running up that ‘spill

1 Run Tings Inner Terrestrials
2 Running From The Thoughts Dub Pistols
3 Running On Empty Honkeyfinger
4 Run Boy Run Dudley Sibley
5 Running two* Run Lola Run
6 The Runaway (feat. Elle. J) UNKLE
7 Dog Run De Phazz
1 Hare And The Tortoise HMS Ginafore And King Creosote
2 When I was Running Out of Time Joseph Arthur
3 Must Land Running Stepdad
4 Run From Safety Octoberman
5 Knock A Door Run Arctic Monkeys
6 Time Runs Too Slow Downdime

9 thoughts on “running up that ‘spill

      • It’s for purposes of whittling down for dondage on the mothership. Although as you have recently been awarded a hat trick, it’s nice to know that backup isn’t essential.

  1. The Joseph Arthur and the Downdime were lovely. All are dwarfed by the colossus that is the Monkeys though – DOTW.

    Thanks for this. Music has been in the back trunk of my life for the past month or 2 due to life stuff getting in the way. Breaks have been in the form of being at the top of shitlists on various US political forums, so this was a welcome respite. Thanks again.

    • no worries – glad the musicians have been able to cut through the crap.
      I’m off for a couple of days now to recharge my batteries – you keep giving the political forum posters shit.

      • Actually they’re giving me shit, but i’m standing firm. And enjoying it. Refusing to vote Democratic for the first time in my 30 voting years. No, certainly not Republican, but 3rd party. Probably roughly how your Labour party felt when the Lib Dems shafted them – like they felt that they sort of owned them.

        Also refusing to get sucked into RR spats – i’m kind of thick and have a hard time with words, the digs on there are too subtle for the likes of me. My favorite insult was being called a dilattante piece of shit on a yank forum. This i understand, i only know how to fight with gloves off, which has no place on RR.

  2. Like your picture (you spin me round right round like a record baby right round like a record baby) – well almost! 🙂

    I do like DePhazz – I’ve actually nominated them before on RR – yes, I have!
    Love that first list. The second one is good, but I’m going for upbeat. I hate to break it up by choosing, but I’m going to choose Dub Pistols, UNKEL and DePhazz.

    Great stuff, Shane.

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