Spill Challenge – Number Quite A lot – Tracks about Stars and Space.

tanzaku and traditional decorations hanging in trees to celebrate Tanabata

July 7th (or August 7th in Sendai) is the  Tanabata  or  Star Festival, in Japan.

It is a really nice festival with a lovely story about it. The festival is about the gods Orihime and Hikoboshi who were loves but forced to separate and and a river was made to go between them. They are only allowed to see eachother one day a year and this day is the festival of Tanabata.

The gods are represented by the stars Vega and Altair and the river is the milky way and so this why the festival is known as the star festival.

People write their wishes for the year on colorful small strips of papers called tanzaku and hang them on trees with other beautiful traditional paper decorations decorations. They are really very pretty ! ! !  Of course there are processions and usually fireworks and it is really nice time.  Normally I celebrate this festival in Sendai where it is on the 7th  August.

So my Challenge is this:

What is your favourite track about stars and space ? ? ?

Here is mine to start you ! ! !

Yui  – Rolling Star – Live In Hong Kong


Extra Spill points if there is a story with the track ! ! !

Please think about maybe using links to save space.

78 thoughts on “Spill Challenge – Number Quite A lot – Tracks about Stars and Space.

  1. Hey Sakura, saw this on fb so I thought I’d join in…
    Björk with Cosmogony on Later With Jools Holland (complete with the bloke from the Chilli Peppers trying to dance to it)

    I got to see Björk in Manchester last year, all by myself (well, there were a lot of other people there really:) and completely thrilled! I’d love to be able to visit your festival. One day…

    • The harmonium is lovely ! ! ! I really liked the track a lot ! ! !

      Sorry I should have check Marconium first 😦

      • Don’t be sad ! The festival connection makes it different from the run of the mill RR topic !

        Here’s mine.
        One of the finest voices from Hawaii. Quite well known now thanks mainly to his version of Over the Rainbow.
        By all accounts a lovely bloke, his weight and health problems finished him off far too young. If this don’t make you well up then, frankly, you got no heart.
        Imagine hearing this on a warm tropical night, gazing at the endless stars and getting endlessly blotto on Mai Tais.

        Israel Kamakawiwo’oe – Ahi wela/Twinkle twinkle little star.

      • It doesn’t matter. I just didn’t want to add a zedded song to the challenge. Not that there’s ever been a ruling about that, either.

      • @Pairubu- I love his version of Over the Rainbow, lovely to hear this too. His is a very sad story, but he did have a wonderful voice, I agree.

  2. Quincy doing what he does best on a tune from ‘Hair’ with Valerie Simpson on vocals :

    & just float away …

  3. Lest I be accused of being all soppy. Here’s a more typical Ubuesque selection
    The Pancakes- Stupid Star

    Sorry , don’t know how to do the link thing !

    • I enjoyed that very much ! ! ! I did not know about them before, so I will definitely try and listen some more

  4. Hi Sakura! My beliefs oblige me to reference Dark Star, the Dead’s invitation to explore the universe in sound. Here’s a link to the last time I rambled on about it, including three versions of the journey.

  5. From a 1962 movie, produced by “The King Of Scholck” Milton Subotzky, “It’s Trad Dad”, my fave Gene Vincent, backed by British band Sounds Incorporated,

    • He really did have a great voice and the track is classic. Actually it is a track i did not know before, and video is great ! ! !

    • It is really lovely.

      You are right about using stars as symbols in Japanese and Okinawan mythology and folk stories and songs they feature a lot. I actually wonder if maybe it is like related to the sea and navigation and going home and stuff like that as the Japanese and Okinawans are very sea going peoples. (obviously because of the island nature of our country. This is probably true of the UK also maybe ? ? ?

      It is a lovely song and I love the duet part ! ! !

      Thanks for sharing ! ! !

  6. This track is taken from an album dedicated to the works of Arthur C Clarke, the great sci-fi writer.
    It is particularly associated with the Apollo 8 Moon mission from 1968. The audio piece at the begining is taken from a recording the astronauts made while orbiting the moon in December of that year.
    I’m not religious, but the way the words are spoken certainly give a feeling of how these guys felt at being out on their own in space.

    The artist is Mike Oldfield and it’s from his 1995 album The Songs of Distant Earth.

    “Let There Be Light.

