All That Glisters

Mountain Goats – Golden Boy
Jazz Butcher – Girls Who Keep Goldfish
Country Teasers – Golden Apples
Yacht – I Saw Gold

Barry Adamson – ‘For Your Ears Only’: The Man With The Golden Arm
Devics – Gold In The Girl
Blue Sky Black Death – Gold In Gold Out
Lower Dens – Completely Golden
Departure Lounge – Tubular Belgian In My Goldfield
Band Of Skulls – Dull Gold Heart

Viva Voce – Good As Gold
Beck – The Golden Age
Slow Club – Gold Mountain
Poly Styrene – White Gold
Up, Bustle & Out – Waterfalls of Gold [Dub]
Hugh Masekela – Gold

8 thoughts on “All That Glisters

  1. I was beginning to worry that there was some kind of subliminal brainwashing going on with your playlists, Shoey, as I’d very much liked two MG tracks in a row. Mightily relieved to find out that I didn’t like this one nearly as much 🙂 – it was fine! So many good ones. Best ones for me were

    Blue Sky Black Death – Gold In Gold Out
    Slow Club – Gold Mountain
    Up, Bustle & Out – Waterfalls of Gold [Dub]


  2. Most Def glistens and glitters round these parts – but then it’s East Anglia – truly unique use of pre-English (?) and made up language still about – and bloody great it is too.

    So, the music, apart from the great one’s that were in my Spotify playlist – hee hee
    I really liked –
    Yacht (I don’t have that track must search out more of their stuff)
    Devics – remind me of something and it’s nagging – something good – I like it.
    and Band of Skulls.

    Departure Lounge sits better in it’s album setting (an album I bloody love – and whenever I mention it people go WHO? – but I’ve play listed tracks too many times and given up trying now) I did have Digging For Gold by Tim Keegan (Departure Lounge singer) in my original set. but gave up on that too.

    Didn’t you, me and Blimpy try Viva Voce every week for a while too – bloody love them.

    Ace list, all brilliant and, as ever, even tho I own a stupid amount of tunes, you pull out a few new ones for me to investigate.

    (insert own sentence involving, RR, Results, List, Guardian, The Sack, bored, same old, same old, passion, lack of, going through the motions, so sue me, back bone, opinions, bland… and finish this comment yourself)


    • Thought it was all that’s bootiful is not gold in the flatlands?

      Life’s too short to put up with being bored. Think we have every right to try & shake things up a bit (although harping on about it can quickly become dull too).

      Glad you found some newbies, when the RR well runs completely dry, it really will be time to hang it up.

      • exactly – I don’t want to be rant on about it all the time – it’s tedious.
        That’s kind of why I e-mailed Jon first – that has been passed on – but I don’t expect feedback – they are busy people – I’ll think about what I want to say out in the open on RR – then say It – but I’ll shut up now.

        we’ll always find new things – it’s if we loose that – it’ll cause the ultimate pain. or A pain anyway – who knows.

        “That Guzunder is not gold, I Higgle”

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