C’Mon … it’s LOW, and it’s not sold out, ffs!!

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NEXT Friday July 13th at Halifax Minster
LOW + The Steals

Advance tickets £19.50 + booking fee : Buy Tickets Online HERE


LOW will be playing the beautiful Halifax Minster, a 12th Century building steeped in history and a quite winderful venue. The Minster will be candlelit for the evening and there will also be a bar serving real ale, beers, wines and soft drinks. Its a true gem and all who have played there, and the majority who have seen performaces in it are really blown away with the building, its acoustics and the welcome they are given.C’mon is the shortest title of any Low album, which seems fitting, as it also ranks among the most succinct and straightforward entries in their variegated discography. Singer-guitarist Alan Sparhawk has even perfected the “elevator pitch” for C’mon: “Recorded in an old church in Duluth, MN and mixed in an apartment in Hollywood, CA.” But that brief synopsis hides universes. To get to the heart of this album, we must delve deeper into both halves of the creative journey of C’mon.
Comprised of new material written on and off the road, the ten-song set was recorded in a former Catholic church, aka Sacred Heart Studio (where the band previously crafted 2002’s Trust). Sparhawk says Low deliberately seeks out circumstances that will generate challenges and happy accidents, breaking them out of established patterns. “We like to work in situations where there’s a character, whether that’s the time period or who we’re working with. A lot of times, the space can set that tone.”
The Steals

“Mysterious, haunting, heart-breaking and life-affirming, listening to northern English band The Steals is like hearing something for the first time which you just know, instinctively, is going to become a part of your life for years to come….. This is a breathtakingly brilliant album” ….(Phil McMullen) TERRASCOPE
“Static Kingdom is an astonishing record” ….[SIDEWAYS THROUGH SOUND]
“Heavenly, Wild, Lonliness on CD” …BLOOM
“Static Kingdom” is a beautiful album, informed by folky notions that reminisce of travellers and pre-showgazed innocence, washed in electric instruments, equally swirling in echoes”….. [MANCHESTER MUSIC]

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13 thoughts on “C’Mon … it’s LOW, and it’s not sold out, ffs!!

  1. Me and DsMam have our tickets and will be there tomorrow night.

    Anyone care to take a last minute punt on joining us?

  2. I would if it was a week night (it’s on my way home!) but Fridays and weekends are tricky. If I get permission I’ll turn up, but it seems unlikely. Hope you enjoy.

  3. hope you have a great night DsD – if they’d made it in August (around the time we’re coming back from Scotland – I’d have swung by) should be a lovely night out.

    • Cheers, Shane. Can’t go completely mental tonight, ’cause (i) the missus will be watching me, and (ii) I’ve got to be up and in my Olympics uniform at seven tomorrow morning [more about that anon].

  4. Gig ace – REALLY ace – but the curse of Friday 13th struck on the way home. A badger ran out in front of us: nothing I could do but run it over, in the course of which it’s ripped the underpanel off DsMam’s car, which she needs in the morning.
    Rather taken the edge off, I’m afraid, so I’m off to bed.

  5. How were The Steals? Worth exploring? Am sure Low were great – hope they got a better turn out than when we saw them. Sorry ’bout Brock & the car – bummer.

    • The Steals? Um, how can I put this?? Probably better on record and in their on-location YouTube vids than they were live. Nothing wrong with their musicianship; they just TOTALLY lack stagecraft. If you imagine taking a [music-style development] journey north from the southern English folk village greens of Fairport Convention to the concrete’n’steel sonics of Glasgow’s Mogwai, then The Steals bummed a lift with All About Eve as far as Hebden Bridge hippiedom and then got stuck!!
      Don’t get me wrong: they are lovely to listen to, and the minster in Halifax was the perfect indoor venue for them, and the album is cheap on Amazon, and they were MILES better than that outfit we saw with Low in Orlando, so you wouldn’t be wasting a fiver if you invest, but don’t hold your breath for any great advance on any second album, if they get that far.

      • Low were indeed brilliant; hopefully review to follow tonight (’cause if I don’t finish it tonight, I won’t get another chance until the weekend.

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