Earworms 30 July 2012 Mystery Edition

Just give me a glass of wine and a clock that tells no time,
Some cigarettes that’s all my company.

This week, at DarceysDad‘s suggestion, you might like to have a little fun guessing who submitted each of these worms.

Wormers,  you know your own but you will need to comment on them  otherwise you will give yourself away – and if you would like to pop back before Sunday morning to identify yourselves, please do so, or I’ll do the big reveal on Sunday afternoon.

There will be lovely Spill Points for the person(s) with the highest number of correct guesses.

1: The Distortions – Behind My Wall ~ ?

A group that endured in one lineup or another until the late 1970s.  This was their closest to a national hit, on a major label.  A departure from their garage rock style, this was twee psychedelic pop with faux Brit accents.

2: The Pogues – I’m A Man You Don’t Meet Every Day ~ ?

Oh, I love Shane singing in the Pogues as much as the next non-Irish person might; but this one – with Cait O’Riordan taking lead vocals – is a special treat from Rum, Sodomy and the Lash (as far as I know it’s never been anthologised). With a voice that is clear, sweet and decidely feminine, Cait declares herself to be “Jock Stewart”, the eponymous rare fellow. And you believe her. She *is* Jock – generous, charming… but could you trust him?

3: Rita Pavone – Heart ~ ?

Rita Pavone’s 45 was in a box I was going through and I remembered I loved it and still do.

4: Breathe – Hands To Heaven ~ ?

Here’s the song that ISN’T Fiction Factory’s Feels Like Heaven, but which fights for the same memory space in my head whenever FF are mentioned, making it an ‘earworm par excellence‘! And yes, despite it being complete treacle, I like it!

This is a NYC teen I rap with (go me, huh?) who has more musical ideas than the rest of us put together. He makes Common seem, well, Common. It’s a kid doing stuff from his bedroom who has no clue how good he is.

5: BlaZe – Autumn, Winter, Spring ~ ?

A young man making music who has no idea how good he is.

6: Pink Floyd = The Crying Song ~ ?

Neither psychedelic Syd nor grumpy Roger, this is  an example of Pink Floyd’s softer side. This song gets lodged in my head from time to time, I was making a compilation for a friend who wasn’t very familiar with the band and thought it showed a different aspect of their sound.

A big Thank You to everyone who contributed worms to this playlist and/or  sent them to the wormbank. Do you have more to share?  Send your juiciest worms plus a line or two per song on how you got hooked: to either earworm@tincanland.com or a wormhole near you. Thank you.

111 thoughts on “Earworms 30 July 2012 Mystery Edition

  1. Er, yes, I did suggest this, but with an accompanying ‘worm which, um, ain’t in this selection. Oh well …

    At work now, so can’t listen, but taking a punt on whose is which just on writing style and musical era, I’m gonna guess:

    1. Mitch
    2. Barbryn
    3. Goneforeign
    4. Bishbosh
    5. The writing style is Tinny, but the musical taste isn’t.
    6. DaddyPig

    Roll on (i) tonight so I can listen; and (ii) Sunday to find out the posters.

    Cheers all.


    • Evening all. Had a listen now, and have also read as far as Chris’ comment. If offered a second go, I think I’d probably add some votes to those saying that 1. is from Fintan, 3. is from Mitch, and possibly 6. from Chris, though I’ll stick with my DP vote on that one. I’m also beginning to wonder if 2. might not be our hostess in disguise?

      • Oh, and The Pogues are my pick-of-the-week. On the other hand, I can’t listen to BlaZe at all without my skip-button finger gettin’ twitchy. Sorry, whosever that one is.

    • First off, I’m not fooled by the faux DsD disclaimer that his song wasn’t chosen.I wasn’t born yesterday, mister, and I’m not in the third grade anymore. I’m nommng him for #1 because it’s that bad he would send it in as a blinder.

