7 thoughts on “The Shortest ‘Spill Playlist Ever ! ! !

  1. Hi Panthersan ! ! !

    LOL ! ! ! Did you nominate it on RR ? ? ?

    I really like the BBQ Chickens and we missed them out when did out He-Said – She Said on Japanese Punk. which was maybe a mistake but with only three tracks each it is hard. Maybe we should do another look ar J-Punk and concentrate on Hardcore.

    The title is rude so I hope you are not offended , but this is one of my favourites from them

    This from the first Album, Indie Rock Strikes Back

    F*** You

    • Hi Sakura,

      Ha ha ! I am listening to that album right now!

      I was too busy to get on RR this weekend, so couldn’t nominate it…..I doubt it would have made the list!

      They were a great band, so much energy and hardcore aggression, but with a sense of playfulness and not taking themselves too seriously.

      Have you heard their cover songs album?

  2. There really isn’t anything more that could have been said. I’d love it as a ringtone, or a front door bell/chime!

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