Earworms 16 July 2012

Me, I’m like Can’t Get You Out of My Head
Annoying at times but I make you wanna dance

1: Tony Mascolo – Night Wind ~ SweetHomeAlabama

A little intro is in order This one sounds like some lost nugget from an early-80s Roxy Music album.

2: Pulp – Razzmatazz ~ bishbosh

I remember buying Pulp’s “Intro” album (on cassette, natch) in about 1994, having never heard anything by them but having read a rapturous review somewhere (probably the NME). The two tracks that stood out for me were “Babies” (later resurrected for “His ‘n’ Hers”) and this. Gotta love a lyric that opens with a mordant couplet about incest, haven’t you? Haven’t you? Oh…

3: Hello Saferide – I Wonder Who Is Like This One ~ Barbryn

“People are like songs,” sings Swedish songwriter Annika Norlin. And when she compares someone to “God Only Knows”, you know exactly how she feels. So, what song are you like?

4: Olivia Chaney – Daddy Oh, I’m Hoovering ~ Severin

Infuriatingly the very talented Olivia Chaney has yet to venture into a studio on her own behalf. She did, however, take part in a CD project organised by Concerto Caledonia. A classical/folkie recording made in one afternoon. This self-written song would be worth posting for the title alone, which refers to only cleaning your flat if a pretty boy is coming round. It does also feature the line “Woke up with bruises on my legs, bad circulation, he said”. Ah, romance!

5: Alan Hull – United States of Mind ~ AliMunday

Here is a song by Alan Hull which appeared on the album ‘Pipe Dream’, circa 1973. I used to have the album which had a Magritte-style picture on the cover, of a man with his nose in a pipe (a play onCeci n’est pas une pipe”, I guess). Anyway, I digress, I had forgotten about this song but it popped into my head today, and I still really like it.

6: Nacho – Forbidden Nectar ~ Tincanman

I DO know it’s terrible. You’re singing it though, aren’t you? With the accent. Before you deny it, “remember that I can rupture intestines with the flexing of my thigh”.


7: Jason Segal, Amy Adams et al, Life’s A Happy Song – Abahachi


Here’s the video  (trailer only)

A classic earworm, insofar as I can’t get the chorus out of my head. I would say that anyone who doesn’t love The Muppets has no soul, but since that includes Mrs Abahachi… Just be thankful that I didn’t send in their barbershop version of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’…

A big Thank You to everyone who has send in these and other songs. If you have more, yes PLEASE!  Send your juiciest worms plus a line or two per song on how you got hooked: to either earworm@tincanland.com or a wormhole near you. Thank you.

41 thoughts on “Earworms 16 July 2012

  1. If you fancy another tune, furry puppet fans.

    In case you didn’t know it – Share It, Maybe is the newest Sesame Street Cookie Monster offering – a spoof of Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me, Maybe”, remixed by Mark Ronson.

    You might not like this, but the kids will.

  2. 1 Night Wind: not really my sort of thing I’m afraid – which I realised when I saw you’d described it as ‘early 80s Roxy Music’, SHA!

    2 Razzamatazz: I really do need to listen to more Pulp, because I’m sure I’d like ’em if I got to know ’em…but I really didn’t like this one much; and yes, it’s the subject-matter – or rather the treatment of it – that turned me off.

    3 I Wonder Who Is Like This One: love her voice, and the quirkiness…but I’m not like this one – the one I’m like is Shadow Of A Doubt (A Complex Kid), because I’m deceptively simple, there are various interpretations of me, and I’ve got bits that nobody understands. Oh, and nearly half of me is in brackets.

    4 Daddy Oh, I’m Hoovering: yes, great title, and I really relate to the concept of never doing any housework unless someone’s coming round. Never heard of her, but I like her voice also. This one is quirky too. You’re doing quirky this week, aren’t you, earworm mod?

    5 United States Of Mind: I never got into Lindisfarne, don’t know why, but I do like this. Probably not really memorable enough to be an earworm for me though.

    6 Forbidden Nectar: oh, come off it, tinny.

    7 Life’s A Happy Song: this always reminds me of the ensemble pieces (eg The Mustard in Once More With Feeling but, although I love love love OMWF, I can’t say I like this – I’m always thinking “OK, but what if you haven’t got anyone to sing along with you?” Sorry, Muppets. I do love you really.

