Tuesday Challenge – Number 3.01 – Meet The Band ! ! !

Okinawan girl rockers Streropony

I think this is going to be a really tough one for you ! ! !  

I was listening to  More More More which is the latest album by Stereopony and the opening track is called Introduction.  It is a short track where Ami (the singer and guitarist) just says a few words about the band in English.

So I started to think about it and I have only 3 tracks where the bans introduce themselves.  One other Japanese track  and one English.

So I think this will be a tough challenge for you.

What are your favourite Meet The Band tracks ? ? ?

Here is Stereopony with Introduction:

52 thoughts on “Tuesday Challenge – Number 3.01 – Meet The Band ! ! !

  1. First thought was Rapper’s Delight. Also Float On. But i’ll still go with this one –

    Rolling Stones – Jigsaw Puzzle

    Oh the singer, he looks angry
    At being thrown to the lions
    And the bass player, he looks nervous
    About the girls outside
    And the drummer, he’s so shattered
    Trying to keep on time
    And the guitar players look damaged
    They’ve been outcasts all thier lives

    I think Jagger always introduces the band at live shows though.

  2. The In And Outlaws – still operating, though sadly without Matt these days – have a song called Theme From The In And Outlaws. The song doesn’t introduce the band individually, but briefly describes each of their better-known songs. I don’t know whether they’ve updated it to include some of their newer songs; but anyway, this is the version with Matt on it.

      • It is, though strangely enough they don’t usually do it at the beginning of a concert, but towards the end.

  3. No contest ( well there is but “We’re the Modern Lovers only exists on a bootleg tape).
    The Milkees- Go Go Girls !

    Lovable in the extreme both musically and visually. Each band member gets a go at singing a verse and don’t they all do well.

  4. The only one I know (and it’s the best there is).

    It’s got to be The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah band and the wonderful “The Intro and The Outro”.

    • This was the English song I have. Mr P gave it to me last year and I think it will be hard to find a better one ! ! !

    • At the 2007 Cropreddy Festival, Fairport Convention re-united as their 1969 line-up, minus Sandy Denny, to perform Liege and Lief. The opening track was ‘Come All Ye’, which they used introduce the band. Here’s a rough copy on YouTube. The recorded version I’ve got, taken from a BBC broadcast is much better.

  5. Fairport Convention did a song in which they sent up themselves and their communal lifestyle: Angel Delight. Here’s an audibly imperfect version from 1982.

    My favourite verse is:

    On the other hand, there’s Pegg on the bass
    Whose tastes in food are very much wider
    You’ll see a smile light up his face
    At a couple of kippers and a glass of cider

  6. Donds to Sly & the Family Stone – and since SHA has snaffled that one, there’s no escape from my other favourite. Should I apologise for this? Nah, it’s still a great pop song…

  7. Don’t think this one quite fits the rubric, but I only really noticed the lyrics yesterday, so here’s Diana Ross and the Supremes with Back In My Arms Again:

    How can Mary tell me what to do
    When she lost her love so true?
    And Flo, she don’t know
    ‘Cause the boy she loves is a Romeo

    Other than that, McAlmont & Butler did a “Theme from McAlmont & Butler”, which is kinda groovy.

  8. Best one for me was Rocking Mitch’s band at Daddy Pig’s birthday party, when I was (only momentarily) the only one in the audience, and Mitch asked me to introduce myself to the band!

    • I am so jealous ! ! ! You have felt very honoured ! ! !

      Shimoji Isamu is the most famous musician from my Island ( He is most famous for beer commercials actually) and he dedicated a song to me and my sister when we saw him two years ago in Okinawa (It is a small island so everyone knows everyone) as he saw us in the audience and recognised us. We did not know if we were proud or embarrassed ! ! !

      This is one of his tracks – The photos in the video of from our home island

      The Track is called I Come Back

  9. Pettybone are an all-girl hardcore band from somewhere in England (can’t remember where…) they have a song called ‘Pettybone’ which begins:

    Pettybone is the voice of the voiceless
    Pettybone is the voice of the oppressed
    The sound of revolt for all those that were told they’re useless
    For all those who lost their youth in the process
    For all the kids that believe in their dreams but the fucked up system cut their wings
    For all those living in poverty on the edge with (in) sanity
    For all the vagabonds and homeless
    For all the women who fight for freedom and respect
    For all the immigrants trying to make their way through the London streets
    For all the sisters and brothers in need
    For all the truth seekers…
    You have a voice
    (cuz) Another world is possible…

    There’s also ‘The Past Six Years’ by Deaf Havana:

    These days my friends aren’t who they used to be
    We were all sinners and drunks but now they’re too mature for me
    Because Mike’s on daytime radio John played Reading & Leeds
    And I’m still play the Purple Turtle at New Year’s Eve’…

    We are sick and we are tired
    We’re all fools and worthless liars
    Young and unemployable
    Lonely, drunk and beautiful
    We’re so sick and oh so tired, so tired


    ‘John’ is the guitarist in Young Guns and ‘Mike’ is Mike Duce from Lower Than Atlantis, which brings me neatly onto:
    Lower Than Atlantis – ‘I’m Not Bulimic (I Just Wanted to See How Far I Could Stick My Fingers Down My Throat)’:

    We are the kids of the recession, credit cards, overdrafts, loans and no pensions.
    We are the kids, we’ll learn our lesson by years of living in a country in depression.

