zanxeo and the gorilla’s gold

1 Always Gold Radical Face
2 Gold For The Price Of Silver (Erot Collaboration) Kings Of Convenience
3 Inside The Golden Days Of Missing You Silver Jews
4 Gold Sol Seppy
5 Gold Mine Gutted (Her Space Holiday MIx) Bright Eyes


1 Black Gold Foals
2 Cream of Gold_mix2 Astrid Swan
3 Realms Of Gold Hopewell
4 The Golden Boy Parov Stelar
5 Solid Gold The Golden Filter
1 Calypso Gold Princeton
2 Turn It Gold (Derek Allen Remix) Hestra Prynn
3 Gold In The Fire (We Have Band Remix) Monarchy
4 Gold, Tan, Peach, And Grey Bodies Of Water
5 Attack on Golden Mountain Subrosa

Zanxeo is the eponymous hero of a new adventure series – well, it is according to my son – he has the ideas for issue one: the undiscovered island.
A story he started writing for the school book – that they replaced with a list of things he did during half term – if you’ve ever seen a 7 year old jump up and down in raging disappointment – then you’ll know what we had to deal with.

The undiscovered island was his idea for a new Tintin – so maybe his story could not be used because of copywrite laws – but why let disappointment fester – it’s time for a new hero.
We’ve worked together to create Zanxeo (zan – zee – oh) –
His pet mini mammoth – Little M (rescued from the crazy scientist’s lair on the undiscovered island – do keep up)
He works for ?Stark (questionstARK) – an environmental charity that helps in areas of devastation. This is a front – but he takes it seriously when he is needed.
His workshop and living abode was / is devastated in Revolution Messiah (issue 2) but he finds an abandoned windmill (in the wastelands of The Independent Republic of Iceni) where his friends build him a new place to live – knocked up in straw bales, getting the old windmill sails working – replacing them with wrap around solar panels – so he can always create electricity with wind or sun.
This is needed when (secretly) you monitor the atrocities of world governments.

Considering we all fell asleep yesterday afternoon – we are doing alright for day two of the summer holidays.

Now back to finishing my designs for a colouring book.

16 thoughts on “zanxeo and the gorilla’s gold

  1. Oi, would you at least leave something on the table until I can find some time to explore this gilded turd of a theme?

    & Spotify too? The software that has blanded down RR is spreading to the ‘Spill? Nooooooo.

    The latest book looks fun though.


    • Spotty removed – you are quite correct – I should narrow my choice down and not song dump.

      it’s on my site if anyone is desperate:

      I e-mailed Jon with an idea to perk up RR – but he didn’t like it (no, it wasn’t my off the cuff twitter piss take) – It was just a twist to get different voices/ears picking the theme and selection – I even worked it so he got to keep his job and the Guardian made money out of it – oh well – I think we are left with his taste for ever.

      I’ve been reading some of his other articles and they are really quite passionate – the weekly cut and paste of RR doesn’t bring out the best in his writing, or I’m so used to his format after a year and a half. I tried (and I went through the correct channels so I didn’t upset the hippo – “hey hippo is that your back I see I’m talking behind – I’ll wait a while for you to swivel around – so I don’t piss you off” saneshane shuffles away quickly before being squash to a pulp.

      Book could take a while, the 7 year old is creating covers for about a million before we’ve even written the first.

      I have two other children’s story books to finish before these – and getting a colouring book printed this week too. If only I could then sell them – I might even be able to eat – but who needs food when you have imagination.

      That should leave – Belouis Some song – ‘Imagination’ stuck in everyone’s head all night now shouldn’t it? – and the memory of seeing the rude video on Max Headroom.

      And that thought process jump is exactly why I have a different user name for my children’s books and my random spill world – this internet jubbly is bloody tough.

      • You didn’t have to take it down – my tounge was mostly in my cheek. & there are plenty of songs left – in fact it’s going to take a while yet to narrow down a ‘Spill list.

        Can’t validate my RR/Spotify theory either. It may be possible to share a song you have on the list even if Spotty doesn’t have it? My main problem was the ads & the fact that it was so greedy resourcewise & fiddly to use. Wish RR would stick it as a link for the many that use it & remove that ugly black splodge from the RR pages. Afterall, It’s not as if loading the RR pages were problem free once a few comments have built up.

