Update: Earworms 30 July (Mystery Edition)

Well done, DsD!  Your idea was well received and generated a lot of fun comments along with the more serious ones about how well we really know each others musical tastes. Here’s a recap of who submitted which worms on Monday’s playlist:

1: The Distortions – Behind My Wall ~ SweetHomeAlabama

2: The Pogues – I’m A Man You Don’t Meet Every Day ~ Zalamanda

3: Rita Pavone ~ Heart ~ RockingMitch

4: Breathe ~ Hands To Heaven ~ DarceysDad

5: BlaZe – Autumn, Winter, Spring ~ Tincanman

6: Pink Floyd – The Crying Song ~ BethNoir



The winner is  *drum roll*  our former Wormeister – Zalamanda.

Prize:  50 SPILL POINTS! 

 In second place – Amylee Prize: 25 SPILL POINTS!

 Runners up – Barbryn and Severin Prize: 10 SPILL POINTS!



to Zalamanda  for description of the week:

the jangly bit in The Distortions song

psychedelic ice-cream van


RockingMitch‘s song was the most correctly guessed

DarceysDad‘s  song was the most incorrectly guessed

Great job everyone!

The full results are here: Earworms 30 July (All errors etc, etc.)** my running order column went wonky, and my fractions all recalculated to the lowest common denominator.

Now, apart from Zalamanda (who realized afterwards and did not cheat) and bluepeter, who else realized that things had gone wrong? It seems that this was a bit of a practice run. I need to fix an unexpected quirk in my iTunes which put the wormers name in the file even though I had deleted them from the upload file. Is anyone going to own up to just goofing around because they knew who the wormers were? And who suspected that Tin had added wrong names to the files in the Dropbox?

What do you all want to do about repeating this?  And while we’re here… Anything else anyone would like to throw out an idea for Earworms for group discussion?

I’ll add a voting poll later on.

A big Thank You to everyone who contributed worms to this playlist and/or  sent them to the wormbank. Do you have more to share?  Send your juiciest worms plus a line or two per song on how you got hooked: to either earworm@tincanland.com or a wormhole near you. Thank you.

48 thoughts on “Update: Earworms 30 July (Mystery Edition)

  1. Good game, good game. They’re obvious when you know ’em, aren’t they? Except perhaps the Floyd. I didn’t have that down as a Beth choice.

  2. Agreed, Bish. The Floyd song did indeed prove a thought-provoker; it was both little-known in their canon, yet a possible fave of so many of us.

    I can’t take credit for the success of the thread, though. SR & you lot made it work; all I did was blurt out a random thought when sending Sue a ‘worm submission.

    Re the techie issues of the songs remaining credited via iTunes, Media Player or the ‘Box – no idea; I didn’t even look whilst listening.

  3. “What do you all want to do about repeating this?”

    Well, it was fun and a good idea in theory. I think it has the possibility to get a bit out of hand maybe in terms of a) the files b) people maybe going out of their way to alter their description of a song so they don’t get called out on writing style or clues (for example, the mention of someone known in NY eliminated a lot of folks from the running by default.) and a few more.

    So if people just continue to submit noms with descriptions as usual, allowing for the possibility that their identity is easily discerned, i think that it sounds fun. Just so the game itself doesn’t overshadow the tunes.

    I probably didn’t say all of that too clearly, so please don’t anyone take offense or take it as any criticism, none at all was intended.

  4. Oh, and I meant to add:

    I’d save this idea for an occasional treat, neither regular nor frequent.
    I do have another couple of thoughts on variations; I’ll let them ferment a little more in my dank vat of a brain before I think they’re robustly tasty enough for public consumption!

  5. An interesting and entertaining diversion from the norm, SR. Given the possibility of deliberate narrative disguise (as amy says) if this becomes the new norm, I’d suggest doing it once in a while, when the picks seem odd to you (as DsD’s most definitely was).
    I think revealing the identities earlier would be better, however: enough time to allow guesses (and a slight amount of banter/friction/accusation/denial/flounce/death-threat) yet not enough time for interest to wane. Thursday, before the RR results are in?

  6. From the perspective of the wormeister, apart for the technical hiccups, this was really not too much extra trouble: a bit of blurb editing to preserve anonymity and the spreadsheet, obviously.

    Finding songs that fit is not vastly difficult. Some of the songs that come in are ripe candidates.

    This has stimulated visits to and interest in the post and more earworm contributions. That’s fantastic! (But keep them coming!)

    Glad you’ve got more ideas brewing, DsD. I’ve got a couple too. If they are not raised by others, I’ll chuck them out here.

    Spill Points:Beer ratio depends on whether its American, British or German beer, Amylee.

    • I have found that as of late i have a seemingly limitless capacity for American beer-flavored drink. I imagine that the Yorkshire translation of that would be at least roughly the same ratio as of the dollar to the pound. Especially if the exchange rate has widened to 1:2 or 3.

      • Amy, if you’re in Yorkshire, come and see me. Gordon rarely drinks when RR socialising and DsD is usually driving. So I will give you some support in your quest for experimenting with Yorkshire beer. And don’t forget Daddypig.

        As for Earworms, I thought this was a good game, I miss the banter, these days, it’s all a bit quiet. Or I’ve arrived too late to join in.

      • I’d love to Ali, didn’t realize that you and DP were there also. Who knows, maybe in a year or 2 i’ll be able to make another extended UK trip, and see more than just London and part of Kent.

      • Can’t take credit for that, i think the “American beer-flavored drink” bit came from Pairubu. But how you people can drink piss warm beer is beyond me.

      • The greatest comment on British drinking habits comes of course from the classic Asterix and the Britons, where our heroes go into a pub and are offered a choice of warm beer, chilled red wine or boiled water (tea hasn’t been discovered yet…).

