dance in a spiral sane spin circle with bells on

an eclectic mix spiralling out of the grooves – enjoy:

1 Circle Of Filths IPSO FACTO
2 Another Circle of Fifths Michael The Blind
3 Circles Soft Toy Emergency
4 Trades And Tariffs The Dodos
5 Circle Square Triangle Test Icicles
6 Zero Yeah Yeah Yeahs
7 Circles The Soft Moon
1 World On Wheels Dilated Peoples
2 The Ring Us3
3 Spin It Round The Nextmen Feat. Dynamite MC
4 Money A Fe Circle Papa San
5 You Spin Me Round The Big Ghana Band
6 I Was Zero Sage Francis
1 Philippians 3:20-21 The Mountain Goats
2 Zorbing Stornoway
3 Bigger Wheels I Am Kloot
4 Spindrift Sunday Driver
5 between circles death and vanilla
6 Semassa Zero + Zero (Benin) Poly Rithmo
7 Into The Groovey Ciccone Youth

6 thoughts on “dance in a spiral sane spin circle with bells on

  1. Well my friend, i found that first set to be some rough going. Even the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who i usually love. Karen’s voice still bailed that one out for me. And reminded me to post the Pumpkins on the mothership.

    Second set was awesome! Loved the whole batch, especially the first four. Still plugging for Magic’s Pete Burns to make the list though, so we can finally put it to rest.

    Thanks! Off to the third set to wrap up the work for the night.

    • First set is an acquired ‘sound of indie’ that I really like – with YYY’s doing their Dance/pop crossover … not to everyone’s taste obviously – no worries – that’s why I split them into sets.
      Did think the 2nd would be more up your street. Think Glasshalfempty was responsible for pointing me in the direction of the Big Ghana Band (there were a few ‘famous’ covers created during the South African football world cup).

      glad you like the Goats – subtle circle reference – but a good one.

  2. First Set: 3, 6 and 7. The Soft Moon was my pick there.

    Second Set: Agree with Amylee – loved them all. My pick of the lot would be The Nextman feat. Dynamite MC but The Ghana Band was fun and Sage Francis was a close runner up.

    Third Set: Some really interesting ones there. I was going to pick I Am Kloot until I heard the last one, then I changed my mind. (Oh good-o, it’s on youtube, I’m pinching that for my jam tomorrow :))

    Thanks Shane. (I’m into the groove. I’m gonna groove my lurve to you.)

  3. Is that the 2nd ‘Spill spin for soft toy emergency? Anyway, like it/still like it. Good Goats call. Good stuff as per.

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