      2. I have nac about this. It’s a great song and could have come from half a dozen of you. I’m voting Steen as a bit of a wild guess because it’s the best track of the week by far and I’m not sure if people were asked to send in something atypical or wacky, but amongst us Steen couldn’t ever send in a crap song.

      3. Bish. Gay people are so predictable.

      4. Toffeeboy or Zala. I hate this more than words can describe.

      5. I’m torn here. I have a hunch it is Steen and one of her boys. But if it was sent in as a serious submission, I’ll vote Beltway. I think he’d go for the mixture of old and new.

      6. kalyr. It’s so pondering and … well, it’s a tie with #4. (If it was Deep Purple, I’d have said it was DsD pretending to be Mr Immel in the parlour with the turntable,

      • Predictable? Moi?! How very dare you. (I wish I’d sent in 3 – it’s ace. Mitch, innit?)

      • You do realize that any blatant attempts at nobbling the other players will not only result in instant disqualification but also the loss of every Spill point you have ever earned?

        This is the Olympics and there are people in peach sparkly frocks and big knickers wearing parachutes patrolling the skies. You are under surveillance, matey!

      • Dr. Darce writes:

        Please remember I AM on the Olympics Anti-Doping squad. You won’t get anything pas me!!!

  2. Ooh, what a fun game! Prior to actually listening:

    1. Mitch
    2. Zalamanda
    3. No clue but now I’m being influenced by having read DsD’s guesses so I’ll plump for gf too.
    4. DsD
    5. tinny
    6. Chris

  3. 1) Pairubu
    2) Zala
    3) Mitch
    4) Bish
    5) Steen
    6) Beth
    Probably egg on face time – will comment properly after a couple of listens.

  4. Ha Ha. Good fun this week.
    As for the tracks:
    The Distortions. I’m amazed people think this was my choice! Not bad, but not me!
    The Pogues. I like this (and most of their output). I’m guessing Zala posted it.
    Rita Pavone. Great! Whoever put this up obviously has great taste! Was it JonD himself, or maybe Miss Corvette has returned?
    Breathe. I’m guessing (like others) that this was a Bish pick. Nice sound.
    BlaZe. I’m torn between Steen or Amy Lee as the perpetrator of this one. Not really mt thing.
    Pink Floyd. Definitely not my thing. Sorry. I’m guessing Beth for this one. If so, sorry but not a Floyd fan.

  5. Here are my guesses based on the write up before listening

    1. Fintan
    2. Barbryn……. or Bish…
    3. Mitch
    4. Zala……. or Bish….
    5. Tinny
    6. Chris

    Now, to listen…..

      • Good question SR…how remiss of me. Apologies.

        None I disliked at all, except I wasn’t so keen on the Floyd…I’ve tried many times to get into them, but I think I’m just going to have to admit to myself that I don’t like them very much !

        Blaze was the highlight for me this week.

  6. 1. The Distortions: ‘twee psychedelic pop’ indeed. Could well be a fintan pick.
    2. The Pogues. Nice and gentle and quite attractive. Could it be AliM’s?
    3. Rita Pavone. Short and sweet. I initially suspected Mitch and his comment seems like a double-bluff to me.
    4. Breathe. Hmmm, OK (but nice sax). I shall join in the typecasting of bish here. As a longshot, it could be ToffeeBoy.
    5. BlaZe. Not my thing, on several levels. Yeah, could well be tinny.
    6. Pink Floyd. This may not be my all-time favourite Floyd track (or maybe it is?). If it’s not my pick, then it could be bluepeter’s (or do the comments above indicate it is Mr P? (No, because it’s mine (maybe))).

  7. Right, now to actually listen to ’em.

    The Distortions: Ooh I like this. Very groovy whilst also having something folky about it (to these ears). I’m now with Chris in thinking it might be a Fintan pick.

    The Pogues: I own “Rum, Sodomy and the Lash” (one of the reasons I opted for Zalamanda, given our record-collection overlaps), so am familiar with this. Would never have picked it out as a standout from the album – it’s too gentle, perhaps. But heard standalone like this, it’s really rather lovely, isn’t it?

