As you might have realised there has been a major event going on in the UK attracting visitors from all over the world. Of course I’m talking about the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool. Yes it’s that time of year again and I know you’d be disappointed if I didn’t give you a full, day by day report. There has been some banter at “chez carpenter” about this being my equivalent of the Olympics, concern about whether I’m in good enough physical condition etc (answer – no). However a performer that I get chatting to about the Olympics on the coach to Blackpool offers a different perspective – the Olympics is the world’s equivalent of the Rebellion Festival!

Day one is a bit of a easing in sort of day. You’ll be disappointed to hear there’s no cheesy 70s novelty acts today. There is some novelty though – a band called The Pukes featuring 17 women playing Menace’s GLC on ukuleles anyone? Pairubu? I take a quick look at newish Nottingham band Girlfixer. A bit Distillers-ish, not quite my bag, but they’re a tight band.

Today is more of a day for catching up with old friends , including old friends who still live within 6 miles from me but that I only see once a year in Blackpool!
There are of course one or two reformed obscure 80s bands for me to see. I check out Xtract who did one 7” back in the today which I didn’t rate that much. Tonight they sound pretty good though, despite the singer’s bandana. This for some reason seems to be a popular fashion item for ageing punk bands, perhaps to hide a receding hairline. I blame Chron Gen, I’m pretty sure they started this.
Second reformed 80s band of my day, and the one I’m most looking forward to, are old anarcho band The System. I have been getting drunk in preparation for their appearance. Unfortunately it seems the frontman has as well. He keeps cocking things up and repeatedly blames the rest of the band. They take it on the chin and carry doing the best they can, but I imagine a frosty journey home to Wigan awaits! At least none of them were wearing bandanas.
Onto the final leg of the evening, and time for an embarrassing reminder that I’m not as young as I used to be. Cockney geezers The Business are on in the main venue, the Empress Ballroom but my feet are aching so I head upstairs to the balcony. The Business are probably past their best these days, but do a good job of rousing the rabble with their shout-along choruses.This song is, appropriately, Loud Proud & Punk.

After their set though I start to feel the effect of the drink. I’m feeling drowsy and ominously a hangover seems to be setting in already. I decide to wait and see if headliners The Buzzcocks are on form. Next thing I know I open my eyes and The Buzzcocks are already halfway through Autonomy. When did they come on?

They sound good but I sensibly decide it’s time to give up and head back to the B & B. This is worrying. If this weeked was an Olympic event it looks like I would fail to qualify.

18 thoughts on “REBELLION FESTIVAL 2012 – THURSDAY

  1. Ace opening ceremony to your reportage, Wyngate. Puts my still-not-really-started-let-alone-ready-to-post Olympics insider post(s) to shame.

    One of the Athlete Chaperones on Anti-Doping with me is a full-time steward for the company who’ve been, um, looking after you all in Blackpool. I don’t wish to get ahead of you, but he had a word or three to say on the subject of Rancid – PLEASE tell me you weren’t the naked crowd surfer …..

    • You’ll have to wait and see…

      …ok no I wasnt. Does it sound like I would be if I couldn’t even stay awake?! I didn’t actually watch Rancid so no worries there.

      The security at Rebellion are always really good, I’ve never once seen one of them doing anything I thought was out of order, which is unusual. I understand there was one ugly incident in which performer assaulted a member of security staff, and it sounds as if it was unprovoked. This performer apparently now has a life ban. I can’t really say anymore as it’s all hearsay.

  2. I wouldn’t be so quick to blame old age. Just an off the cuff guess that you’ve missed out on a lot of sleep this past year.

    I never could stand Rancid.

    And yes, i’ve been waiting for this series too. Will listen later, a bit too early for punk here.

    • Funnily enough “wyngate jnr” sleeps right through the night nearly every night! I did find it was a long day trying to get ready the day before while looking after him. My wife wasn’t feeling well so it was down to me to look after him. She still insisted I go though for which I’m very grateful, and things turned out fine.
      I think the main issue though is my reduced tolerance for alcholol over the years, which has obviously reduced even further as I hardly go out now.

    • Falling asleep standing up is impressive – I’ve never managed that. I’ve seen people sleep (lying down) through The Exploited though – that was quite an achievement. Obviously alcohol must have been involved.

  3. “Funnily enough “wyngate jnr” sleeps right through the night nearly every night!”

    And now you’ve just jinxed yourself, no doubt.

    Not that big on Girlfixer, I like the Distillers but they have way better guitars.

    The Buzzcocks sounded pretty good. Lead singer looks eerily like Abahachi with a few extra pounds, did he just say he was going on vacation? hmmm…

    Hope you saw the Test Tube Babies…

  4. He’s sleeping soundly as I type!

    I’m not really into Girlfixer myself, just not quite my thing, the Distillers comparison is me groping in unfamiliar territory, but I thought the singer has that sort of sound. I was struggling to find any clips for bands I’d watched on the Thursday so I chose them as I’d seen a bit of their set and they seemed to be going down well.

    I’ve certainly never seen Abahachi and Pete Shelley together in the same room…..

    Test Tubes were Friday … which is tomorrow’s installment….

  5. Oh good! I so enjoyed your rebellion series last year. Definitely the Buzzcocks out of this lot. You do have a lovely turn of phrase.

    Desperately waiting for each and every installment.
    Beer throwing
    Rubber chicken throwing
    Seagull dive bombing


    Not sure I want to know about naked crowd surfing

    Glad to hear that wingatejr is thriving, but sorry mrsw is poorly, and that being a parent has curbed your capacity to keep your eyes open after 27 pints!

  6. Thanks SR

    Fights – the only one I’m aware of was the one I’ve mentioned in my reply to DsD. Daren’t say anymore for legal reasons!
    Beer throwing – one notable incident aimed at a high profile target! Wait for Saturday’s report!
    Rubber chicken throwing – Saturday again!
    Seagull dive bombing – an everyday danger in Blackpool, like stag and hen parties.

    Mrs wyngatecarpenter is fine now, but the timing was bad!

    27 pints? More like 2.7 pints these days!

    I’m planning to post the report on Friday this morning.

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