Fashion Victims

Misty In Roots – Food, Clothes & Shelter
Gary Clail & On U-Sound System – Food, Clothes & Shelter
Tackhead – Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
Cibo Matto – What Are You Wearing?
Fops – Yellow Jacket Corpse
Underworld – Jumbo
Laurie Anderson – Bright Red
Lisa Germano – (Late Night) Dresses

Julian Cope – Mad Clothes
Monochrome Set – Leather Jacket
Mountain Goats – Marduk T-Shirt Men’s Room Incident
Laura Cantrell – Kitty Wells’ Dresses
Damien Jurado – Best Dress
Giant Sand – Wearing The Robes Of Bible Black
Stump – Tupperware Stripper
Primus – Coattails Of A Deadman

17 thoughts on “Fashion Victims

  1. Gary Clail – Cibo Matto and Lisa G – were my fav’s – great playlist …

    my contracted Mountain Goats suggestion would be “Thanks for the Dress” – Not his finest – but it’s always good for us each to find a song.

    • Goats had a week off last week (could only think of Trunks & Tails with Peter on vocals & JD on harmonica). Plenty to choose from with something a little stronger than beer. Suspect we could always e-mail JD & ask him to write a song about x over the weekend.

    • Title track & only original from Laura’s Kitty covers album. Don’t go pure country that often, myself but Laura has one of those voices & writes great songs.

      • Ooooh, Found a Mountain Goats song for you….

        Flashing Lights —

        I am wearing a white long sleeve button down
        The pink colors behind the clouds tonight
        Mirror the softer shades of your nightgown
        As the neurotransmitters go crazy inside of me

      • Good one – Sweden’s a great album. Almost tried to shoehorn Cotton, as it’s one of my favourites, but it’s clearly a reference to left behind drug paraphernalia.

    • Nice to see you in the shoe lounge – been a while. Just be careful around the Underworld section – don’t want to set off your electronica allergy.

      • Funnily enough, I’ve just jumped from Fops to Mountain Goats, so that I could get to Laura, Damian and Howe before I crash out.
        You know me too well, sir!

  2. Two faves here were two of the tunes I already own – Misty In Roots & Damien Jurado, and I owe you another BIG drink, Mr.Gazer!!!! An idle glance at has revealed he’s touring and it’ll cost me a mere tenner to get in to see him in Leeds next month. Going on the calendar RIGHT NOW.

      • Joint headlining with Megafaun, but whether that means they’ll be backing him, I don’t know. Must go, alarm in 5hrs.

  3. another (too) infrequent visitor here.

    A fun playlist as always, some nice absurdity and loveliness too.

    Liked the Mountain Goats – mainly because of the Marduk mention !

  4. Underworld’s the only song I knew here. Lisa Germano and Laura Cantrell the best-dressed for me. “Argentina’s main export is beef” the most unlikely lyric.

    • Unlikely lyrics were Gary’s specialty – although this one references his own “Beef” anthem. Not many other record labels had a scaffolder from Bristol as their live show warm-up MC.

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