    Sorry, can’t do that linky thingy.

    • Meant to add……….
      When we lived in Carshalton, Surrey, the local Lions organisation would put on a firework show in the park every year around the 5th. nov.
      The show was always accompanied by music and for most years it was always the same, finishing of with the last part of the 1812 overture.
      Someone had obviously heard the Mike Oldfield album and the year after it came out the show started with this music.
      At first they put out all of the lighting and instead of a countdown to the display they waited for the noise of the crowd to abate slightly.
      The opening words of the track came out and just as the guitar chords cut in
      the first rocket exploded in the night sky.


    • I like the language of the Christian creation story, it is really very beautiful.

      In Shinto we do believe that god created the earth.

      We believe that at first there was chaos and nothing was separated and the universe was like a beaten egg spinning in space, but eventually In and Yo (like Chinese Ying and Yang) separated and this meant that all the opposites could form. Light and dark, male and female, and heaven and earth. Once heaven and hearth were formed the first gods called the Zouka Sanshin (the Three Gods of Creation) came into being and these created the other gods. Now we have about 8,000 (including Rev P’s favourite Toilet God) so it is getting pretty crowded in heaven ! ! !

      It is a really nice track ! ! !

      Thanks for sharing it ! ! !

      • duh . . .

        In Shinto we do not believe that god created the earth.

        The heaven and earth came before the gods

  7. For those having trouble doing subtle links:

    1. Open a Guardian blog and type what you want to say in a Comment box.
    2. Format it and add links as if you are going to post on the blog…BUT
    3. Don’t press the Post button.
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    5. Return to this thread and paste in what you’ve just copied.
    6. Post!

  8. Here’s a moony one…

    White light cut a scar in the sky
    Thin line of silver
    The night was all clouded with dreams
    Wind made me shiver
    Black and yellow pools of light
    Outside my window
    Luna come to me tonight I am a prisoner
    Luna glide down from the moon

    Luna by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

    • I liked that one ! ! ! Is it unusual to see him play keyboards ? ? ? I do not remember any just now . . .

      • It’s the only one where he plays keyboards on stage (she states authoritatively) though he does on recordings.

  9. stars & space
    the earthband’s solar fire version of hotlz planet suite is just planets .. mere debris compared to actual stars ( although the solar fire title song is our sun and has an excellent guitar solo)

    space truckin by the Deep Purple .. as recorded on made in japan takes up a whole side of vinyl .. I’m still undecided

    A much copied image is of a very tiny planet with one tree and one patch of land.
    Lovely little planet – lived longer in its copies that on the original – as on the reverse of the album, it went kaboom

    For the Yes album cover of Fragile, Roger Dean showed that mini-planet exploding but with a spaceship (with sails ) going by. Then on Yessongs lumps of that planet splash down in the ocean of another planet and gradually become part of that world.

    This insired the Jon Anderson solo effort, Olias of Sunhillow. This is the story of that spaceship, which is an ark to take his people away from the dying world to the new one.

    As a singer he couldn’t play much except a bar chord on a guitar, but decided to record the entire album himself and learnt all the instruments as he went along.
    Drums seemed tricky so he used that big Irish tambourine. Electic guitar was too much to learn, even in a day, so he decided on a mini harp. Just have to pluck the strings.
    Then he multi-tracked his voice to create a choir.
    All in all a very gentle form of rock .. but weird as fish .. which get used to make the spaceship

    Anyone who likes Joanne Newsom would probably get it … odd story-telling, made up words for chanting, and harp.

    Flight of the Moorglade is me fave, but doesn’t have much of the harp, mainly acoustic guitar. But his voice rings like a bell.

    Olias .. a true gem

    lousy at posting links, sorry

    • Hi alfie & dragon him too

      He is the link to it (I think)

      I will check it out later . .

      really time for bed now ! ! !