      • Hi! I thought ‘I’m not bulimic…’ might appeal to you, actually. It’s not snotcore but it shares some of the same DNA 🙂

    • It is really great to see you here and posting on The Spill ! ! !

      I hope you like it and participate forever ! ! !

      I really liked the track – I did not know them before ! ! !

      • I’m glad you liked it, but which one? Lower Than Atlantis?

        And yes, I’m planning on participating forever!

      • Hi Shoey ! ! !

        This a new track for me from The Stranglers ! ! ! I think I need to listen to it a few times for me to grow to like it.

        Thanks for introducing it to me ! ! !

      • Don’t think you really need to. Just a bit of fun, mocking the live tradition of introducing the band & poking some fun at some of the established artists of the day.

  10. A difficult one? Oh you silly person, This is the Spill. Someone will always have an obscure area of expertise. Which this week is me. I used to collect openings. (Many many years ago and it WAS a defence mechanism about not having sex but I’d rather not talk about it)

    The top 3 ever:

    3. Link Wray Live at the Paradisco (Holland) 1980ish
    (The announcer is shouting, so if you could use your imagination a bit I’d appreciate it)

    Inklebottoms und smellyydiapers, un flappergaster und schchopytester,

    Une vroom and crappywassen.

    He’ve havaflett, Une shoemuncter and une habbybottom….


    (I had to paraphrase):

    2. Earth, Wind and Fire – Africano (from Gratitude, ‘ 75)
    It starts with a big gong, and then a guy bellowing:
    (huge pause, like it’s going to be a bait and switch with the Bee Gees or something)
    EARF (he doesn’t even say it properly)

    (even bigger pause for effect)

    And #1, without a chase of a sniffer in sight:
    Big Brother and the Holding Company – Combination of the Two ’68

    In a slow dry dulcet tones, <b."Four gentlemen and one great,great broad….

    • Of course I should have known the Spillers would have lots of ideas ! ! !

      Big Brother and the Holding Company is fantastic – I really loved it ! ! !

  11. Looking on my iTunes I have a few intros but they’re all very short and not on youtube. There’s Tony Curtis introducing ELO on ELO’s Friends and Relatives, some unknown introducing David Bowie in Santa Monica in 1972 and another introducing Chris Connor.

    The only other thing I can think of is Creeque Alley by The Mamas and The Papa’s (and everybody’s getting fat, except Mama Cass).

    But.. I do have a Brad Paisley CD that someone gave me for my birthday last year (which I hate) which has Shatner Says Goodbye – yes, the man you most admire, Sakura! Sadly, again not on youtube!

    • I do think Mr Shatner is a great method actor. I sent a clip to my old tutor at university (I studied performing arts) and suggested he use them in his classes.

      He thought I was joking . . . I do not know why ! ! !

  12. The B52’s – ‘Song For A Future Generation’ anyone?

    Apologies if this appears full size – I tried unsuccessfully to do the link thingy in Guardian site but PC at work can’t handle it!

  13. Thin Lizzy had a number of shots at this, some more successful than others. Having A Good Time was unquestionably the worst of them being a ludicrously bad filler on Chinatown. Much better is this early offering which is a whimsical tale of the road with an added dash of homesickness.

    Here I Go Again – Thin Lizzy

    So we packed our bags and headed for the North sea
    There was Eric, Brian, Freaky Pete, Charlie, Frankie Lee and me
    I was feeling homesick but I was in good company
    We went sailing

    We came ashore long before the fighting broke
    Saw the sign and headed for the big smoke
    We met an old woman of the roads, she said “This life is but a joke”
    But we kept on trucking

  14. On this track, Gene Vincent introduces each member of the original incarnation of Bluecaps to step forward at take a solo.

  15. Suede opened up their second album “Dog Man Star” with a short track “Introducing the Band”. Worth a listen if you are unfamiliar.

    They don’t introduce each member if that’s what we’re looking for but it does have the lyrics:

    Europe, America, Winterland……..Introducing the band.

    Which is good enough for me.

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