        As for fixing RR: Probably going to take more individual time & effort (listening to suggestions, donding etc.), as that’s what makes RR a community, instead of just shouting out song titles for some prize that doesn’t exist.

      • shoey – I really don’t know why I bothered with Spotify – I only compile the playlist to see what is available – then try to choose more songs for the spill that are harder to find – it’s a pruning process.

        But quality will sneak in still – I don’t think I’ve ever listen to a song in full on there – I just use it for snapshots – and the ads are appalling.

        My ads seem to focus on ‘desperate dating sites’ – that have the look of dubious skin flick origins. I bribe my Ms. every hour of every day to stay with me so I never have to date again … and she uses that fear to make sure I’m a very, very, giving person.

  2. Lots of great songs: I particularly enjoyed Gold For The Price Of Silver (Erot Collaboration) Kings Of Convenience and The Golden Boy Parov Stelar but the standout track was Cream of Gold_mix2 Astrid Swan – just gorgeous.


    Sorry your little boy suffered such acute disappointment. The story looks impressive. Does he have a name for the mad scientist yet?

    • Astrid Swan – was pointed out to me by Fuel – a man of taste and stealth.

      there’s extra mixes on soundcloud if you look them up – I saw you liked Parov on this is my Jam – it’s good to see some people on there that I know.

      Disappointment goes quite quickly as long as you channel it correctly and don’t dwell – although his demanding getting this book finished could take longer than the 20 minutes he gave us to write it.

      Mad scientist has not yet been tagged – but zanxeo seems to have created a robot (that tells lousy jokes) as a companion – overnight. “Would you like chips with that” seems to be his mantra at the moment – and that’ll work well with subtle(!) social satire, I hope.

      cheers for popping in.

      • A man of taste and stealth. Ha! To paraphrase something you once said: “another example of how misleading online communication can be”.

        Astrid Fuel (22 months) loved “Solid Gold”. Did she ever dance to that. Too much screaming and running around going on around here to listen properly to the playlist, but we did like the beats.

      • I forgot to mention my puzzlement at the botoxed Shane in the picture then realizing it was Pip. Sorry your idea got knocked on the head.

        I looked at the mixes on SoundCloud already. Thanks for that. I’d love to know where you all go for your new music. I’ve found a few sites all by myself.

        Shoey – your idea about the Spotty playlists is worth an email to the music editor of The G, somebody Casper-Lewellyn.

        Fuel – I’ve been getting mental images of the twirly girl in the forest in her gold lame jumpsuit this week!

      • SR:

        Not a botoxed shane, zane or pip – it’s an adaption of a toy I’ve made to base the Zanxeo character on – it can be photographed and then artwork and expressions are designed in after. Saves time if you are doing comics panels – I still don’t know how to use computers properly so it’s all a bit arse about face. But if I could make things all smooth and perfect it’d be generic computer art – not a shane design.

        As for new music –
        I’m on the mailing list (separate music E-mail address – keeps it tidy) of all my favourite record labels, plus Rough Trade shops and others.
        I have an E-music subscription with a guaranteed cost that’s so old I think they are paying me to download tracks. So I randomly grab stuff – as an experiment.
        A filter on RCRD that sends me weekly tracks in the styles I like.
        And a joy in filling through charity shops/library sales for designs on covers that I like.
        Then I steal things from anywhere – if I like it and they have made the effort in good packaging I’ll buy it on record …

        … except now we have another child – there’s not enough room in the house and not enough money to build the studio or extension.
        Somethings got to go – and I think the rest of the family will vote Me as least useful.

      • Fuel – we know you are only being self-deprecating – un-like the price of gold.

        I myself am a wonderfully gregarious social monster – that only hides behind a keyboard to save the world from my charms. (that fact that it’s just taken me 2hrs to build up making a phone call is a phantom blip in the life of saneshane)

        where was I? Astrid is a great name – glad the beats kicked in.

      • I like him too …
        Thank you very, very much – that’s made my day.

        (yeah I dislike cutesy too – It’s only a rough we’ll see where it goes)

      • @SpottedRichard That image is scarily accurate.

        @saneshane Love the zanxeo idea. Will have to come back to it some other time.

        Cheerio for now.

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