        However, as I’m a born-again devotee of US craft beers, to the point of trying to replicate them myself at home because they’re so expensive and I can’t get any of my favourites over here, I would say that there needs to be a clear distinction between cold yellowish stuff (I wouldn’t even call it “beer-flavored”, as it doesn’t taste of anything much) and proper American beer.

      • Aba –

        Aren’t most craft beers here kept and served cold here as well?

        There are many websites now that ship craft beers, some internationally. Expensive as hell though. I know because i was looking into a subscription type thing for a Christmas gift, but passed due to cost. I don’t know how deeply you’ve gotten into it here, but there are tons of craft beer festivals here, and blogs, and a wealth of information. This blog looks pretty good, and also gives home brewing tips and recipes using beer too. But there are a lot more.


  7. It was an enjoyable guessing game, I agree it would be lovely to continue it as an occasional series rather than a regular thing. I wonder if people were more harsh in their assessment of the songs hearing them without being connected to anyone? Poor Pink Floyd song, I feel sad that I accidentally pushed it forward for abuse!

    Perhaps we could have an earworms people wouldn’t expect you to nominate one day? I think we probably all like to think we’re not too predictable, but perhaps we are. For the record I was brought up listening to Pink Floyd and never managed to rebel against that particular band 🙂

      • aw thank you, I’m glad there is some love for the Floyd! It’s just a little quiet song, I know many people who actively dislike the band, in retrospect I think I might be too attached to it to have entered it as an earworm. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

        I *heart* Pink Floyd too (but not so much after 1975).

      • But…. you don’t like Animals? Sheep is one of my favourite things to listen to when I’m lazing outside with a blade of grass in my mouth and the sun on my face….baa…

      • I can see that Animals has worth and I do listen to it sometimes, but I can’t say I love it lots and lots. I’m glad you enjoy it though 🙂

      • Aw, I’ve done that with earworms too, Beth – I’m always surprised by how much other people’s dislike of songs that you have an emotional attachment to can sting. Sorry this one didn’t connect with as many of us as it could have done – but there was some love for it, no? I hope so! x

      • thanks for the sympathy, Bish, I shall choose songs I don’t care so much about in future, it’s my problem and yes some people did appreciate it, I’m just being a delicate flower 😉

      • I’m puzzled why anyone thinks it adds value to say anything negative about someone’s song choice. I sincerely hope that I’ve not been guilty of that. If I have I would like to apologize now.

        Does anyone agree that a policy of silence or a simple “sorry, not my cup of joe” is sufficient?

      • cup of joe, eh? the yanks did get to you.

        i don’t really find much wrong with that, at all. but i do have a problem i guess with savaging someone’s pick.

      • I’m with Amy (I think! – don’t want to put words in anyone’s mouth). I don’t see anything wrong with explaining why a record doesn’t work for you. We all like (and dislike) things for different reasons, some musical, some associative, all valid. But everyone’s taste is subjective (obviously!) and stating categorically that, eg, something is rubbish isn’t really on (IMHO of course).

      • I need to make the point (similar to Bish‘s, I suppose) that I feel no compunction in telling you that I dislike any particular song or style, but I hope I never cross the line into the realm of disrespecting or belittling a choice.

        Saying something is “rubbish”, or making any comment that could be construed as musical snobbery is not on. In particular, anything that appears to be calling into question the taste/integrity of the poster is not welcome on a DsD monitor screen – that’s why I fell in love with RR in the first place, and why I simply cannot converse with JonD without losing my temper.

    • Sorry Beth, I like Floyd too, but prefer Granchester Meadows and Cirrus Minor in terms of acoustic tracks – feel free to dis my choices any time!

    • Hi beth,
      I played all the tracks directly from the ‘spill page and they automatically transfered to my Windows Media player page. When I placed the cursor over each track the posters name came up on all but two of them.
      I also know from previous postings that you are also a big Floyd fan, as am I and a few others here.
      So no magic, just a bit of luck really.

  8. I was certain about three of these here worms and wrong about one of these certainties (i.e. it was D/D not Bish – sorry Bish). Beth’s was the only one where I thought I recognized the voice as well as the musical taste but I’d be hard put to say why.

    An interesting experiment. Perhaps (with the contributor’s permission) a mystery contribution could be included now and then.

    • No apols necessary. A little bit (alright, maybe not so little a bit…) of me likes that I’ve made enough of an impression hereabouts for folks to have thought I coulda bin a contendah.

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  10. I think it worked out just the way it was SR. I agree novelty things like that should be used sparingly, but sounds like people have other ideas for twists that they could send you and you could squirrel away for sometime you weren’t busy being a sheep 🙂 and thought it was getting a bit stale.

    This probably worked best because none of us knew when we sent out songs in that they were for this. If you asked for that it would turn into a bunch of quirky nonsense.

    (I didn’t see the submitters names in the DB btw. I just decided to play around with the tags to mess with bluepeter’s certainty. I understand now why that’s didn’t work and we shall put out head’s together before the next one)

  11. Some caveats:
    SR mentioned ice cream vans afore I ever did: and I did, actually, cheat a little bit. I was pretty certain that Breathe was not a Bish pick (too obvious – and something about the writing didn’t seem right), but I wasn’t sure who. After I accidentally discovered (via actually looking at Windows Media Player for a change) that the file properties revealed the worm-owners, I’m afraid it was too much of a temptation to see who had sent in the ringer-for-Bish.

    Oh, and, of course, I had a couple of advantages. Sweet’s Distortions pick had been in the wormery since my tenure, and I had one of my own in. Which, obviously, I palmed off on someone else.

    (on borrowed machine)

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