    Rita Pavone: Um, who might be going through boxes? Tfd following her move? Doesn’t strike me as the sort of thing she’d nominate, but you never know… I really like this, especially when it ramps up a notch. Like a lady Gene Pitney. Jean Pitney perhaps.

    Breathe: Just the sort of thing I would choose… but did I? Very treacly, as the nominator suggests, but also very soothing. Bit too plodding for me to really love it (I do suffer from restlessness and this doesn’t quite calm it…) and I am at the very least suspicious of sax solos, but otherwise really very nice.

    BlaZe: Not really my thing, I’m afraid. And I don’t really like that Roberta Flack (?) song that it’s so heavily based on. The rapper chap has a nice tone though.

    Pink Floyd: The Floyd face an uphill struggle with me because they were one of those bands that the slightly superior muso kids belmed on about when I was in my teens. This is nice and gentle and not too proggy for me though. Not my thing but pleasant enough for me to listen through to the end. Who said Carole? Could be. Or Ali. Or Amy. I’m too easily swayed by others’ guesses frankly.

  8. 1) Distortions – Musically it’s not dissimilar to the songs Bruce Woodley used to write for The Seekers. Lyrically, it’s all a bit Bonzo Dog. I liked it.

    2) Pogues – A song I don’t hear every day. I have got the Rum, Sod and Lash album on vinyl somewhere. Must dig it out. Always liked this track.

    3) Rita Pavone – Great track. Love the sudden change of tone.

    4) Breathe – It could only be the eighties. Shades of Alison Moyet in the vocal (yes, I know it’s a bloke), a touch of George Michael’s “Different Corner and a smidgen of – oh – somebody else. Yes treacle but nice in small doses.

    5) Blaze – I’m sorry, I love the song he’s rapping over but I kept wanting to hear it without the rapping. Gave it three listens but I couldn’t come to terms with it.

    6) Ink Fly Pod – I had to look this up to find out whether Syd was still involved when they did it. A Roger Waters tune from 1969 soundtrack album “More” says Wiki. Lovely little piece of whimsy. When the earwormer identifies them self I want the gen on how good the whole album is.

  9. Dunno about that lot, not much there for me. If I had to pick one it’d be the Pogues and I’d thank TFD for posting it. Ms Pavone was sorta OK, might be Aba, he does odd things from time to time. Pass on the next two and if that’s Floyd it’s the worst one ever, now I’m starting to understand people who say they don’t like PF, I’ll give it to Chris though I generally think he usually has better taste.

    • I was about to comment on how interesting it is that no one had mentioned me in connection with any of these, and to speculate on whether this was because of my distinctively Marmite taste in music or my distinctively pompous prose style. “He does odd things from time to time” is now going on the shortlist of possible epitaphs – though that’s still headed by the phrase that is apparently so closely associated with me in the minds of my students that last year I was given a mug with it on: “The simple fact is that we don’t really know.”

  10. Know for certain who the posters are on 4 of the tracks. Can’t say how, but I’ll leave out names as I don’t want to nick ‘Spill points underhandedly. All I will say is that there’s a load of double bluffing going on out there.

    The Floyd track is not mine.

    Going to give them all another listen tomorrow, but on first hearing them it sounds like a good mix.

    • I am already aware that there has been illicit email traffic along the lines of “it’s you, isn’t it?”. I wish it known that all offenders will be taken to a room, blind-folded, and forced to listen to Steps, Showaddywaddy, The Nolan Sisters and Twisted Sister LPs on a 24 hour loop. And then fined vast numbers of Spill Points. You are warned! 🙂

    • LMFAO @ double bluffing. Like you’re not.

      Two can play this game mister! Well *scrolls up* 9 of us can.

      I see your double bluff and raise you a triple bluff. #3 was mine. I knew all about this beforehand – oh yeah, I’m always in the loop buster – and when spottedrichard said “send in songs sung by people who’s name sound like pasta”, I was right on it.