  3. Right, must try not to upset or annoy anyone this week…

    Night Wind: Unlike tfd, my ears prick up excitedly at the words “early 80s Roxy Music”. Or just “early 80s” really. I therefore like the sound of this. And especially the sound of his voice. Not sure the song itself quite matches up, but I did enjoy the overall feel of it.

    Razzmatazz: Apologies for off-colour blurb… Not the best start to being non-contentious. Perhaps not one of Jarvis’s very finest but you can hear what he will soon be capable of.

    I Wonder Who Is Like This One: Aw barbryn, you’re an expert at finding tracks that are just the right side of twee! This is my favourite this week. Adorable.

    Daddy Oh, I’m Hoovering: I HATE hoovering (all that heat and noise…) but I love this. Perhaps because it sounds nothing like a vacuum cleaner. Lovely voice.

    United States Of Mind: Lovely guitarwork, lovely voice, lovely songwriting, lovely.

    Forbidden Nectar: Tee hee.

    Life’s A Happy Song: Sweet. A bit too much Jason Segel and not enough Muppets for my liking at the beginning, but it improves as it goes on. Heartwarming stuff. Ooh, then a bit too much Amy Adams. But lovely overall!

      • Re: Night Wind – The single was actually released in 1998. It just sounds like it had been encased in amber for fifteen years.

      • Lovely comments.

        I was torn as to which version of Life’s A Happy Song to send in; there’s a reprise at the end of the film which is just the Muppets and so superior from that point of view, but it’s much shorted and lacks all the ridiculous “Life’s a fillet of fish… Erm, yes it is!” bits.

      • I think there’s something a bit Morten Harket about Mr Mascolo’s voice. But it’s reminiscent of someone else too. It’ll come to me… maybe.

  4. Night Wind: Ah, the joy of a relentless hi-hat synth noise on every single off-beat….
    Razzamatazz: I’ve tried with Pulp. Jarvis is a clever chap with a fearless attitude to subject matter (and a love of Outsider Art that I commend) – and they’re a competent band – but I find his talky/singy voice a slight drawback.
    I Wonder Who Is Like This One: as bish says, ‘just the right side of twee!’ The twangy background noises balance her voice rather nicely. Like it.
    Daddy Oh, I’m Hoovering: what an interesting song! I love its quietness and mediaeval flavour.
    United States Of Mind: modestly nice. Stereo mandolins always improve my mood.
    Forbidden Nectar: what with this and his love of the Bay City Rollers, I feel tinny may need help.
    Life’s A Happy Song: a song I might be able to bear if I can see Kermit & co at the same time. Otherwise, pass me the sick bucket.

  5. I’m starting to suspect that my earworm this week is not, as hoped, going to be a song that brings us all together with big smiles on our faces, but something that’s even more divisive and annoying than my usual contributions. In which case I might as well go the whole hog and add probably the most Marmite song ever

    [audio src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/540143/nevermind.mp3" /]

  6. I thought this lot was an interesting collection of songs, as usual by a totally unknown bunch of musicians but some were very clever and generally none were annoying. Now there’s generous praise for you.
    #1. Not a huge fan of the singer, nor did I understand what he was on about most of the time, but not unpleasant.
    #2. Similarly an interesting intro. the song intrigues me, who writes songs like that and why, but a very interesting idea. Break-up songs didn’t used to be like that. Good arrangement though.
    #3. I liked that Swedish lady and her song. Plus the twin gtr. backing and the backing singers.
    #4. Liked that song though again I’m not sure what’s going on and ‘Google was no help. Nice voice and interesting arrangement.
    #5. My favorite song this week, 1973 and I’ve never heard of him, I’ve led a sheltered life. I like the gentle instrumental backing.
    $6. Not a huge fan of Nacho, a bit too theatrical, and Tinny, be careful with that thigh, you don’t want a ruptured intestine.
    #7. This reminds me of Monty Python Sings, specifically it sounds like a kids version of Eric Idle’s Always look on the Bright Side of Life, go ahead and play ’em side by side and you’ll see.

