clothes maketh the man

1 Muchihwa Bhundu Boys
2 Corduroy BALLET
3 Wearing Influences On Our Sleeve-Lees T-shirts Electric President
4 You’re Gorgeous Baby Bird
5 Up Town Top Ranking Black Box Recorder
1 Iron Shirt Dreadzone
2 Dance Little Rude Boy Ian Dury & The Blockheads
3 Fashion Party (With Chairlift) Das Racist
4 Black Sweatshirt Sage Francis
5 I’ve Got Pictures Of You In Your Underwear Ballboy
6 70s 80s Nightmares On Wax

17 thoughts on “clothes maketh the man

  1. I was listening to Electric President this afternoon and wondering whether to nominate that very song, but decided it was too avant garde for old fashioned little old me – same for Smiffy’s remix of Lawrence Welk’s Blue Velvet!

    Great selection – in the first selection Up Town Top Ranking is fantastic!

    That’s got to be a JDOTW. A couple others will be donded,

    • Electric President are one of my favourite bands/musicians, I find they can seep in quite well when listening, not too avant guard when given the chance – I’m sure you’d cope very well – but, it’s funny you should say that – in my original list was Trust – I go thought tracks knocking off songs already nominated – it was a bit of a shock to find them taken. Cheers for popping in.

      • Oh, I popped back to check the pic to see if it was football shirts! I know you support Norwich (yellow) so I wondered what they were. So, not Chelsea then!

        How weird that you’re finally exerting mind control….. argghh!

      • Cool beans on the t-shirts and books. I will definitely order a book for my little cousin Nicholas for his upcoming birthday. I’d like to order myself a tee when I’ve got some cash. Neat stuff. Well done you!

        I only meant on Elec. Pres. that I think everyone would die of shock if I nominated something too modern on RR. Listening in private is fine 🙂

      • ace – I shall save you a book – our village festival is touch and go because of the weather .. so I’m holding off on printing a colouring book to go with it.

        But I still have to finish designs otherwise next week could be manic …

        “Listening in private is fine” is what my Ms. said when I was keeping her awake with beeping music last night !

      • I really liked the Electric President too. Never heard them before. Will check them out.

  2. great playlist Shane, liked pretty much all of it, but especially dug the Uptown Top Ranking cover, the Electric President (the voice reminds me of something that I can’t quite pin down…..Jason Lytle ? ?) and the Sage Francis. I think the NOW could be about my own early years!


      gives you a list of bands Ben Coopers in – just in case it reminds you of Radical Face (Formerly known as Radical Face Versus Phalex Sledgehammer), Iron Orchestra or Mother’s Basement ..

      N.O.W I love the references to Grifters, Sta-press, toast toppers – it really is my childhood too (even though I’m an old man compared to you.

      I have an Uptown top rankin’ by Est’elle & Joni Rewind too – from a great album called An England Story.

      cheers for poppin in.

  3. Another 70s baby early 80s child here… enjoyed this, or as much as Spotify would let me listen to anyway – couldn’t listen to Emily Wells but intrigued by your recommendation so going to investigate.

    I heard that Chairlift song for the first time on the radio a couple of days ago and it’s been stuck in my head. Sage Francis and Corduroy also went down particularly well. BBR’s version of “Uptown Top Ranking” is of course genius, a masterpiece of annunciation. And ting.

  4. The Ian Dury, Bhundu Boys, Dreadzone and Nightmares On Wax were best for me. The Black Box Recorder made me smile, wouldn’t be out of place on Absolutely Fabulous ! All great though, and of course the T- Shirts are great. Photo to follow…

    Emma liked the Ian Dury line “make me go bananas”, but said the Das Racist track that followed was “alien music”, which I’m sure they’d be happy with. Cheers Shane.

  5. I meant to post this yesterday evening, but I fell asleep just after settling the children to bed, and stayed asleep until bedtime ! Here’s Benjamin in one of the Brainasaurus T-Shirts, out and about on Saturday morning:


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