  11. 1. SweetHomeAlabama
    2. Very lovely song, could it be AliM?
    3. Absolutely adorable. Mitch.
    4. I wonder if the Bishiness of this one is a red herring? So 80s, so treacly, indeed… I remember it well. Should I go with Bish? No. DsD.
    5. Tinny.
    6. Beth.

    More commenty things tomorrow.

  12. Hi kids, feel like i haven’t made it to the Spill in ages.

    1) Bit twee for me – maybe not quite the right groove for Fintan – I’m going to go with Zala or Spotted Rich.

    2) Lovely, I’ll go Zala for this.

    3) Rita Pavone – Mitch. Not quite up my alley, but nice.

    4) Breathe – Bish. If i was less familiar with this one, i’d probably like it more. It is still admittedly some lovely treacle.

    5) Nope, not me. I like my rap good and funky, have to say that didn’t do a lot for me. Not a big fave Roberta tune behind it either. I’ll say Steen or Tinny.

    6) Pick of the batch for me. Love the Floyd. I’ll say Beth or Carole too.

    Thanks all!

  13. With the jungle drums beating a loud tattoo in my ears, may I clarify that all of the songs this week were selected (as they always are) on the basis of their individual merits and no other criteria? The only difference is that you can guess who submitted them – if you want to.

    On to my comments.

    1. The ice-cream van bit in this jars a teensy bit, but otherwise very pleasing indeed.

    2. I do like The Pogues and Cait O’Riordan’s voice adds a touch of bliss to this. It’s gorgeous.

    3. Yes, I do feel my heart beating. Rita you’re a lovely maid

    4. It IS Fiction Factoryish. It is treacly. I like it. Very satisfying.

    5. I love Roberta Flack’s Feel Like Making Love without BlaZe’s rap and I love it with. A very talented young man indeed and how extraordinary that he even knows this song!

    5. Anything by Pink Floyd works for me. And this is very subtle dreamy Pink Floyd and extra special. Wonderful.

  14. I vote we have this game every week. Great fun – and interesting to have others’ impressions of one’s musical tastes illuminated… Bluff bluff double-bluff etc…

  15. This was a great idea, SR. It is fascinating to test what you think you know about others’ tastes, and also interesting to read what others think about your tastes, and what others think about others’ tastes, and what others think about what you think of others’ tastes….
    and what some people will get strangely paranoid about. Unfortunately.

    To clarify one thing: I didn’t pick the Floyd track (I like relatively little about post-Syd Floyd, although the track played at the end of the Olympic Ceremony was just perfect for the occasion and kept my involuntary tears flowing). And I also think a couple of people owe steen an apology.

  16. It’s so interesting, isn’t it? I’m not remotely offended that so many have attributed a bit of smooth 80s pop to me (honest – how could I be as I am forever proclaiming my love of it?!), but I would have said this track was far more Toffeeboy (for instance) than me. That said, I’m forever submitting earworms and Toffeeboy isn’t, so that automatically makes me more of a contender!

    In my own head, I have quite broad tastes in music (and I tend rather vaingloriously to think the earworms I have submitted over the years have reflected that) but perhaps I’m deluding myself…

      • ‘S Okay. I’m taking this one for the team, bish ;-).

        Vaingloriously happens to be one of my favourite words. if it was good enough for Thomas Hardy, then it’s good enough for me. As it happens he used the word (actually vaingloriousness – even better) about a certain ship wot sank off the coast of Canada. Similar schemes involving you, anchors and huge lumps of ice might just be bubbling to the surface of some minds on this blog. #just saying.

        hoo hoo! 🙂

      • Haha, I think it was the first time I’ve ever used it. I was rather pleased with myself (but must admit I checked in the dictionary before posting – and then was even more pleased that it meant just what I wanted it to!).

        (And yes, I am a pillock.)