  7. I really like the eccentricity of this list btw. You have to listen to separate the wheat [Obviously mine is the wheat and the rest is the chaff], and I do like that. One man’s/woman’s wheat will be another shemale’s chaff.

    No one has so far named an earworm of the week, and I really like that. Nothing wrong with blurting out that mine is the best, but it probably gets tiring for folks week after week after week after week after week. Seriously, earworms is not a competition and I’d far rather listen to a half dozen eccentricities that have caught someone’s ear and stuck there.

    • Damn! Sorry, Tinny, that comment lasted precisely 4 minutes before I pulled the rug out from under it. If I said I wrote it before you posted, does that make it better or worse?

  8. 1. The “Early-80s Roxy Music” description gave Mr.Mascolo a MASSIVE mountain to climb with me before I heard so much as a note. He never even got out of base camp.

    2. I like some Pulp, and admire Jarvis’ songcraft, but I’m not struck on this particularly.

    3. Hello Saferide completely unknown to me. “Right side of twee” indeed. Lovely.

    4. Olivia Chaney paled a little by following Hello Saferide. Still enjoyed it though.

    5. Alan Hull is not for me.

    6. Nacho – Oh, ffs. Got fast-forwarded long before the end. No matter how many layers of post-modern knowing irony you want to slap on top of that, I’ll still know it’s underneath, stinking away like a cheese turd.

    7. The Muppets CAN do it for me, but this just doesn’t without any supporting visuals.

    So, Hello Saferide this week’s DsD Top ‘Worm, and by a country mile too.

  9. Nacho- Brilliant ! Just the kind of thing I like
    Pulp- tolerable, though I find a little Jarvis goes a long way.

    The rest, not for me and the “muppets” one makes me want to kill my ears.

  10. From the top:

    1. Definitely a 1980s vibe for Tony Mascolo and I like it. Very cleverly done.

    2. I’ve never heard much Pulp in the past until bish posted this as a Spill Challenge once. It intreagued me then, and it’s really grown on me now. Like it enormously.

    3. Hello Saferide‘s (Annika’s) very lovely song has an underlying stillness to it, somehow, if you understand what I mean. Is there a song about being a muddleheaded moron at one with the cosmos? That’s my song.

    4. Olivia Chaney‘s voice is very beautiful and the song is very witty. I love the musical accompaniment and low-key backing too. Gorgeous.

    5. I loved Alan Hull. What a fab voice he has, and I love his accent, which always comforts me as my Grandma was a Geordie. The lyrics are delightful and the acoustic guitar is impeccable.

    6. Nacho was a bit of fun, but if you had this on in the background and weren’t listening to the lyrics, it could just pass for a not very good ballad (deliberately, I think). The lyrics are bonkers, but I must admit I managed to fight off the giggles until right at the very end.

    7. When Aba sent this in last week, I felt compelled to add this onto the playlist because it had the tinkly intro that nearly all the others had and because I thought it was a nice complement to the fruitcake Nacho track and it’s so joyous.

    Despite a strong loathing of musicals, for me, The Muppets are in a class of their own. I’ve seen the movie twice and I adore this song. Lyrics like “you feel like you’re three feet tall” are fabulous.

    I honestly can’t pick a favourite again.

  11. Very glad that Hello Saferide went down well. A fair proportion of my record collection is [hopefully just the right side of] “twee”.

    Would like to hear more of Olivia Chaney – demands attention, very quietly. Alan Hull was also unknown to me, and I liked.

    “Razzmatazz” was I think the first Pulp song I heard, but I haven’t listened to it for ages – it had enough about it to signal that Jarvis was something special.

    I saw The Muppets movie in the cinema, and loved it (more than my daughters did, truth be told) – think the “Man or Muppet” song was the highlight though. Not hard to detect the hand of Brett “Flight of the Concords” Mackenzie.

  12. My computer is kaput and I can’t do much music-listening at work but if anyone does want any info on Olivia Chaney you could look here.


    She does a very good version of Aupres de ma Blonde live. I think it’s on her site somewhere too. It’s certainly on youtube.

    • I had a listen, so thanks, Severin. The only song I was disappointed in was her treatment of Barbara Allen, although kudos for doing something different with it. Thanks for the intro.