      • thanks so much .. as an addition
        The stars that can only meet once a year is echoed in the story of lovers who can only meet once a month which is dotted throughout European fairy tales
        I think there is one of a girl who is turned into a goose, but can turn back once in a while for a tryst
        The little mermaid is similar. The mer-girl can only meet her human prince at full moon, when for one night she becomes a proper woman.
        This is somewhere in the Yes song And You and I – emotion revealed as the ocean maid

        The happy ending – and you and i climb crossing the shapes of the morning – is a fave of @RTJ i believe
        ( not RTJ on the spill side of course )
        But the music probably is only a shoehorn for space

  10. I can’t resist suggesting a song by my favourite space rock band, Hawkwind. They have many to choose from, but my favourite today is

    Space is Deep
    Space is endless, especially when you’re lost, but I kind of feel that if I had enough Hawkwind albums and some psychotropic drugs I probably wouldn’t mind too much.

    I love the photo accompanying your post, it reminds me of the pieces of coloured ribbons people tie onto trees near sacred wells in this country.

  11. A few, really: Lush’s ‘Light from a Dead star’ is metaphorical (disappointments of love). Much more joyous though – Poppy Factory’s ‘stars’:

    My favourite though is KoD’s ‘In A Cave (On the Moon)’ – totally lovely homoerotic love song, which presaged their later musical sorcery, full of romantic yearning:

  12. jeremy ( better by far in playdays ) irons brooding, has put me in mind of Romeo & Juliet, who our Will calls ‘star crossed lovers’. Wots that about ? Ones a Taurus, one a Libra, it will never work out. Makes more sense as Tanabata, all the forces of heaven & earth conspire to put barriers between them and yet they will meet somehow, sometime.

    • I had that Poppy Factory song on a free tape with Vox magazine – loved it then, haven’t heard it for years. Donds!

  13. In space nobody can here you scream – so lay back, float easy and make sweet, sweet love.

    Everyone’s favorite Finnish musician named after Jimmy Osmond and the tenor saxophone .

    I give you:
    Jimi TenorOutta space

  14. Why settle for a track about stars when you can have a whole album?

    Prefab Sprout‘s 1987 release Andromeda Heights was effectively a stellar concept album with the vast majority of the songs on it relating to the cosmos in one way or another.

    Lots of standout tracks, but I offer up for your enjoyment, the beautiful Avenue of Stars.

  15. Max Romeo’s classic ‘Chase The Devil’ is definitely worth a mention

    Amazing tune.

    Also, I’m always reminded of space while listening to this Alice Coltrane song

    Though, I’m probably cheating as despite the “galaxy” in the song title, I think Alice probably had spiritual consciousness more in mind. Though, the song always reminds me of space and is beautiful!

    Sorry if I’ve done the youtube thing wrong, I’m a newbie!

  16. A first attempt at following Chris’s instructions on how to post a link. Here’s a nice floaty psychedelic jobbie from Jefferson Starship: Have you Seen the stars Tonight.

    • Excellent stuff. I reckon I’ll be travelling the spaceways via You Tube discovering more about Sun Ra over the weekend.

  17. Following on from ToffeeBoy’s comments about whole albums related to stars and space, I thought I’d mention these two.
    Tangerine Dream are well known for producing albums based around certain concepts and one of the best is Mars Polaris . Space sounds indeed. They also have the epic – almost 23 mins long – Alpha Centauri

    Another album that was produced specifically for a film about the Apollo 11 space mission is Apollo : Atmospheres and soundtracks written and produced by Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois.

  18. I know I had a Joanna Newsom epic last week, but can’t resist this one – her tribute to her astrophysicist sister:

    Joanna Newsom – Emily

    Not by any means all about stars, but the most memorable part is a snippet of verse explaining the difference between a meteor, a meteorite and a meteoroid. How many other songwriters can you say that about?

    Anyhow – I sat by your side, by the water
    You taught me the names of the stars overhead that I wrote down in my ledger
    Though all I knew of the rote universe were those Pleiades loosed in December
    I promised you I’d set them to verse so I’d always remember

    That the meteorite is a source of the light
    And the meteor’s just what we see
    And the meteoroid is a stone that’s devoid of the fire that propelled it to thee

    And the meteorite’s just what causes the light
    And the meteor’s how it’s perceived
    And the meteoroid’s a bone thrown from the void that lies quiet in offering to thee

  19. I just happened to come across this set of the ‘best’ 20 pics taken by the Hubble telescope in the Guardian. Here’s a link I hope works:


    The pictures either put everything into perspective regarding the size of people in the grander scheme of things or completely blow your mind and leave you lost in the enormity of the universe. I flit between the two, knowing that considering only the second might leave me terminally mind-buggered.

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