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  17. 1 Distortions: ha, what a silly song! In a good way. Could be severin

    2 Pogues: Bagpipes! I love this. Had the album on vinyl but it’s vanished – one of the kids must’ve nicked it. Folky stuff. I bet it’s AliM.

    3 Rita Pavone: another bonkers one…it’s great! Shane, because I know he keeps 45s in a box.

    4 Breathe: treacle it surely is. Not really my sort of thing (except for the sax) but I think it might be Zalamanda’s.

    5 BlaZe: just not the sort of thing I like, I’m afraid. But steenbeck might. Anyway, I know she likes Common.

    6 Pink Floyd: goodness, it is quiet and dreamy, isn’t it? I don’t know much about the Floyd, though I did like the early snigles. Perhaps it’s Chris, since he protests rather a lot.

  18. O.K. Had another listen and still think it’s a stand out set with a lovely mixture.

    I know the Floyd track quite well as the album More comes up often on a few of my playlists. Know who posted this.
    Not a great follower of the Pogues but this was good. (One of SR’s, or possibly Severin I think.
    quite liked the Distortions, Could be from the Zalamander collection.
    I know the posters for the other 3 tracks (no, it’s not e-mails SR, I’ll tell you when the list is published).
    The 3 of them have gone straight onto my favourites list.

  19. I must start submitting ‘worms again. What can i say in my defence? Work pressure, too lazy, or maybe just admit to having a lack of the insidious wee buggers for a long while?

    I’ll settle for the truth – I simply haven’t had an earworm for ages.

  20. Ooh! This is fun. Reminds me of the old days when we all had a laugh, before we all settled down and had the kids and … well, we can still re-kindle the magic, can’t we? This is fun. And bloody difficult.

    I do like the Pogues but more raunchy, and I do like Floyd, but less dismal. So I deny those two.

    Wild guesses:

    The Distortions – Sheddi
    The Pogues – Spotted Richard
    Rita Pavone – Daddy Pig
    Breathe – No idea at all. Sounds too romantic for Bish.
    Blaze – No idea either. Doesn’t sound like Steen or Amy to me.
    Floyd – Tinny on a double bluff.

    Fun, thank you!

  21. As for liking them – there isn’t really anything here that I like very much, it’s all listenable but all a bit forgetable (sorry) – Rita Pavone probably best of the week.

  22. The Distortions is a curious one. Psychadelic ice cream van mixed up with a fantasy novel.

    The Pogues track is an anomaly, but a pretty one. I like it, but…

    Rita is my favourite. It reminds me a bit of Nick Lowe’s “Heart”, which isn’t the same song.

    Breathe I remember, but not with any great warmth. I don’t dislike it; it’s just… there. Of it’s time. I think it means something to the person who sen it it in.

    BlaZe is nice. Not quite my usual thing, but I woudn’t throw it off the turntable. He’s got a nice voice; it works.

    The Floyd. I would never have guessed this was them in a blind taste test, but, then, my Floyd collection extends to a single (multi-disc) anthology. It’s very mellow, isn’t it? Which is good. But not terribly stand-outish, for me.

    • Meant to add – great mix of stuff. Just north of – oh, I was going to say mellow, but I’ve already tagged the Floyd with that. Maybe the Floyd track is lifted above mellow by that guitar line. Yes. So the list is “just north of mellow”.

  23. This is fun!

    1. The Distortions – liked a lot, reminded me of early Tim Buckley. I think it’s Fintan’s, or possibly SHA.

    2. The Pogues – interested that some people think this is mine… it’s always been one of my favourite Pogues songs. Since I can’t imagine anyone not liking this, it comes down to the writing style. Who would use a semi-colon like that? Abahachi or May1366, I reckon…

    3. Rita Pavone – new to me, really liked. Who was buying 45s in 1963? Mitch.

    4. Breathe – glooping way over my treacle threshold, this, sorry. ToffeeBoy has a high treacle tolerance (Bishbosh I have down as more of a cheese merchant…).

    5. BlaZe – liked this a lot too. The laidbackness reminded me of Lupe Fiasco, who I know Tin likes – pretty sure this is his.