  13. 1.Tony Mascolo – Night Wind
    I can’t get the Rick Astley resemblance out of my head. 1998, Sweet? Seriously? Crumbs. (Biscuit crumbs. Empty tea cups. I feel Rickrolled.)

    2. Pulp – Razzmatazz
    I like Pulp, but this isn’t one of my favourites. Rather like TFD, I find the subject matter rather unappealing.

    3. Hello Saferide – I Wonder Who Is Like This One
    I like this. I like this a lot. Ding! Earwrm of the week.

    What song am I like?

    “Wild Hearted Woman”, naturally. Some days.

    4. Olivia Chaney – Daddy Oh, I’m Hoovering
    I feared the worst from the title, having encountered far too many songs where grown women (or men) pretend to be cute liddle kiddies and inevitably fail miserably. Thankfully – fears allayed by Severin’s write-up – it turned out to be rather nice.

    5. Alan Hull – United States of Mind
    More folkiness! Curiously chimey guitar. (I’m half expecting Nanci Griffith to turn up and start talking about buying plastic objects from Woolworths)

    6. Nacho – Forbidden Nectar
    Now, as somebody who is congenitally incapable of not listening to the lyrics, I find this … quite dreadful. Is it from a comedy show?

    7. Jason Segal, Amy Adams, et al – Life’s A Happy Song
    I detect a Disney influence. Mr. Segal’s voice is a little annoying, but nonetheless, I’m very pleased to have it here; it kind of cleansed my ears after Nacho.

  14. I think Razzmatazz is great – entirely the same idea as (look away daddypig) too much too young.

    Jarvis’ character going na na na na na –

    “The trouble with your brother, he’s always sleeping with your mother
    And I know that your sister missed her time again this month
    Am I talking too fast or are you just playing dumb?
    If you want I can write it down”

    is bitter and childishly sarcastic – probably the reason she pissed off with someone else. But you can so hear the tone of a teenage boy – trying to come up with the worse insults they can think of. (or millionaire footballers – same level of stupid abuse)

    I mean again – it’s such a ego thing – him not being able to take the rejection – I love how the next boyfriends will always not live up to him (see also: Bad Cover Versions – “I heard an old girlfriend
    Has turned to the church
    She’s trying to replace me
    But it’ll never work”

    You started getting fatter three weeks after I left you
    Now you’re going with some kid looks like some bad comedian
    Are you gonna go out, are you sitting at home eating boxes of Milk Tray?
    Watch TV on your own, aren’t you the one with your razzmatazz.

    well some people are quite happy with chocolates and TV and getting pregnant – and if he can’t take someone changing – well he can judge – but it probably doesn’t effect the female. She can develop, change and really has better things to do than a little razz:

    And now you’re going to a party and you’re leaving on your own
    Oh I’m sorry but didn’t you say that things go better with a little bit of razzamatazz?

    And he’s not coming round tonight to try and talk you into bed
    Now it’s half past ten in the evening and you wish that you were dead
    ‘Cause all those stupid little things
    No they ain’t working, oh they aren’t working at all.

    and there you have it – she’s probably thinking thank feck I don’t have to talk to dodgy blokes trying to dribble in my knickers anymore – I used to listen to pulp a lot when my best mate was pregnant (I didn’t have a house, I crashed on her sofa in unhappy drunken hazes) During my various states of idiocy – we’d look at each other and realise who was in the better position.. and Jarvis writes those views from the idiot bloke side really well.

    But I always have the females voice answering his songs with – that’s what you think pal – but, I’m fine and dandy – you’re the mess mate.

  15. 1) Quite enjoyed this. Was put in mind of Level 42 more than Roxy.
    2) I also find that Jarvis is best taken in small doses. Liked this when I didn’t follow it too closely.
    3) Intriguing song. I think I’m Last Years Man.
    4) What I like about her voice is that it seems to be a cross between the purer Jonl/Joan end of folky singing and the rather earthier June Tabor style (if that makes sense).
    5) I do like Lindisfarne but I liked the Hull-less offshoot band Jack The Lad more. This, I think will repay a bit of repeated listening.
    6) It’s not Steve Coogan is it?
    7) Wonderful stuff.

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