track

Glasshalfempty says- “Happy birthday, Sakura!!!! Hope your day blossoms!!!✿✿✿”
and has sent you “Cherry blossoms of my youth by Jah Wobble and the Nippon dub ensemble !

Severin adds “Happy Birthday Sakura!
An what better way to celebrate than to send you a track you probably already know better than I do?
From a CD by some people calling themselves Ryukyu Underground some Okinawa dub.”
The track is “Kokusai Dori Dub”

Shoegazer sends Birthday greetings with Air and the appropriately named Cherry Blossom Girl

I suppose I have to add something too…..I’ve chosen a track by a little known band called The Blue Hearts, they were from Japan and the song is called “Happy Birthday” ( I’m being deliberately grumpy here. You know I wish you the happiest of days really , don’t you ?).
Hope you have a lovely, lovely day and enjoy the songs.

* We do a good eccentric in Britain !

39 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sakura !

  1. How clever of Pairubu to pretend to be us and fake all our song choices. (Just kidding!) He did well to remember the time/date differences, so three cheers for him!

    Hope it’s a fab birthday with lots of balloons, small and large.

    Enjoying the playlist.


  2. Thank you all so much for your birthday wishes ! ! ! It is so nice of you all ! ! !

    I really love the play list ! ! !

    I have some free time now for a few days from my stupid job and my boyfriend came to visit, so yesterday I had a picnic with him which was really nice This evening I will go to vist my friend Yuki and she is cooking dinner for us.

    But really the best thing about today’s birthday was checking The Spill and seeing this post.

    Thank you Mr P for organising it ! ! !

    Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes and your support, friendship and tolerance ! ! !

    It is a wonderful Birthday surprise ! ! !

  3. Huge apologies for not submitting a song, Sakura chan.
    I have plenty of excuses, but none of them sufficient.
    I haven’t even updated you and Panthersan on how we went o with the Japan Olympic Football squad yet.

    I promise to catch up with both this week.

    Happy Birthday.


    • I hope you had a nice time with the soccer team ! ! !

      Thank you for the birthday wishes. I had a lovely time ! ! !

  4. Happy Birthday Sakura ! ! !
    I seem to have missed the memo but here’s a song that captures something of what I think is your spirit (although it’s a different flower and I know your head is not empty!).

    • Thank you DaddyPig ! ! ! The play list is great ! ! ! I really ebnjoyed listening to it and I am sure you will to ! ! !

  5. Sakura ! Sorry I’m so late in wishing you a Happy Birthday !!!
    I just saw Fuel’s comment on RR which is how I found out…
    Hope you had a great day. Love lr

  6. Hi Sakura,

    Happy Birthday. Hope that there are many others and that they are all good.

    My excuse for not recommending a track is that I have been on holiday and so couldn’t email a link to Pairubu.

    If I had been able to send a link it would, ofcourse, have been for a brilliant Deep Purple track featuring the great piano work of the late lamened Jon Lord. A paean to the land of the rising sun, it’s people, culture and a particular Japanese woman.

    ‘Woman From Tokyo’ – Deep Purple

    Hope this link works (sorry I’ve never mastered the linking process on this site)

    • Ooh It Works.

      Hope the video doesn’t seem too ‘racy’ but it was either pictures of beautiful japanese women like yourself, or just the picture of the original DP album cover.

    • Thank you so much Carole ! ! !

      I do like the Kevin Ayers track very much ! ! !

      I did not know him before but I will find out more now ! ! !

    • Hi WInny ! ! !

      Thank you for the birthday wishes and I really like the track ! ! ! It is a great version on the song ! ! !

  7. Hi Sakura,

    Sorry I missed your birthday (was knee deep in coursework), so please accept a belated お誕生日おめでとう and I hope you had a great day.

    Hope you are managing to survive the heat and humidity too, we get a nice breeze down here in Kanagawa, but I know Tokyo is always stifling !

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