    6. Floyd – I’m really not very familiar with them, so wouldn’t mind hearing that compilation. This was different from what I know. And I reckon SpottedRichard picked it herself.

    • Sorry SR, I can’t bite my lip any longer.

      With apologies to Bish & Toffee, I have to confess that I’m the treacle provider to this week’s worms.

      I’d be interested to know if that’s a surprise to any of you …


    • DsD! There are people who haven’t had a chance to comment yet – Sakura, Pairubu and BethNoir usually come in much later in the week if they get a chance!

      Where’s the duct tape when you need it?! 🙂

    • a late reply as I was trying not to reveal myself, Barbryn, I could sent you the PF selection if you like, but it didn’t convert my friend. I think I chose songs that have emotional significance to me, because of my history with the band, but don’t work for other people.

      • A compilation of songs that don’t work for other people? Sounds, um, great…

        If you could ‘box something though, Beth, that would be great – thank you.

  24. Hello, a late comment this week as I’ve been on my holidays. I feel like I have an advantage with the guessing as I’ve read all the comments, I like the idea, perhaps we should do it every week?

    1. I like the jangliness (sp?) but not the vocal style so much, pleasant and sunny though and I’m going to guess Fintan.

    2. Now, I’m a fan of Shane’s song writing, but not performance so much, so this is a lovely surprise, rather pastoral and gentle on the ear. I’m thinking Spotted Richard or Zala for this one.

    3. The castanets are fab, I think Mitch chose it.

    4. Now it has been noticed by Mr Bethnoir that I tend to have a large tolerance for 80s ballads with fey male vocalists, but this is too gooey for me, but if it were Alison Moyet I’d probably like it more. I think I’m going for Bish.

    5. BlaZe is not my thang, but I too think Steenbeck might like it.

    6. This doesn’t seem to have converted anyone, not sure I know all the PF fans here, I’ll go for Kalyr.

  25. Late to the party again but as there’s a new twist I’ll jump in. Only two of these really connected – The Distortions and Rita Pavone. It’s not an earth shattering connection mind but they could both go on many of my playlists.

    Here’s my go with the first poster comes to mind guesses at the djs.

    1. Daddypig
    2. Tincanman
    4. Mnemonic
    5. Steenback
    6 BluePeter

      • Sir: All attempts at guessing are just that. No effort has been made to provide a basis in fact, rumor, supposition, trends or any other solid methodology. Were I to end up 0 for 6 wouldn’t surprise in the least. Having now read a post or two above I have it on good authority that #4 is already a lost cause. ( You & M wouldn’t be running a dodge would you?)

      • Ha-ha-ha! Excellent, Sir Fintan. I suppose I shoud have realised there’d be an element of
        “I’m Brian and so’s my wife” bluffing going on here.
        No, I can assure you that (i) Breathe really was me; and (ii) the mistress of drone will loathe that song with a passion!

    • I think we all forgot that when you’re not hanging out on The Spill and RR you’re frequenting the gaming joints in Reno and stiffing the tourists.

      A master bluffer who will see through all the amateur efforts, no doubt!

    • Well, if you read the blurb, Mitch. I’m giving the anonymous ones the chance to ‘Spill their guts today and I’ll pop by tomorrow in case anyone’s too shy to tell. I’ll also reveal the winner!

      Or have you bitten your fingers off because you can’t stand the suspense?

      Note that Sakura hasn’t commented yet. And I believe Pairubu (barred from loggin in for drunkeness?) is not able to comment.

      We can do this early if you want to!

    • “… if you would like to pop back before Sunday morning to identify yourselves, please do so, or I’ll do the big reveal on Sunday afternoon.”

      Everyone else seems a little shy! My post is scheduled for noon.

      You’ve got two hours, people! DsD can’t stand the suspense! 🙂

      • * glances repeatedly at watch;
        increases the pace of the finger drumming;
        ill-advisedly decides to pour another cup of Java *

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