Last Orders

Yello – The Evening’s Young [Rmx]
Irrationals – Boozebottle
Pete & The Pirates – Come To The Bar
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – A Bottle of Buckie
Six By Seven – American Beer
Why? – Me On Beer
David Bazan – Cold Beer and Cigarettes

Kimya Dawson – The Beer
Carissa’s Wierd – Drunk With the Only Saints I Know
Ray Wylie Hubbard – Drunken Poet’s Dream
Opal – Empty Bottles
James Yorkston – Blue Bleezin’ Blind Drunk
Broken Family Band – The Booze and The Drugs
Titus Andronicus – Theme From “Cheers”
Lucero – Drink ‘Till We’re Gone

13 thoughts on “Last Orders

  1. Fab stuff. Irrationals and Lucero going on dond list, but so many good ones. Top four are:

    Irrationals – Boozebottle
    Kimya Dawson – The Beer
    Opal – Empty Bottles
    Lucero – Drink ‘Till We’re Gone

  2. Give me a bottle of Buckie, an American beer, some cold beer and cigarettes and I’ll be drunk with the only Saints I know. Oh, and don’t forget The Beer! A great brew you have here, cheers!

  3. Interesting that you mostly picked different tunes. Hadn’t noticed before, but 3 of these folks are better known for work with other bands (4 if you count Kimya’s brief stint as a Moldy Peach). Cheers, for listening (hic).

  4. Wish you’d put a few of those up in time for JD to listen to. It was a lovely surprise to see The Irrationals on there. Wish I’d thought of Opal. A fine list to listen to with a good beer (Koff Porter) and a good book. Cheers

    • Am pretty sure the Irrationals were on your Christmas list of Finnish artists to check out – so thank you.

      One of those weeks when didn’t have time to revisit the theme until after deadline. The easiest way to get a JD pick is probably to pick a tune he already knows – but where’s the fun in that? Otherwise it’s probably going to need a pretty compelling justification – not really my forte. Not sure what influence linky’s & Spotify have in selection success? Nice to get a pick now & again, but the competitive aspect of RR has become a bit of a bore.

      • Hmmm. The Christmas playlist. Hope you’re not still waiting for the full list. Here’s one that’ll be on this year’s Xmas playlist. Antero Lindgren: “Cigarette Stump”. Beer and cigarettes.

        BTW. I was talking to someone about The Irrationals today and they looked at me as if I was crazy. It was then that I realised I might be on the fringes of the fringe.

  5. Thanks for these, I just listened to the first half whilst on laundry-folding duty. Not very fitting for such boozy material, but can’t be helped. Yello was best for me, but they were all new and certainly on my fringes !

  6. Ace list as ever – this feels like the ‘less fun’ aspect of drinking don’t you think?
    (says the man who has: ‘love is a dog from hell’ drunkenly tattooed on his arm – long story – not for the faint hearted – no regrets)
    Kimya’s song was feeling too close to the bone. But loved it all. I like the dark side.
    Thought you’d been cheating – but on close listen the mention of beer was frothing forth – I’m going to be interested in how obvious this RR is.

    Good work fella – pour yourself a cold one – (and I’ve resisted telling my Kim Deal beer story anywhere)

    • Buckie is possibly a cheat, AKA ‘Spill tangenital (who knows what that cheap Scottish concoction is made from) & no idea what Carissa are drinking.

      Has to be pretty dark if the Pogues get thrown out for being too jaunty to fit.

      Still playing catch up & will get to yours. Still can’t believe we missed WH, but we’ll have some fun with Fuel’s hard-on on the results thread & beyond, I’m sure.

      • I’m pretty sure that JD will have nothing to fo with my Hard On. I mean the Withered Hand Hard On. I mean … I … I …. How can I say this: We’ll be left in heaving our guts up in the gutter and suffering from brewers’ droop, wishing we hadn’t done it and saying we won’t do it again, ever.

      • JD, is capable of surprises (admittedly, he’s proven more adept at boring to tears. It is what it is).

        Whatever the result, it was a great nom in a so so RR week. Not quite as dull & bourgeois as wine week; not our finest hour either. No problem with the theme – no way of knowing until it’s out there.

      • I actually had a look at the amount of A-listers I have. Under JD it’s really high. Maybe I get the token post-year-2000 song on the list. BTW. I don’t think he ever chooses a truly bad song and I like that he chooses what he likes but sometimes I think “missed opportunity” and wish he’d leave his comfort zone. Then again, I bet we all do. I still can’t get my head round the call and response list, though.

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